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To raise a troubled teen and when to say stop

In culture on February 19, 2016 at 17:31

What is a troubled teen?

Some counselors find that there is in fact no troubled teen but it is the reaction to their actions that label them troubled teens.

In the United States, the media covers the closure of Midwest Academy that were founded by people hanging out with the now-dissolved WWASP organization. Members of the WWASP organization used a kind of seminar concept which not only was pressured down over the so-called students – in reality prisoners – but also their parents who were coming at odds with the society’s condemnation of their children’s action.

It is here I return to definition of a troubled teen. When are a child troubled?

I found that it very much built on the double standard of the culture.

You can still find a video of a 17-year-old girl on the Internet who was stoned to death because she fell in love with the wrong boy. That tragedy took place in Iraq. In the 1990’s the 3-strike laws came into effect in the United States. Because politicians knew what sold to the voters they did not use a lot of time setting up minimum standards for what should count as a strike. Back then even ordinary things as experimenting with drugs because alcohol was hard to get opposed what is the case in most civilized countries could led to a strike.

So of course, parents started to look at places where they could house their teenagers until adulthood and many prison-like nanny-institutions like the WWASP-controlled facilities appeared. Here the children could be kept safe from temptations and in order to make it more eatable it was called therapeutic.

To keep up the illusion they took some crazy hippie like marathon seminars and told both parents and the teenagers that they by passing this system of seminars could evolve and develop themselves into better persons. What a joke! In Denmark, we have researched and tested how to break the social heritage for more than 30 years. It has been very costly for our country. It has led to nothing. Children born by parents with higher academically background are more likely to pass high school and start to study at the universities than children born by parents who comes from either the working class or are immigrants.

This one treatment fits all methods messed up more families than they helped. Many families found themselves in deep debt, which they never might overcome.

Then of course, there are the families who believed so much in the seminars that they basically abandoned their own children once they turned 18 and the children – now adults – could not be held legally in the school against their will. They were issued a bus ticket to the nearest shelter. A life in crime or suicide claimed many lives and the people behind the program could claim that the outcome was a result of the children not choosing to complete the program.

Here is the key question. When people are commenting the Midwest Academy there are former students out there who claims that those who complain hardest were the one who gave up on the program. But the question is: Is it wrong to give up something you haven’t chosen?

They were enrolled against their will. They were sent to a kind of prison without being evaluated by the local school district or the local juvenile court. The place had a number of strange rules. There were rules you don’t even find in the most secure juvenile facilities. They were forced to wear a prison uniform – nicer design than a jumpsuit – but still a uniform, which is not found outside the United States even in secure juvenile facilities. Here in Denmark we don’t have a single juvenile facility where the children are forced to wear uniform and some of them are convicted murderers. In many case even when they were able to complete the program they were forced to be on a kind of probation due to having them sign a home contract stating that they were allowed to do and not to do.

What if that is really not a life they want to live? When I was a kid there was no Internet? Now our entire life is focused on looking good on social profiles. Is it fair to judge children when they just want to hang out. I am happy to say that the high school my children attend have a Friday bar where the students can hang out after school drinking beer and wine. Looking at my life it might the last change they have to socialize before they are pulled into making a career, building a home and do all the things which leave you read to sleep once you have finished dinner.

Todays challenge is that children have to socialize. Otherwise they risk being lured to acts of terrorism over the Internet or suddenly they are gone having travelled to Syria. If they hang out after school drinking beers, dancing and otherwise enjoying themselves they are safe.

That’s why I don’t understand the concept behind Midwest Academy. If the parents are afraid of having their children drinking beers they should address how the children can socialize instead. They will soon discover that it is almost 100 percent impossible.

And then there are the education part. To go to school in a foreign district where the credits the children earn might not be recognized once they return is as bad as not going to school at all. Education is not that important. In Denmark the government have cut 2 percent on all schools this year. Of course some of it was for increased police-force due to the immigration crisis. Both the government also considered loss of education to be a little sacrifice compared to increased crime due to immigration and open borders for the population from the eastern part of Europe. Research have shown that the lifetime income is not that different if you compared people who only lived from jobs involving untrained labor with people who took a long education. Especially if the parents were not well off the burden of student loans would make it non-profitable to take an education.

I am not surprised that Midwest Academy is closed but I am surprised that it took so long for the parents to see that was a scam.

The world is a strange place.


Death in the family

In family on February 16, 2016 at 19:16

It is always a loss when someone in your family departs from this world.

It makes you think about if you have seen what you really like before it is too late.

In a quiet moment, I sat down and gave my thoughts.

Do I miss to see something?

Yes, of course I would like to see grandchildren being born before it is too late.

As for places on the earth, there is nothing more for me to see. I have been to Germany once. I do not need to see anything else abroad. For me Denmark is the world. It has everything I want to see.

It was my cousin who checked out. According to his wife and children, he also got a full life to live before he passed away. 39 he became. It was cancer, which claimed him. I visited him a couple of months ago in Ringsted where he lived. It is a small cold town in the center of Sealand. Difficult to drive to. You have to pass Fyen, which is just something you have to get over with.

He was a peace with himself. Looking back at what he considered a full life. His only regret was that he did not get to see his kids grow into adults and of course – no grandchildren. He had known that there was nothing to do for some while and they prepared by moving into something smaller which was one of the reasons I were over there as I helped carrying stuff to their new place.

Besides the issue with the children and possible grandchildren, he did not mind checking out now because he was a highly specialized Navision XAL person, which was a program Navision no longer sells. From being a specialist, he became an untrained worker, as it is too expensive to train an old man like him for a new system. 80,000 DKK was the price he had to put on the table to get the courses. It would not be fair for any firm considering the few years he had left in the workforce.

So he reached the end at age 39. At least he died as a satisfied and comforted man. We will now gather in the family so we can support the relatives left behind as much as possible. The world is changing and life kicks many people to the side roads these years where they are left behind because big companies move to new software and technologies without considering that the old things were something people lived off.

Even I fail to keep up pace.

Medical personnel will assist Danish police when arresting mentally ill persons

In justice on February 6, 2016 at 23:14

This week it was announced that Danish police will have a doctor or a nurse with them when they are going to collect people with mental disturbances and it is about time that they found money for this again. The risk that the police end up shooting the person they were going to take for evaluation or treatment is too big.

There have been a number of cases in Denmark which ended in tragedy. Most known in the Danish public was a case where a mental patient in a 7-11 store was riddled with bullets while he was lying down waiting to be cuffed. Thoughts of calling for even more backup in this case was considered but was decided against due to the structural damage of the building as result of the initial shooting. A cached link back then explain.

Shot by the Police

A thorough investigation into the lethal shots fired by Danish police.

In 2006, Hans Jørgen Tønnesen, a mentally ill man, was shot and killed by the Danish police in a 7-Eleven store in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The official statement was that Tønnesen went berserk with a knife, thus forcing the policemen to shoot in self-defense.

However – a further investigation into the statements of the two policemen revealed that they weren’t coherent. Furthermore, a reconstruction of the events in 7-Eleven indicated that the officers might not have been as threatened, as they themselves claimed to have been.

I was responsible for a 20-minute piece on the episode in the TV2 program ‘Dags Dato’. A piece that contributed to the case being reopened by the Danish court system.

In this very publicized Danish case is was an adult but what if the person the police should collect was a child? Would the loss of the child be something the parents left behind could live with?

For an answer to this question we have to look across the ocean. November 2012 the police in Stafford County found a car left by the driver. A quick search revealed that the car belonged to a single mother living nearby. Of course the police knew that it most likely wasn’t the mother who might have driven the car when they looked at their computer. There was a 17 year old son with a history of low attendance at the school. So the police called for backup from a neighboring county and basically raided the home. The aggressive approach led the boy to run into the kitchen which as in most homes contains knives. Now the boy could be considered to be armed. From that point there was nothing the mother or the boy could have done to prevent the tragic event which took place. The boy ended up dead.

For the society just a number in a long line of juveniles with smaller mental issues who are shot by the police; for the mother it was a tragedy. In the same period many families experienced the same. Just as little as a dispute over loud music would end up in a kill.

For this mother it also meant the end of her life. Grief took a toll on her life and it ended January 19, 2016 on the very day her boy would have turned 21 if he hadn’t given the police the excuse to exercise the use of their weapons.

The petition for a proper investigation into the death of her son can still be seen on the Internet. However if the police should decide for a new investigation it would not help the now deceased mother.

It is very simple. When you deal with people suffering from illness you cannot expect them to react normal or rationally. You need to bring people with the right kind of education to secure that the situation is handled in a way where loss of lives become minimized.

That’s why I was happy that Denmark now add medical staff to routine calls when people are being picked up for mental evaluation.


Democracy is not for free

In politics on February 2, 2016 at 17:41

When I saw the first state in the United States Iowa vote this night, I admired the people who took the time to leave their home and spend 3-4 hours of their lives to go to a place where they can vote.

3-4 hours don’t sound of much but think of it:

  • 3-4 hours of your life to secure that your job remain yours instead of going to an illegal immigrant aided over the border by someone hired by your employer, so he can cut costs
  • 3-4 hours of your life to vote for a president who would let you keep your guns so you can own something of value unlike us Danes who have to duck our heads due to the open borders to the eastern part of Europe increasing the risk of house invasions.
  • 3-4 hours of your life so you can keep Obama-care or lose it if you are loaded or have very good health
  • 3-4 hours of your life so your home state will only receive immigrants screened by homeland security
  • 3-4 hours of your life so a person will come into office who understands ordinary people and will make decisions be taken near you instead of a far away capital. We people in Jutland have nothing in common with the politicians in Copenhagen. I guess as an ordinary person in Oregon you have nothing in common with the people from the system governing in Washington DC

I am not an U.S. Citizen, so why I am following this election? Because our economy in Denmark still to some extend depend on the US economy. Europe has not been able to deal with the crisis properly due to France interfering in the international economy by orchestrating the arrest of the former boss of International Monetary Fund because he was a potential rival to the present president of France. The interest on the loan we have to take to buy our houses very much depend on what is going on in the United States.

What I do know is that I have participated in every single election possible since became an adult. Sometimes I went there to enter a black vote because there were no person among the politicians who deserved my vote. Sometime I made a protest vote allowing a person none could work together with become elected. As an ordinary Dane and a Danish system I prefer people doing nothing in the political system because then they don’t make mistakes.

I know that ordinary citizens in the United States must be worried also. Can you expell the illegal immigrants and then how will you be able to buy groceries farmed by illegal immigrants or pizzas made by illegal immigrants. Will employed citizens be able to take over these jobs without a pizza ending up setting you back 200 dollars?

It is not a question whether Hillary Clinton will be re-elected as president or Bernie Sanders will take the chair. It is not a question whether people prefer a tired man made by the system or Donald Trump putting the United States back to the days of Non-interventionism because his person would offend the European politicians who believe that they matter more for their country and the world than they do.

It is a question for each citizen who has not been victim of a parking ticket resulting in a felony conviction after giving the parking attendant the rightfully spanking and loss of the right to give their vote attending the elections.

So I hope that everyone who is busy telling people that they would vote that they do take the 3-4 hours to do it.

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