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The WIFI systems in the trains can cost you a fine

In business culture on March 29, 2015 at 21:04

Modern Danish trains have WIFI. Of course not a good WIFI system but it works for some. However the WIFI systems can cost you a fine.

See. In Danish trains it is forbidden to purchase tickets. You have to purchase them at the stations before you enter the trains. Because the machines on stations are often broken, people purchase tickets using their Smartphones.

However because people tend to authorize their Smartphones of the trains WIFI systems and Smartphones constantly are looking for WIFI connections you can purchase a ticket on the train without noticing it standing next to the train.

Looking up the problem the advice is to purchase your ticket at home before you leave for the station. There it no knowledge of how far the WIFI systems on the trains reach. Is it 5 meters from the train, 10 meters or 25? You cannot know.

Be safe. Purchase paper tickets or use your car if you have doubt in the functionality of the tickets machines.

When the Danish job market changed forever

In politics on March 14, 2015 at 22:01

In Denmark the politicians don’t make a law where they set the minimum salary which none can live off like in the United States. They leave this area to trade unions and organizations of employers. It has been so for 100 years and it worked as long as Denmark was a country where people lived basically with their back turned against the rest of the world.

But with our membership of the European Union we saw more firms operating cross state lines and the Danish system has been under pressure.

Firms like Ryanair where the crew is hired by one firm and the planes are kept by employees from another firm leaving Ryanair without responsibility if an accident occur. They will try to write all blame off on the companies who have hired the employees. Many former employees have told how they as result of sudden illness found them stranded in a foreign country without any help from the company. They have to purchase their own uniform and clean between every flight because they could be fired if clothes become dirty during a flight.

Such firms have put Danish firms under pressure and SAS has been forced to outsource their flight crews also. Of course the employees protested because in the long run working in supermarkets would be better paid than piloting a plane or servicing the passengers.

It came to a conflict and the employees lost. The entire Danish system with trade unions and employers organizations was in reality broken. There is no system left to protect Danish workers. The only right thing to do is to make laws to protect the workers when leaving the European Union and make a Danish fortress seem to be difficult.

Our politicians need to move fast before ordinary people lose trust in our present democratic system as result of the recent developments.

Should education in the resurrection of the Danish identity be mandatory?

In culture on March 10, 2015 at 21:15

After the terrible terrorist attacks in Copenhagen which left 3 men dead – among the alleged terrorist – we have asked ourselves whether we should school our children in what made Denmark a huge player on the international scene in the war on terrorism. A position which also placed us in the direct list of target possible terrorists can have.

For more than 100 years Denmark has been living with our heads down after the beatings we took from the Germans in the second Schleswig War in 1864. For more than 100 years we were not proud of being Danes. It was one of the factors which led us join the European Union. Why keep the most superior culture in the world alive if you are not proud of it.

There is no question about that Danes had a good life before 1972, in large companies like B & W people were hired for life. They sat every day at the same table with the same co-workers sharing beers during lunch breaks enjoying their work life until retirement. It was morale approach boosted by both trade unions and employers.

The membership of the European Union and the removal of borders have left Denmark vulnerable. Ordinary citizens who once didn’t care to lock their front door during the night now hides behind alarms, private security firms and secure locks not even marketed 30 years ago.

That kind of safety is not something you can have an army to do something about. While the Danish armed forces had regain the strength of past time which they showed when they unlike Dutch forces broke the entire Serb army and prevented yet another massacre, the ordinary citizen saw no change in their situation because the victories on the battle field took place several countries away.

So the Danish population needed another weapon to boost their kind of identity. They found a strong weapon in the pen!

The cartoon war became a reality. Once again the Denmark show the world that we as a nation could face millions of people and come out as a winner.

The last shadows from the loss in 1864 were gone. Denmark was once again the mayor factor you could count on not only in the war on terrorism but also in the war for the right of free speech. It is a too important part of our history for the students to miss out on. Education in this subject should be mandatory.

Fighting ISIS with the social services

In politics on March 7, 2015 at 23:59

The fight against ISIS supporters in Denmark has reached a new high when the social services in Aarhus removed a teenage boy from his father because they feared that the father was preparing him for traveling down to Syria and fight for ISIS.

Most case workers in Denmark has seen Dakota Johnson’s marketing stunt for Saturday Night Live. They now know that they have to be on alert and in the case in Aarhus they reacted promptly.

The first step in this social intervention was to send the boy to a secure residential treatment center which we in Denmark use as juvenile detention facilities. Here the boy will meet recruiters for more traditional criminal gangs so he can learn to use weapons on ordinary Danish citizens who unlike residents in Syria are not armed as Denmark believes in victim disarmament.

If the social services had insisted on doing a proper job I would have suggest a decent Christian foster family instead where the teenager could have attended ordinary high school and learn to socialize with ordinary kids over a beer or a glass of wine inside the Friday bar most high schools have on their campuses.

However I understand the risk such an arrangement would be because the boy could run away and back to his father who according to the social services had a plane ticket ready for him.

It is a difficult case to handle.

DAKOTA JOHNSON’s ISIS / SNL video aids Danish families

In politics on March 1, 2015 at 18:06

This video hits point on the fear a lot of Danish parents has these days.

There are Danish teenagers traveling down to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS. There are teenagers from other European countries too going in the same direction.

And Denmark is actively working to increase the number of teenagers taking this path.

In less than a year we are going to have a general election. In every country it pays to be tough on crime. Denmark is no exception from this rule.

But the strategy to achieve this is very cruel.

Starting from summer 2015 Danish students graduating Form 9 will be cut off from our high schools if they achieve less than what equals a D in the States. They cannot attend trade schools if they achieve less than what equals E in the States.

Roughly 20 percent of the students cannot make this cut. They are challenged with a non-ethnic Danish background, they come from underprivileged families. In Denmark you are born into a certain social status and you very much stay there for the rest of your lives. It is considered kind of Un-Danish if you reach up after the stars. Then you are condemned by the Jante-law. While breaking the Jante-law doesn’t result in prison terms, it very easily results in social isolation, rumors and back-talking.

These 20 percent is easy target for terrorists and criminals. The person behind the shootings in Copenhagen last month was a failure in the Danish education system. It took him directly down a path towards the terrible tragedies we experienced; Tragedies which have altered our world and removed our feelings of being safe.

The Danish politicians introduced these cuts not because too many passed high schools. In a world where technology is the future you simply cannot have too many high school graduates. And yes – 3 years can change a student from a D or E to a straight-A if the high school is based in another town where the teachers don’t know your social background.

There is time for the student to get a false address or to change name making it sound more Danish. Most elementary schools are located near your home address minimizing the need for running expensive school bus-systems. 95 percent of the students bike to school until form 9.

Fact is that many students reinvent themselves during high school or trade school. They become successes. It can only be achieved if they are allowed to start!

But what happens when young people cannot pass this wall in our education system? They leave and live of their hands. They become disappointed seeing their dreams shattered to pieces. They fail to believe in our system. Some look at ISIS and their false promises. They leave Denmark and become terrorists.

When or if they return they are facing prison terms. Here is where the general election comes into the picture. The voters go for those who promise the most severe sentences and longest prison terms. It is sick because if they had been allowed to continue to study they would graduate and seek jobs.

So thank you Dakota Johnson. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this article putting focus on a problem too severe to ignore!!

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