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Denmark – a country failing the next generation

In culture on October 17, 2017 at 19:40

For some time the Danish government has asked the education sector to increase efficiency cutting 2 percent of their costs every year.

As result fewer Danes can afford education because lowering the number of students because all schools and universities has to make cuts means that the grades go up and more young Danes do not make the cut.

Then they have to aim to become social and health care assistant (SOSO assistant or SOSU hjælper) which in Denmark are considered the trashcan education you can get if you have failed other aspects in life. In the old days people doing this line of job could work in from the streets and do it without education but then they introduced the education so they could lower cost because part of the education is done as trainees to a lower pay saving the public sector a lot of money.

For reasons unknown is a requirement to allow foreign students from other countries inside Europe access to cheap student loans but it is illegal to force them to pay the loan back very unlike young Danish students who no longer loan money because the repayment period has been shortened so much so they are unable to pay it back in time putting them into risk of piling up huge lawyers bills and court attendances.

More than 16,500,000 Euros cannot be reclaimed from foreign students forcing the government to make general cuts in the entire student grant/loan education.

The second problem is housing. Denmark has taken in huge amounts of immigrants. Now students have to be housed in remote deserted retirement homes where they have little chance of using public transport to school.

In one example we got recently, the authorities in Egedal near Copenhagen has demanded that a straight-A student who even are especially selected to participate in the nationwide Academy for Talented youth (only 5 students per school are granted that) should move from a location near the town of Holbaek to a former retirement home called Porsebakken. It requires the use of 2 buses and 1 train trip or more than 2 hours of transport each way go to school not to mention that student job and the academy will be impossible.

One talent wasted I am sure but this case is far from alone. All over the country students experience this. Especially if they have been ward of the state if illness or death has hit their parents. Mostly you see them as homeless people within 5 years of reaching adulthood alternatively they end up in prison.

Denmark is losing the next generation. They will be less educated compared to their parents. Will Denmark be able to attrach investors when this happen? It is an area of great concern.



New Danish research: Students who do not drink alcohol at all are more likely to drop out

In culture on July 30, 2017 at 08:10

The Danish Evaluation Institute makes tons of research to ensure that Denmark remains in the front in the modern world when it comes to our education system. One of the issue which worries everyone who is in charge of a school or an entire department of education is the drop-out rate.

Now recent research shows that students have a 2 percent higher risk of dropping out if they refrain from drinking alcohol. Actually just as if they were drinking too much. Then they also have a 2 percent higher risk of dropping out.

It seems that the reason is not whether it is healthy to not drink at all or drink too much. The problem seems to be centered around the ability of socializing.

If you choose not to drink at all, you choose to isolate yourself because socializing in Denmark is very much centered about enjoying a glass of wine or beer. When young Danes socialize on daily basis, it is not about binge-drinking. Binge-drinking exists but every normal person knows that a new day awaits tomorrow. That is why most gatherings only consist of drinking what equals two or three glasses of beer.

The question whether to encourage drinking among your teenage children is not easy to answer. None is asking parents to create a strategy where they push the children in order to to find their limits. However it is clear that a total ban on alcohol is just as damaging for the childrens chances in the education system as them becoming alcoholics.

Bans do not work and it is clear that the lowering number of young Danes who become exchange students is actually a positive thing. Exposing young Danes to cultures where drinking is not allowed will only harm their chances in our education system if the become cultural infect to a level where they feel that they cannot be a part of the student community.

Source (In Danish):
Drik ud eller drop ud: Studerende, der ikke drikker alkohol, dropper oftere ud (Politiken)

Lolland shows a Danish version of Buckwild

In culture on August 20, 2016 at 05:16

Of course the mayor of Nakskov is not happy about the Danish documentary “På røven i Nakskov” which shows ordinary citizens in Nakskov which is located in the southern part of Denmark on the island of Lolland. It was a healthy part of Denmark until they closed the shipyard in Nakskov. It led to a downward spiral which today has led to that the authorities buy up houses in order to tear them down. They convert ordinary roads to dirt roads.

In 50 years the area would properly be converted into a national part and the population being forceful moved to the Copenhagen area where they with their almost none existing education can compeed about the unskilled labor with immigrants or people on welfare benefits who the firms in Denmark can hire on a labor house method called job-training where they don’t get paid but have to work for their welfare benefits. It gives the Danish firms an edge compared with foreign firms. It is disguised as “Job-training” so the European Union doesn’t discover how the Danish government provide the firms with cheap labor.

For a new child born in Nakskov the future will be 9 years of schooling followed by manual labor until retirement unless the child will cut the ties to his or her family and move away to get education. The question is: For which money? The Danish government will not continue aiding children from poor families to a long education, so they are planning to convert the Danish student grant system to a system where you borrow money instead from the state. So if your parents are not wealthy, you might be able to get an education but the result would be a life-long debt where the interests will rob you of all the benefits of the education.

The problem with schooling started in the 1950’s where the government planned a university in Næstved in the southern part of Sealand. But the staff they were going to hire, couldn’t locate the city because it was too far from Copenhagen. We are talking of more than 50 kilometers. So the university was placed in Roskilde. So now Copenhagen has 3 universities. Copenhagen University, Roskilde University and a department of Aalborg University.

It put a pressure of cheap housing and the problem is getting even worse because the local authorities in Copenhagen want to attract the rich people who is leaving London as result of Brexit. New one room student apartments in the Carlsberg city cost 3,000,000 DKK which is out of reach for even rich Danes. The Carlsberg city will be an island of rich foreigners like Nordhavn and to some extend Ørestad due to the insane parking price where you have to pay 12,000 DKK per year to earn the right to park just one car.

Of course the TV-documentary puts down the reputation of citizens in Nakskov who is just trying to survive. We are not talking about people partying insane. We are talking of showing how people try to survive fishing some fish getting fines just because it demands a lot of paper work. People working illegal without paying taxes fixing cars, people going to school because they are ordered, people suffering from various illnesses, people heating their old houses burning alcohol on in pots because their heating is turned off by greedy houseowners.

That is the way of life outside the major Danish cities. I found a link to a photo collection showing the housing standard in the areas even our government calls “The Rotten Banana”. If you didn’t know how the real Denmark look, you are welcome.

The Rotten Banana (Pinterest)

Still many young Danes experience their life dreams destroyed

In culture on July 30, 2016 at 07:11

23.498 young Danes out of 94.744 may now settle for unskilled jobs or a life on welfare. They failed to enter the education system after they graduated their high school just a few months back.

At one place – Copenhagen Business School – you have to achieve a grade of 12.2 which equals A++ to enter.

That is the sad result of the massive cuts our government introduced half a year ago. They asked all the schools to cut 2 percent of their entire budget forcing many schools and universities to close down some classes.

While a life doing unskilled labor or even considered to be take an education as nursing assistant in retirement homes instead might not be a bad choice, the question arise:

Danish taxpayers pay more than any taxpayer in the world and still the society can create enough places so that the young Danes can get the education they want. Why is it so?

Of course the immigration crisis can be blamed but that cannot be the entire reason for having this cribled eduction system.

What appears seem to be politicians totally out of touch with reality and a population starting to look around for an alternative to our so-called democratic system runned by a few elite families.

Danes can no longer trust the system.

  • A system where social workers look for possible foreign heritage when they decide if parents have to pay for treatment of mental illnesses of their children, while physical illnesses still are treated for free in hospitals.
  • A system where children of rich parents have a shot at higher education while children of poor parents suffer due to cuts in student grants. Taking a student loan might prove to a be a gamble because if there is no job right after graduation, the interest will result in bankruptcy and then all the efforts have been for nothing. For many it seems better not to take an education at all. For a number of years almost 20 percent of young Danes receive no more than 9 years of schooling.
  • A system where adult Danes younger than 55 belongs to the cheated generation. The generation who started working believing that they should retire age 60 but now have to work until they are 67 years of age. In a country where people in the low-income areas like Sydhavn in Copenhagen have an average lifespan of about 60 years, it is a clear message: Please kill yourself so you dont become a burden to society.
  • A system which keeps Danes from looking at opportunities outside Denmark. If you work for a full year abroad your citizens rights are revoked and you have to work 8 years in Denmark before you are entitled to normal benefits if you are so unlucky to become unemployed.
  • A system where immigrants take jobs from Danes because the employers get grants to hire them instead of Danes.
  • A system where jobs vanish to the eastern part of Europe or even outside Europe where environment concerns are not important and none cares if safety equipment are missing resulting in injury or death. Just 30 years ago almost all clothes in Denmark were manifactored in Herning in Jutland. Now it is manifactored in Asia where buildings crash down over the workers often killing them in larger numbers. The European Union should introduce custom walls where shipments should become 400 percent more expensive when they enter the European Union protecting Danish jobs.
  • A system where the politicians work against our trade unions forcing them to compete with each other so salaries are dumped. At CSC one trade union offered an agreement so workers earn so little that they are now unable to feed their families compared to their old salary which were part of an agreement with another trade union.

As the conditions are in Denmark now it is hard to find a single country in the world where people suffer more. I urge firms to stop investing in Denmark. I urge the Danish people to vote in a way so our parliament cannot work anymore because if they do not do anything they do not do anything wrong. Every decision they have made during the recent years have inflicted damage on our population.

In Denmark your dreams are crushed. I understand why many immigrants redraw their applications and move on. For native this option does not exist.

2015 was a busy year

In family on December 31, 2015 at 18:30

2015 is almost over and it is time to reflect on the year.

Privately we got a new car. The old one didn’t pass the audit Danish cars have to go through every second year. I knew it was coming as it wanted to go right every time I pushed the break. It had been so for almost a year and it became more difficult to drive every day. However since they demanded audit every second year it has also been the old time cars need to go to the repair shop. Can it be fixed so the audit can be passed or not? In the old days I took the car to the repair shop whenever something was broken but then the parliament passed the law and I adjusted to it.

I was fond of the old car but life has to go on. The new car is also great but it will not be the same. Changing your car is just like work. Co-workers have to be replaced when their skills are not up to date. We changed to the new Navision program this year and we had to let go of two old co-workers who used to be good in the old system also from the same company. Education in Navision is expensive. There are few places you can upgrade your employees which makes the various providers of these courses agree upon a very high price. So old employees are not upgraded. They are let go. Even huge companies like Netcompany who was just sold to FSN Capital doesn’t hire old experienced worker because it is too expensive to upgrade them combined with the knowledge that they don’t have as many years left in the working field as young employees.

I am somewhat happy that I am not working with computers. It is shortlived career just as those drunken realitystars we watch on TV.

Privately we had a wet summer but also sunny days in between. The winter so far has been mild but in Denmark it means flooding and a lot of rain. Forget the third world photos of people trying to save their belonging.

Flooding in Denmark are just as common and many people lose their home every year. A relative live just west of Copenhagen and north of Roskilde. People are constantly being put out of their homes due to intense flooding. Maybe these cities should never be rebuilt as it is too costly to built dams to keep them safe.

They should try to be refugees in Sweden instead now where nature has forced them on the run but Sweden have closed their borders for refugees.

In my private time I volunteer for human rights organizations. This month I received the happy news that Carlbrook – a therapeutic boarding school in the United States closed.

Earlier this year the trial against Solhaven in Denmark didn’t result in the expected outcome but at least their business is not back on the old level as before the police intervened.

Next on the list is rumored to be Liahona Academy near Virgin in Utah but that I will save for another blog on another time. It is just a question about pounding and pounding on them until their economy breaks down. It is a lesson learned from a couple of years back when we Danes during our proudest hour won the cartoon war.

Will 2016 bring good news or bad news to our small hamlet year Horsens where I live?

It is hard to say.

For now I will focus on the last hours of 2015. There are still a lot to do before I can call it a rest.

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