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Life as an exchange student is not worth it

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It is not just Amanda Knox. I have just learned that the overpriced exchange student referral agencies CETUSA and Explorius has sent a 17 year old Danish Exchange Student home because she had sex with a boy aged the same. It seems to be a crime in Wisconsin when teenagers aged below 18 has sex even if they do it voluntary.

I must say to parents who think about sending their sons or daughters to Wisconsin. Please stop it. Not only are their high schools not of the standard we expect in Denmark because the Danish department of Education does not accept credits from any school in Wisconsin. But the exchange students cannot live a normal life in this state.

They cannot drink alcohol as they do in Danish high schools after school in the on-campus Friday bars. Not even if they do their best in school they can receive credits.

The families seeking a gap year abroad for their children are cheated by the exchange student referral agencies. We must stop this traffic and start to inform the families of the dangers. First and foremost: Those two firms should not be used.

Boycott CETUSA
Boycott Explorius

Exchange student sent home for consensual sex (Exchange Student Information)

Amanda Knox held hostage in an international game.

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Italy needs to get their populations focus moved from a very embarrassing case. Two marines did do their duty and fired shots against a boat which had course towards a cargo ship. They had no choice but to react as they did. Unfortunately two fishermen from India died. Maybe they were drunk while they were sailing their ship because they ignored the warning shots. We will never know because police investigations in the area lack quality in every aspect of the cases.

When the Marines returned to Italy the government denied a request for their return. It angered India and they put pressure on Italy, which are weakened as a nation due to Berlusconi’s departure from power, so in the end Italy caved in.

The foreign minister of Italy has resigned his post because he felt that Italy’s reputation is damaged beyond repair because they had handed their citizens to a random third world country of no value for anyone. I believe that the citizens in Italy are angry too.

That is why they need a scapegoat to catch all the media attention. That is why they dug up a massive failure of their justice system which was fixed in the end. Amanda Knox – an American woman suffered for 4 years in an Italian prison for no reason at all. She was jailed based on a sick theory made by a prosecutor who was later convicted in another case for abuse of office.

If the trial against the Amanda Knox steals the headlines the government of India can do whatever they like with the two Marines. Their promise not to sentence the marines to their death is of no value as even high profile suspects placed on special watch just die in prison as it happened in a very published case involving gang rape.

Poor Know. She is only on trial again because Italy was insulted by India. It shouldn’t be so and the case is an reminder for us not to visit Italy as tourist or as exchange student.


I have been quoted

In International justice on March 14, 2013 at 18:17

I have been quoted. I wrote a piece about how trade unions in Denmark are on the breaking point due to strikebreakers from India.

In Denmark work inside the Information technologies area is no longer something which can put food on the table thanks to imported workers from India and all this outsourcing.

I can see that the text in the blog which quotes me is about the author and humanitarian Niels Holck. I have to say: I support the text 100 percent.

Here is a link to the blog entry: The Niels Holck case: Here we go again (The Danish xenophobia victims blog)

Outsourcing parenting – lazy parents

In culture on March 8, 2013 at 22:28

In a recent Dr. Phil show two mothers asked Dr. Phil for help and we as viewers got a rare view of the goon in action.

The story is that a 10 year old girl learns that she for 10 year had called a man her father when he wasn’t. She then started to act out and now at an age of 13 the mother turns her in for the mercy of Dr. Phil and his sponsor – Aspen Education Group which is a company who runs various programs all over the United States. Programs where several teenagers in the past have lost their lives while they were struggling to survive and return home to their families.

The daughter is then presented with the news that she will be shipped to Idaho or North Carolina – two locations where two boys have lost their lives in the very same program she will be sent to. “Dear Daughter. You will be send to a program where you know with 2 seconds on a search engine that you will be imposed to life threatening situations. If you survive and the sponsors don’t want more airtime you can return home.”

How should she react? Then the mother runs out of the room and she is left with a muscles guy she doesn’t know; a person from the transport industry which only exists in the United States. We as viewers didn’t get to see her in handcuffs and shackles as they are known to do with the teenagers, but it is easy to understand the fears she is going through. Will she survive and given special treatment to ensure it now where she has been on a TV-show.

It is tasteless Television. We all remember “Brat Camp” filmed in Oregon. That particular program was purchased by Aspen Education Group and it closed when a 16 year old boy named Sergey Blashchishen died in the wilderness.

If someone needed a trip to the wilderness it should have been the parents. The teenagers were products of their parent’s way to parent them. No matter what type of program the teenagers would be placed in, it would be a failure once they return home because it is not the teenagers who need to change. It is the parents.

In Denmark the social authorities have tried to research into whether placement outside the families helps the children and what type of program which is best. The result of a decade of research is that you cannot measure the effects of removing children from their homes compared to cases where the children are left in dysfunctional families.

The only people who are helped in this Dr.Phil show are the sponsors who get a chance to promote their product. It is evil Television. Why are the option of putting vulnerable children on nation Television allowed at all?

Why are there not national guidelines for residential programs in the United States?

Why are children dying in larger numbers in residential programs in the United States?

I cannot understand it beside the fact that it somewhere somehow is a question about money.


Why we have to check up on students studying abroad

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It is difficult for Danish students to get credits for a period on a foreign school. No question about that.

But the economy is strict. For a period our laws have allowed foreign teachers working for a low paycheck to teach in Danish schools. We are happy to report that this traffic has been stopped.

But more problems have been sighted ahead.


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