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Week 13 – run and duck for cover

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The date for show trial in Miami is closing. Every paper is on the table:

  • Her being hired as a clothing consultant for an investment firm so the employees could dress professional to meet European clients.
  • Her discovery that it was a front for a drug smuggling operation, which lead her to inform the local police.
  • Her move to Denmark so her daughter was safe while she would return to function as an undercover agent.
  • Her being doubled crossed when the case was taken over by the DEA.
  • The DEA’ s plea bargain with the drug smugglers so they could get even with her for telling the police about their crimes.

The lesson learned from this story is that you can not function as a whistle blower being a foreigner. There is only just one advice if you learn about a crime. It doesn’t matter if you are just a witness. Leave the country at once and never look  back.

Of course there is another answer. Never leave your home country in the first place.

There are some people I would give this advice.

It is the protesters wanting to visit Denmark in relationship with the Copenhagen Climate Council (COP15).

In connection with that even our government has decleared State of Emergency.

A warehouse in the Valby neighborhood in Copenhagen has been rebuilt as an Interment. There the protesters can be held for 12 hours without charging them for a crime. When they leave the police can bring them back just down the road for another 12 hours.

The inside of building contains a lot of cages where the protesters can live for the entire COP15.

Beside the famous leaders from Africa I wrote about last week it seems that Obama will look in for a single day. We wouldn’t be there for very long because he remember his last visit in Denmark which was a failure. If COP15 succeed, he can use it. If it fails he wasn’t there when it went wrong can avoid being blamed.

Sad to say he was kind of cheated when it was decided the Olympic Games went to South America. He forgot that a lot of member had something to settle with the United States as result of the unwanted investigation into the 2002 games in Salt Lake City. They are no longer paid like they used to so they are kind of angry with the US. government.

From the deepest of my heart I urge – no I plea people to remain at home instead of entering Denmark in relationship with the COP15.


Week 12, Denmark – a country preparing for a lock-down

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This week my attention turned to Wikipedia. Normally you should be sceptical about what you read on Wikipedia. Some could have vandalised the article you read for unknown reason. You have to check up on the references. Are they credible? When I saw the november 21 updates on the article about Camilla Broe I could see that it was one of our finest newspapers which were quoted. What is the new information in this case?

First off all it was her who provided the police information about the drug smuggling operation. Young and naive she was dazzled by her boyfriends wealth and enjoyed the life in the fast lane. But at some point she discovered that the firm her boyfriend managed was a front for a drug operation. She then found herself in a position where she felt that she had to do the right thing by offering the police the possibility to be an undercover agent. It is a dangerous enterprise and of course she had to travel to Denmark so her daughter could live by her family if something would happen to her while helping the police. If you google the case you can find a supreme court document concerning a lawyer who worked for the drug lord also. The lawyer had the drug lord pointing a gun at him at one point. Then the local police lost their case to the federal police. Her contact at the police was removed from the case and now she was suddenly a criminal.

Of course the drug lord was very angry when he learned who had turned him in and it was easy for the federal police to convince him to testify against her for revenge. The most odd thing is that she is facing 60 years in prison in the show trial but he was able to serve only about 6 years because they allowed him get back at her.

The case against her becomes more and more absurd every week.

Now to Denmark. We are preparing ourselves to a giant lock-down.

Remember the climate summit. Some presidents, dictators etc. meet up in Copenhagen to discuss the climate. The energy used to transport those people to Copenhagen could warm up most of Zealand for many days. Some of the dictators would be arrested on sight if they entered Denmark if we hadn’t this summits due to their crimes, but we are playing nice hosts so we have to be nice to our guest until they are ready to return home to harass their citizens.

We know there climate activists preparing to remove the attention among the participants in this summit from our very fameous open-faced sandwiches properly made by Ida Davidsen herself to climate issues. The question is how to prevent such people from ending up in the media so their boring issues take the headlines.

The government seems to have called experts in from abroad. They have asked several thousand citizens to report possible protesters in advance. So we have a huge part of the population in this town reporting on other citizens like they did in Eastern Germany in the old days.

Special emergency laws will if they are passed allow the police to detain people for 12 hours without charging them. 40 days in jail is the punishment if protesters block your car and prevent you from leaving when the police arrives. I have told my family that the Christmas shoppings will be done in January instead. I don’t dare leaving my house while the summit is on-going. I will stay home with a lot of beers and enjoy what they broadcast on Television.

Most people agree so Denmark will on lock-down. What is it going to end up with?

Week 11 and the lesson from the U.S.

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The trial seems to be started early December.  This week we learned that foreign powers spy on Danish citizens inside our country. Normally they should inform our authorities before they do so, but it was not the case with Camilla Broe. How many Danes are targeted in similar way?  We also learned that it was DEA’s plan to lure her out of the country where she should be abducted to Florida.

When we are talking about extradition, 23 CIA agents were convicted in Italy for an illegal abduction of a man. Are the U.S. government going to extradite these people to Italy so they can serve their sentences when they were convicted in a fair trial where the U.S. government paid the legal fees regardless of the fact that they denied all involvement? Do they support the fight against crimes or are they only interested in the cheap headlines they can produce when a couple of criminals in their jails state that a single Danish mother is a druglord just to get out of jail fast and act on this claim? It is easy to prove what their stand of fighting crime is. If the 23 CIA agents end up in Italy serving time, we believe them. If not we are simply talking double standard.

Enough about  the Camilla Broe case. Let us turn our eyes upon Denmark.

We have some kind of summit in Copenhagen in Denmark. Our politicians don’t want the population to be involved, so they can some tough laws on the way, so people can stay away to avoid the risk of being caught up in a mass arrest like they did on Noerrebro a couple of years ago where ordinary citizens coming home after getting a late pizza were arrested along with some youth fighting for a house to play music in. The youth have since got their house but about 200 people are trying to avoid being convicted for just being on public street in front of their own house. What should they have done. Starved until the riots were over? If that were their choice the criminals – the youth participating in the riots – would have won for real.

The headlines in the newspapers today speak on lack of space in our prisons. Here is a real problem. We have some politicians who are totally unaware of the cost of running a modern society. Look at the United States. They know that you have to lock 1 percent of the entire population up in order to keep the society safe.

Denmark can house some 4.000 people in jail. Our jails are full due to some youth gangs attacking biker gangs and the worlds toughest weapon law where you can get 7 days in jail for just stopping for a burger when you have a Stanley knife in your car just purchased in the local supermarket. It doesn’t matter that you bought it to fix something in your home. It is a serious crime if you stop between the shop and your home.

Our politicians should have built jails for 50,000 people. Why travel around the world to find solutions so solve a so-called gang war, when they can read on the Internet that they just have a housing problem?

Build some jails! We already have the laws in place and the increased hostility against youth just trying to socialize and have fun, will in due time increase the need for lock-down continuation schools where youth can be detained away from friends and family until they are 18 and old enough to drink a beer.

I have to attack our politicians for not doing their job good enough. They cannot introduce strict laws which makes it almost impossible to live a life in Denmark without having been in jail at least one time without building the number of jails needed to do the job.

Denmark is on the fast track to be a modern society. It means 1 percent of the population in jail at all time. Find the money and built the jails!!

Only then we will respect you (and fear you) like you want.

Week 10 and the process of criminalizing youth

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Week 10 and the process of criminalizing youth

The trial seems to be on track for December 7. Today the Judge is expected to rule whether the charges in the show trial are too old. None expect him to rule that they are. Too much is at stake for the DEA. So she was to wait to December to get it over with.

Here in Denmark we are in the process of learning what the United States had learned the world. It is that 1 percent of the population needs to be in jail and youth should be kept from each other until they are adult. Socializing is equal being on track for a criminalized future.

Our politicians have done their best the past decade to implement these society standards and it is done by introducing a lot of laws so they can land people I jail.

For adults it has meant that our infrastructure has collapsed. Our traveling times have increased making it harder for the firms to make profit and make jobs available for the communities. The opening of the Oresund bridge should have meant increased interaction with the people in Sweden, but because people in Sweden have difficulties with drinking we had to pay a price and it was to lower the legal BAC level from 0.8 to 0.5 which is quite low compared with our countries like United Kingdom and Ireland, which is known to have the same mature attitude when we are talking alcohol consumption. In the firms the result is that colleagues don’t know who they are working with because the old tradition of having a Friday bar at the firm has almost stopped entirely.

However, the biggest change had been happen for the youth. New age limits for alcohol purchases have meant that some teenagers turn into stealing to get their hands on alcohol. Others use drugs instead. Lately some towns have introduced a ban on alcohol at their youth parties which have lead biker gangs to announce that they will be happy to host those parties instead. Parents are not that concerned that the biker gangs have taken this burden on themselves for the good of the community. Some parents even drive their kids to the parties at the biker clubs themselves, but the authorities are concerned with good reason as members of the biker club seem to have been the target of one sided attacks by other youth gangs. A bullet fired at a biker could hit the wrong people by mistake and a young life could be lost.

I am not quite sure that the politicians know what they are doing. I know from my job that it is healthy to avoid areas in Copenhagen where supporters of Teetotalism rule. Small rocks being thrown at you by youth are often the result if you end up in such an area by mistake. Of course you can argument that such youth will be on the track toward prison and then the goal is achieved.

Now the politicians will attack the legal tobacco used in bongs. Personally I would be very concerned if the youth smoke illegal tobacco, but like they have done it in Germany where they have an old anti-smoking tradition invented by persons known by other things they had done, the Danish politicians will ban the legal tobacco.

Then you have a lot of youth owning a bong with the goal of being with their friends. What are they going to fill the bong with, if the legal tobacco is banned so they can continue to be with friends?

Denmark is on the fast track toward being a police state for the youth where they are forced to stay at home only meeting their friends over the Internet and even then they are facing risk of committing a crime if their portrait on their profile at various community networks includes a photo where they show skin.

Give Denmark 20-30 years and then we also will have 1 percent of our population locked up.

I have only one thing to say to the teenagers growing up in Denmark today:

I am sorry. We have stolen your freedom from you in the name of good health and double standard.


Week 9, xenophobia, prisoners abroad and social heritage

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No news as it was the case last week due to the honeymoon.

But according to the blog The forgotten Danes another Dane fell victim to the relaxed laws in Florida as he was sentenced to 6 years in jail for a DUI-related killing. In Denmark the message is clear: Don’t drink and drive. Rather than waiting for people to be killed the sentence for DUI without person-related injury is properly the most strictest in the world. A full month pay based on reports from the IRS is the fine for a DUI-offender even when it is the first time. Second we had to lower the limit to 0.5 instead of the normal 0.8 when the Oresund bridge opened because even skin milk can make people from Sweden act drunk. We have an old saying: If you want to assist a person from Sweden in Elsinore, please carry him down to the ferry so he can go home and nurse his hangover.

But in Florida the fines are jokes. Only when you kill a person the hammer falls hard on you. The Dane got what equals a life sentence. At age 38 he will be too old to return to other than a life on welfare. He cannot rebuilt his life at such a high age, but that is the consequence of visiting a place where people are entrapped to commit a crime they would not have committed if they had remained in a civilized country.

I have read some of the stories published on The forgotten Danes. One thing seems to be common. The Danes are naive and they have been set up to easily. Just take the story about a Dane going down to solve a problem with a former employee being involved in a tax-case. Of course they forget that criminals are closely connected with the government in countries located in Africa.

Back to the DUI case in Florida. Did he get a trial or was he lured into a deal as a young Danish boy was in California some 10 years back. I found this case which is listed on a homepage over Danes who have been exposed of xenophobia. He got 8 years for just an ordinary high speed accident, when he tried to escape an attacking Mexican youth gang. He was deported after 4 years and when his mother protested this, she was set up in some kind of financial scheme.

A general good idea is to not visit Florida as a tourist and use your hard-earned taxdollars in a place which obivious is filled with people with an intense hate against Danes.

The last thing which shocked me was that experts are prepared to introduce payment for attending universities. Just weeks ago the fact that people can attend universities for free, was one of the good things noticed by Oprah in her show about Denmark.

I understand why they properly will go for that. The social heritage should be accepted. In most cases students attending universities are children from families who have some academically experience themselves. Children with a heritage coming from the working class are seldom seen attending higher education unless they are from other Nordic countries where an international agreement secures them possibility to study in Denmark on a kind of free pass so they don’t have to present good grades. Today Denmark is in fact paying for the education of the staff to the health care industry in all Nordic countries.

During the last 10 years families have entered Denmark and let their children choose education at a higher level where we as Danes were expecting that they should enter. It has resulted in social unrest and students can get rewards if they report a fellow student who have copied some of the books but it is noenough. This aread calls for some kind of intervention so we can maintain a secure social structure.

I hope that week 10 can be a little more positive.

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