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A huge bill for Danish Tax-payers thanks to the United States

In International justice on February 9, 2013 at 08:43

Today hunger and suffering among the Danish tax-payers got even worse when the actions of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made the Danish courts award Camilla Broe a compensation for a full year spent detained in Denmark for bogus charges. 122,440 dollars she was given. It covers only the year she spent in Danish prisons while her extradition case was handled by Danish courts. If she wants to get paid for the time she was wrongfully detained in the United States she has to take her case to court over there which she cannot afford.

For those who are unfamiliar with her case, she is a Danish woman who went to live in the United States working as business consultant. One of her clients turned out to be a drug smuggler and she was charged with conspiracy which is not a crime in Denmark and lying to the police which is not a crime in Denmark either. In Denmark which is a small country the authorities know so much about you that they often convict people based on their electronic tracks alone rather than their testimonies.

If you work in Denmark, your face are caught on cameras all over the city, your cell phone can be tracked based on the signal it sends to the nearest towers every time the phone get a text message, email or you conduct a conversation on it. So why bother convicting people for lying when you know the truth in advance? It is one of the reasons we have a small prison population and a low crime rate because prisons only make people better criminals. People can be convicted on lying if they end up in court but only then.

Fact is that she never should have been extradited because the crimes she was charged with by the authorities in the United States were not crimes in Denmark. The Danish authorities should have seen that, but they didn’t for odd reasons. Most Danes suspect that it was a political order and the responsible politicians have already paid the price because the Danish voters forced the minister of justice to step back as chairman for her party. She was voted out of her job as minister of justice in the last election.

122,400 dollars is a large sum and someone has to pay to secure that Danish children and poor people would not have to pick up the tab. A political movement has been started to ensure that cuts in our aid to the third world would be cut. It was a foreign country who was responsible for the bill. Other foreign countries must pay for that mistake.


Our freedom of speech was attacked

In culture on February 5, 2013 at 21:15

I am shocked. A maniac just tried to shoot Hedegaard just because they didn’t like his arguments. Where did our democracy go?

My children want to join our forces, so they could get out in the world shooting at someone, but frankly we don’t yet know who the enemies are. I am far more afraid that the people in southern part of Europe will destroy our welfare state due to their opposition against ordinary work and paying taxes. Lazy people down there are a greater threat against Denmark than a few people with guns.

Still here in Denmark freedom of speech is more than a privilege. It is a duty so speak out being a part of the most developed culture in the world.

I am truly shocked.

Report: attempt to shoot Hedegaard (Politiken)

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