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In politics on September 30, 2011 at 17:13

A decade where my country did a lot to preserve our small but superior country, the election marked an end and a closure – properly not only the end of a period in Danish politics where the Danish People Party excelled their best to increase border protection and protect the culture.

But despite their effort cheap labor from Eastern Europe continues to flow in over our borders. The European Union works to break us with their tons of legislation.

What should we think of letting them decide when and for how long we must close our border when a massive wave of home invasions have made most of families hide in their houses in pure fear?

What should we think of their suggest to lower the speed limits in the towns to only 30 km/hour and a zero-limit for alcohol for younger drivers? First most of our streets were constructed at a time where the general speed limit inside the towns was 60 km/hours. Second alcohol is a vital component of the human resource strategies in our firms. How can the youth network their way in to firms so they won’t be laid off first when a smaller crisis affects the firms?

I know what we should do. We should consider leaving the European Union where our only job seems to pay for the lazy people in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Most of the countries have only themselves to blame. Greece abandoned democracy and their king leaving all to chaos. Spain did not surrender 100 percent to their tourist industry. Once they complain about drunken customers they expose themselves to be poor businessmen and lousy hostesses. Only Portugal can hardly be blamed as we didn’t support them when they were attacked by India and they were busy securing a peaceful exit from their colonies in Africa. I cannot blame Italy because it is the nature of the country to be corrupt and they have a leader which I admire both as politician but just as much as a real man of the old-fashioned kind.

But regardless of my respect for some of the countries the fact is that we are paying their bills. We cannot afford it. We have to leave the European Union.

I used this month to visit Copenhagen. Soon it will be impossible as they consider demanding a lot of money for travelers using their car. Public transport is overfilled and slow. Out here where I live there is a bus every second hour. Public transport is only something you can use if you live in a larger town these days. It was nice but also nostalgic to catch the last view of our capital before a wall is put down separating the town from the rest of Denmark.

I fear for the future. I fear increased taxes. I fear a prime minister who privately uses every tax scheme possible to secure her private economy while we ordinary citizens must pay in full. I fear that my children will not learn our culture if the legal drinking age for alcohol is increased and the high school no longer can offer Friday bars to the students. Then they will grow up lonely not caring about other people. Some will even start to shot at each other as they do over in Koege. In general I fear that life as I know it will stop and we as a country will cease to be an independent nation.

September was certainly no fun. I can only pray that it will get better.

9/11 – we didn’t win

In politics on September 11, 2011 at 19:07

All that suffering. I can not even imagine how much the people in the planes and buildings lost. I cannot imagine how it is to lose a husband, wife, father, son, daughter or any other relative.

But did we win?

No we lost. We can no longer live like we did before 9/11. Traveling has become a long line of humiliation. Business with foreigners can cost you extradition and more than a haft year in jail only to be cleared of all charges. All your money can be lost if you buy good with a guy who only share name with a suspected terrorist.

Corrupt government can drive citizens over with their tanks and none care as the military did on Sri Lanka as long as the opposition is put of a terrorlist. Human rights are rights of the past.

So despite the fact that Bin Laden was justly riddled with bullets, he won.

I worked 20 years and was closing in on early retirement. I had made it over half the distance and was finished with setting goals and ambitions was a word from the past. Then it was taken away. There are no light at the end of the tunnel. Only darkness. Thanks to Bin Laden the laws against terrorist are turned against us ordinary workers. If we try to protest traditionally as they do in France, we will be put behind bars for a long time.

It is not worth it, so what is left is bitterness and my writing on this blog while I wait to die before I can reach the increased retirement age.

We lost!

That is the real tragedy of 9/11.

August 2011 – just waiting for the election

In family on September 2, 2011 at 21:56

We are going to vote at september 15. Never before have I been so nervous for the result. Never before did I experience so much doubt about where to put my vote.

For once we need tighter border control. We need mentally to shut down whenever a foreigner approach us on the streets so we are being prepared for an assault. If you want to promote safety the only option is to vote for the Danish People party.

But safety on the streets are not everything. What would it do if you can walk safely everywhere if you starve to deaths because an agressive nation in Asia steal the jobs forcing people to work for a salery where they cannot feed their children. As I have mentioned before India helped CSC to blackmail people with a long education to go down in salery to a point where they might choose which of their children will win the right to supper on weekdays. It is just so awful. For that very reason I can be tempted to vote for the communists who are calling themselves new names.

If it was only private firms which did sent jobs abroad I could understand it, but we are talking public jobs. It is work-places owned by the tax-payers. It must be stopped.

In the United States

I learned that Anderson Cooper did a piece about religious boarding schools. Sadly they still exist. Sometime I wonder if the United States exist mentally in 2011 we do. To run a society where you don’t have strict supervision of the children who have been forced to live outside their home is more than neglect. It is pure evil and those you resist more supervisions are devils.

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