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Recently I got the first part of a new memorial blog we will make to cover the death in residential schools in Canada. Well I am a Dane, so why am I hosting this blog. Do I have anything against Canada? No I have no part in the fight over Hans Island. I am involved because the blog just have to be located in another country than Canada. Some of the deaths seem to be result of a cover up, so for the safety of the local researchers, the blog is published from Denmark.

The address of the blog is Enormous Loss

But this is not the only new blog.

I have also been allowed the privilege of hosting a critical blog about Danish boarding schools known as efterskoler in Danish. Why am I doing that?

For two reasons!

  1. First I am a manager of logistic in my private work. I find it increasingly difficult with the human resource area at work. Human resource in Denmark covers a beer after work every Friday and a development meeting lasting 5 minutes every second year. There is only that much an employee can be developed in a country where your future is given due to your social status at birth. I get applications from people who cannot drink a beer after work due to claimed religious reason and this number has increased over the last 20 years. How can you make them a part of the team if they won’t spend time with their co-workers Friday after work? It is impossible. These boarding schools are to blame because they don’t allow the students to socialize as in high schools where there are Friday bars on campus.
  2. They have moved into the market which used to belong to foster families and group homes. However they don’t have the skills to be in that market. Where are the counselors? Where is the therapy this kind of students need? It doesn’t exist.

Here is the blog I am hosting: Den kritiske Efterskole blog (Danish language)

Recent development in the Dragon Boat capsizing accident

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January 11 2011 a Dragon Boat with 13 students and 2 teachers capsized in icy waters.

1 teacher died.

The teacher was trained by the Royal Danish Navy and was one of our finest. He had the potential to make it to admiral but due to defense cuts he left the navy and made a choice to be a teacher instead.

Why did they sail when several of the students were poor swimmers and they knew that?

Because it might have been possible to achieve success!

Some years ago a plane from the Royal Danish Navy crashed when the present commander in chief forced the pilots to land at Vágar Airport. The chance of success was slim but had they achieved their goal it would have been a strategic victory for the high command which could have added to the legacy of our Navy.

However the landing attempt failed and all onboard the plane died – including the Admiral. Today he is remembered as a person who aimed at the highest standard.

It is the same for deceased school teacher. He wanted to show the world that he could push the students past the potential their social heritage would have given them. In Denmark it doesn’t matter whether you get good grades in school or not. It doesn’t matter whether you work hard or not. Your potential is given to you at the birth. The children aim at missions in life based on the lives their parents had.

Social heritage is good because it results in a stabile society where it for people takes generations for them to reach the top in our society. It makes it difficult for fraudsters to cheat people because they know who you can trust and who you cannot.

This system was under attack by types of teachers like the deceased and motivation speakers. Had his work been a success it could have destabilized the Danish society. While I am happy that he didn’t succeed, I am sorry for his wife and children who were left behind.

The school management is trying to make him looking like a loose cannon working outside the school managements control. I don’t believe the school management. Too many knew that they took the boats out for a trip. Too many saw them. Too many could have stopped him. It is however a case for the court to decide who is lying in this case. I would not pass judgment.

However I believe that Danish parents should be much more careful and keep their teenagers home instead of sending them to such kinds of boarding schools. Avoiding punishment was the main focus of the student body. The teacher and the student manual made it a strict school not suited for most Danish Teenagers. I would urge parents to be very careful about sending the children away. I would certainly not do it.

About the accident (Wikipedia)

Naive sponsors – who are their shareholders

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I just saw how one of the sponsors of Lance Armstrong felt cheated when they bought the rights of three victories in Tour De France.

What kind of business are they running and who hired them for their jobs?

If you invest in professional sports and you boy the publicity of three Tour De France victories don’t insult the sport by believing that you buy a clean result.

Icons like Eddy Merckz (5 victories) and Bernard Thévenet (2 victories) were both doped and please point at a clean rider. Some riders used drugs ahead of their times and could not be caught. I don’t believe that Lance Armstrong used EPO like anyone else. If he did, he would have been caught. I guess that he used some kind of drugs properly developed by the same people who cured him of cancer and his real sponsors – the people who cured him have demanded that he confessed using more ordinary drugs so they can continue their research saving ordinary people.

Because Lance Armstrong was more than a question of cycling! During his entire career the awareness of cancer research was highlighted. In his home state of Texas cycling is starting a movement against overweight which cost us all billions of dollars to medication and hospitals. Personally I have lost 15 pounds due to cycling. I feel a lot greater and my back doesn’t hurt as much. If I met Lance Armstrong tomorrow I would thank him for making my life better.

But back to the sponsors. If I was a shareholder in these firms demanding their money back I would demand that they are fired. They cannot have been that naive about the place they put their money in. If they were; then what about the other aspects of their investment? I would not trust them to serve customers in my local supermarket. If I was a sponsor I would gladly have invested in a cyclist of that status Armstrong had regardless if he was clean or not, because with a Tour de France victory you get worldwide coverage.

Bad publicity is better than none publicity.

Shareholders: Please fire these managers and protect your investment. You didn’t lose any money investing in Lance Armstrong. Your company was known in more than 100 countries. What should be the price of such marketing? 12 millions are a good deal.

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