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Got this comment

In family on September 27, 2010 at 04:45

A Lynn-woman wrote this comment on my blog:

Yes, please help spread the word out the Circle of hope is a SCAM! they just steal the parents money and do not educate the children in fact they mainly are slave labor for them to sit around and nap ! I sent my daughter there as I was told it was a loving caring christian enviroment anything BUT THAT more like Satan torment! I so wish I had never spend the thousands there that I did ! They deserve to be in jail, for the fraud and the deciet that they trap people into!

It is properly an reaction on one of my previous blogs: Reeducation – parents and other countries can learn from Denmark.

I did a little digging. After the news of a foreign runaway hit the news the so-called boarding school got some more attention in the news that they properly preferred because the homepage of the school is down.

I know what you will say. She could have double-checked the school, so she didn’t fall into a trap. It is easy to say. Where should she double-check the school? Fact is that there were no groups for former “students” on either MySpace or Facebook. In the United States they used so-called educational consultants instead of social workers to find special schools for children with special news. They are paid by the parents but very often also paid by the schools they refer students to. Would they alarm the authorities if something goes wrong?

No, course not. Just as a social worker in Denmark would not report incidents at a Danish boarding school, group home or at a foster care family because then they would have to admit that they did a mistake by referring a child to that place. Down near a town called Mern they had a foster care scandal with reports of possible abuse in the system for almost 10 years. It is only now where the political winds are changing and social workers have become proud of their work so they don’t ship kids away from their desk but fix them at home where they should have belonged from the start that such problems surface.

Denmark’s Radio did broadcast a documentary about such a place near Ringkoebing. They broke the children down. Everyday clothes you will see being worn at the nearest public school was not OK. Jewelry worn by generations was not OK. Every little thing which was part of the children’s identity was stripped away. It was as they were not allowed to have some basis from their family to build upon. It all had to go.

I cannot judge Circle of Hope Ranch. I cannot state that it was a better or worse place compared to Schuberts Minde, which the Danish program was about. But I could see that Schuberts Minde was not a good place to let kids be housed. Maybe as a strict punishment for murder or something like that but not as a help for children who is basically just exploring what they can make it to in a world moving all too fast and no room for a break where you can gather your mind.

Yesterday a lot of boarding schools had open house. If you were looking for a break as parent, would you see the nothing but the truth if you visited them yesterday?

No of course you would not. This Lynn-mother did properly visit the ranch before she sent her child and she was properly met by happy residents. It is easy to promise kids that they can earn some benefits and return home to their parents faster if they smile. In Denmark I know that a lot of kids at boarding schools are hurting but they are trying to stay proud because the schools cost a lot of money. People I have met during my adult life (I have not been at a boarding school) tell me that it is difficult to find peace. Everything is moving fast 24/7. There are always people around you and most important. Whenever you return home it is suddenly difficult to be alone and you cannot reenter your family unit in the same role as before. Childhood ends with a stay in boarding school and it cannot be reversed.

To parents I can only say. Think more than twice before you ship your child off or accept the advice of a social worker.

You have the final word and it is not a pleasant job to pick up the pieces afterwards.

Rehab doesn’t work

In culture on September 24, 2010 at 20:25

…… or at least not when people are forced to undergo it.

Lindsay Lohan got yet another stay in prison today. When was it she did the crime? 2-3-4 years ago?

The case should be finished in the court system years ago. It is kept alive by the court system. Basically one thing is wrong with the entire handling:

Rehab doesn’t work before people acknowledge that they have a problem!

If I sad as Judge in a case where I had to sentence a drunk driver, the first one I would call would be the guy from IRS. A fine need to be income based to hurt. And people who drives drunk shall be hurt. They have a lethal weapon in control. A car can kill. Second depending of severity I would give them some community service or jail.

I prefer sentencing people community service for such a serious offense. The Danish Television has visited one of our prisons where they have followed people around. One day in prison cost DKK 900. For this amount they spend their time getting high. It is waste of the tax-payers money.

I want to scare people from ever doing such a crime. I would get every court to adopt a certain stretch of road and send the offenders out there clearing trenches or picking up trash under a sign ordering people to drive slowly and show a message “Crime does not pay”.

Then what about the possible addiction?

My answer is: It is not a matter of concern for the court. It is a private matter.

People have this illness for a number of reasons and for some odd reason they can very seldom be treated by a certified doctor like people with all other kind of illnesses. They are often offered a treatment option run by some former addict trying to heal people based on their own experiences or some religious preacher trying to step into the place of this greater power, people should look and most important at all – pay for.

Here in Denmark the bill is often ending up by us taxpayers. What are getting for that kind of money? The results are mixed and a single treatment can very easy end up costing DKK 60,000.

We have program on Television called Operation X where they use hidden camera and expose various forms of fraud. They exposed that some part of the rehab business was all about getting money out of the system. The other television Station did show that most of the rehab businesses in Denmark were driven by religion. It was all about harvesting some poor addicts so they replaced their addiction with a prayer for the church and the wallet of the priest.

Everybody is an expert of drug rehabilitation because there no requirements made by our state for the people running such businesses.

What about trying to find the source of the addiction and then cure it?

Take Lindsay Lohan which we now so to say may call an addict. The problem with her is that the court should be able to detain both her and both her parents and force them to work things out. Her Lindsay herself it is a question about her being in the wrong business.

She was a child star and many parents make the mistake to aid their children’s career by taking them to a doctor who will give them either heart medication so they can deal with stress under an exam or give them medication against ADHD so they can concentrate themselves about school work or another assignment. It is a so widespread form of child abuse that there should have been laws against parents pushing their children to outlive what the parents believe is their potential.

It doesn’t matter if the parents are aided by producers or by an educational consultant. It is basically the same form of child abuse.

You just have to ask yourself. What does it take mentally to stand naked in front of the camera and pretend to be a one of the most famous porn stars? Lindsay is the only possible option for that role but what are the costs for her?

I believe that she should choose another career. She should stop listening to all those people talking about rehab and how good she can make it if she comes clean.

She will be clean once she moves out of Hollywood and start to work in another line of business where the public eye doesn’t care what she is doing 24/7.

Some of her friends have written a note about how she doesn’t need jail. Fact is that they are correct to some extent. The case is a joke. On October 22 the judge should say: “Give me your license, you have a permanent ban on driving and you are off probation. Don’t show your face in my court room anymore.

Of course the judge could consider rehab, but then it should be based on that she can show that every rehab program is as bad as those she has attended already. They are a scam. They lure people for money. They should be shut down if they accept people against their will.

Continued Swedish violence, Lindsay Lohan and medication of kids.

In culture, family, politics on September 18, 2010 at 06:34

The election in Sweden in near and they continue to assault politicians. I don’t know why the political environment has become so violent in Sweden. They were once a proud Nordic country but in 1986 their prime minister was shot and the investigation by the police was not allowed to be done due to political reasons. They knew that the so-called PKK trail would bring result but they were told that if they continued, it could cost them their jobs.

Instead they found someone on welfare and used him as fall guy. He was cleared by the courts because the case did not hold.

Many years later the same story repeated itself. A foreigner stabbed a highly profiled Swedish politician. They arrested some guy and published a lot of photos of him trying to make a story up. They almost succeeded by they forgot that we today have all sorts of cameras hanging around and some of them had filmed the real murderer and the photos made it to the media. They were forced to arrest the real killer despite the risk that it could benefit the rightwing political movement which it did.

Now the election has turned into general violence not seen for many years in Nordic countries. I believe we had a case many years ago in Denmark where some communists were busy creating a bomb and it blew killing a young man volunteering with ordinary political work in their office. They were able to cover their tracks so none has been brought to justice for this cruel act.

I hope that the election in Sweden can be over soon, so the tourists are not scared off from visiting the Nordic countries.

Just today I saw that there is news about our days Frances Farmer – Lindsay Lohan. She tested positive for some drugs. If I was her lawyer I would advise her to ask the judge to serve out the rest of her probation period in jail. Jail is only scary for the first week. Then you learn how to adjust. That’s why they invented shock probation. For Lohan it would benefit her healing. Imaging never to be able to walk out and collect your post in front of your house without some 50 photographers taking photos of you. Every time you go down and buy food, they are there. Every time you sit in your garden, they are hanging in the nearest trees trying to make every second of your life public.

There must be a kind of prison farm where she can garden some 5-10 months and sleep in a cell. She will never be able to work as long as she is under probation and she needs to show that she can be a talented actress without the drugs her parents and the producers did put her on so she could be a successful child actress.

It is a sick world where we medicate children just so they can perform well in schools and as child worker. There are children who are doing poorly in schools and at work because they suffer from various illnesses like ADHD. They should be allowed to leave the ordinary schools and attend alternative schooling where they can work with their hands and get exercise.

A lot of families are creating their own Lindsay Lohan’s by forcing them to study like they were Einstein. They overmedicate their kids and at some point the medication needs to be that strong so they go for illegal drugs. Some people cannot deal with exams or deadline without drugs. Fine, give them some counseling so they can find a line of work involving more manual labor. Do not force them to work in jobs where every day brings new deadlines and increasing demand for drugs.

We can do better as parents. We must accept that our children are not living our lives. They need to find a path in life which makes them happy.

Lindsay Lohan could do better. She can choose to ask for a long time in prison and get a real break in her life where she can be herself in isolation and find out what she will do for a living.

The Swedish population can do better. They can find a strong leader which can clean up their mess and restore peace to their country.

Oluf Palme (Wikipedia)
Anna Lindh (Wikipedia)
Lindsay Lohan Admits Failing Drug Test (People Magazine)

Election in Sweden – should we intervene

In politics on September 11, 2010 at 09:11

Today we got reports that people who are trying to get elected to political posts are attacked in their home or just harassed.

The question is whether we as a caring neighboring nation should intervene and help them to restore peace in a country which seems to be moving toward total chaos.

We don’t want to create yet another vacuum as it was with the case of Iraq when the old regime was thrown out.

Fact is that the present regime doesn’t want members of a certain party to be elected to their parliament. As seen in Middle East countries they see to that the opposition cannot be in the media working closely together with newspapers and TV-stations.

It is wrong. It is a shocking behavior to watch in a European country which we believed was very much looking like us.

All the opposition in Sweden do is to ask for the same kind of immigration rules as we have in Denmark. Something I believe citizens in many countries can understand. We just want to live in peace and without crimes. While the citizens in France support deportations I believe that they in general are frustrated by the criticism they have been met with due to their actions. I believe that the citizens in Arizona in general just want to have people using the laws if they want to enter Arizona and live there instead of sneaking across the border carrying pounds of that white powder stuff they bring to pay off the traveling agencies who have arranged for their entry to the U.S.

Now the Danish people party has sent one of their members to Sweden in support. I don’t know what to think about that. What if the democratic system in Sweden collapses if the citizens react to our presence with removal of the abusive regime? Would violence not escalate?

As much as I support the Swedish opposition I believe that we need to settle with our moral support. I am afraid that there are too many secrets hidden under the nice looking and polished Sweden we see as tourists. We cannot dismantle the bridge. As I have stated previously we has paid a cost by having people from Sweden working here and using our roads. We had to lower the BAC which damaged communication and Human relation work in our firms.

But just think about how more suffering a destroyed Sweden would mean for us. We would have to set up refugee’s camp and start teaching how to live like Danes, which is a task we have failed so horrible by those who have come to Denmark so far.

Right now we are suffering like no people in any other countries. Rain is continuing in destroying our sewer system, schools are closing, exams are about to be canceled in general due to money problems, student are sent home to study on their own because we cannot afford teachers etc.

It is the burden we have to pay because we have allowed immigration, had to set refugee camps in Denmark, are paying for sending our entire army to Asia to fight terrorism and have to pay the depts. of other EU-countries.

We cannot house thousands of refugees trying to escape Sweden.

Sverigedemokrat attackerad vid sitt hem, by Rikard Berglin & Gustav Svensson, Syd Svenskan, September 10, 2010
DPP into Swedish election campaign, Politiken, september 10, 2010

Is Sweden leaving the group of democracies?

In politics on September 4, 2010 at 11:10

For some time Danes have become more and more worried about Sweden as a country and the path they have chosen to follow.

Sweden is controlled from Stockholm and once you remove yourself from their capital the government in Sweden doesn’t seem to care about how the citizens are doing in their everyday life.

Take a town like Malmö. It is a large city after Swedish standards. In fact it comes in third after Stockholm and Göteborg. They have some 290.000 citizens living in around the city. Because it is the port to civilization about 38 percent have a non-Swedish origin. In fact many are Danes. It is after a Nordic standard a rather violent city. People are shooting after each other. There have been riots covering several blocks.

But it is nothing you see in their newspapers. They are not covering it at all because Malmö is far away from Stockholm. They don’t even speak the same kind of Swedish. It makes it hard for them to understand each other.

Some Danes have chosen to live there. It is typically younger Danes who live there until their children are about to attend school. Then they return because they want to use the superior Danish education system for their children. It is really not an option to stay because unlike the northern part of Germany where Danish speaking family can choose special school teaching both Danish and German, you cannot find a larger number of schools in the southern part of Sweden teaching a large part of their curriculum Danish. In fact until about 1920 it was forbidden to even speak Danish. People could get fined or jailed if they did choose to do so.

The reason was that some parts of the Southern Sweden had been a part of Denmark some hundred years ago. In the start they were very strict with people preferring Danish. They cut a hole in the skin at the lower part of the back and put a stick in. Then they cut a hole in the skin at the upper part of the back to the stick could come out. The stick was put in the ground and the person could sit there some days before they died. It did teach the rest. They moved to Denmark or became Swedish. Some could call it ethnic cleansing by today standards, but the Swedish government has never excused the actions so it might just be normal policing by their standards. I have only visited Sweden, so I don’t know.

They have an election coming up. Some of the citizens outside Stockholm is tired of the violence and want to do something out it. They have formed a protest party and they have got some help here in Denmark to film a campaign video.

The Swedish television companies don’t want to broadcast it. The party is not invited to debate their points of views in the television. They have to settle with using the Internet and personal approach to people on the streets so they can get their message out.

It is then we are worried. In Denmark we also have elections. There are parties out there most Danes disagree with, but they are still invited to talk their case on the television. It is the cost of democracy we Danes have chosen to carry. We have to let them talk even if we never would cast our vote on them.

Some of our politicians have asked the European Unions to send observers to the Swedish election to serve the democratic cause.

It has made the Swedish government angry. Mona Sahlin – who is most known in the general public due to her use of creditcards – warned against copying us Danes. A newspaper even attacked the Danish population calling them stupid and alcoholics.

Now, we are a peaceful nation and we even lowered our BAC levels from the adult 0.8 to the child level of 0.5 when we did built the Oresund Bridge because Swedish drivers can get serious drunk even if the milk is just two days old. I had an uncle in Elsinore. He always said: “If you want to do a Swedish guy a favor then follow/carry him to the Ferry”. They were always drunk. The cost we have paid for lowering the BAC is loss of team spirit in our firms and more work for our Human relation departments trying to set up gathering where people can drink and share work experiences while seeing to that the employees can get home safely.

I feel that we already have carried a huge burden in our society trying to bring Sweden closer to us as a nation. I feel that we have a right to be concerned about their future when their citizens come here to work and study. They have not realized it yet, but they are kind of depended of us. Look at their health care sector. Most of their doctors and nurses are educated in our superior education system. What would they do without all those Swedish graduates we send them with an education financed by our money as a kind of foreign aid? They have not a recognized education system. In fact they cut it off from foreign students this summer despite an agreement between the Nordic countries about not to do so.

So why this attack on us? Are they afraid that we want the Southern parts of Sweden back?

I don’t know, but I am generally disappointed by that kind of almost xenophobic attitude by Reinfelt and Sahlin.


Swede seeks asylum in Denmark, by Julian Isherwood, Politiken, August 18, 2010
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Er vi dumme og alkoholiserede racister?, by Kasper Vedsmand, BT, September 3, 2010
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