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Italy must try something safe

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Italy has ended an experiment which has lasted since 1994. What can we say about this period?

It was a try!

But despite all the good things they experienced during this period like the parties, putting the Germans into place and a general good spirit, something was missing.

In the old days the government worked together with the part of the industry which is located in the south of Italy where the poor part of the population is living – Huge organizations with foreign connections to the United States which were able to work efficient despite all efforts by the police, custom and tax departments – Huge organizations with the potential to boost the export.

Under Berlusconi the focus went north to the regions which should have been part of Austria. Of course the politics made much of the crime committed by people who wanted to be a part of Austria disappear. There are some who state that the suicide by Aldo Moro was a murder and some members of the political elite back then were involved in this incident. Under the rule of Berlusconi we saw no bombings and kidnappings.

But we also were signs that Italy was moving away from democracy. The actions of Giuliano Mignini in the Amanda Knox case made many Europeans wonder if Italy belonged in among the countries in the European Union. Businessmen like me began to wonder if their industry was collapsed. Denmark bought fewer than 100 trains in Italy back in 1999. They have not been able to produce all these trains now where we write 2011.

It became clear that Italy began an experiment back in 1994. It is time to end this experiment now and they need to move on. But to where?

I believe that they need to present something safe. They need to go back and recreate the political environment which existed before Berlusconi entered politics and they need to do this despite claims of close ties to criminal elements. Those ties would not scare us – the European customers – off. We recognize the Italian culture. We do know how their society works.

However, they need to act now. Europe has never needed swift action from Italy as it is the case now.


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My new job as a spy

Denmark is going towards a real lockdown of our society. We are about to create a kind of Stasi society where my job as a citizen is to see to that my neighbor or a contractor I hire pay their taxes. Otherwise I if don’t spy on them, I can get punished and be ordered to pay their taxes.

But I am only a private citizen and I don’t have the money to pay for both a private eye and a contractor every time I need a contractor, so I will not hire anyone at all. Even if something at my house is destroyed, I will choose not to fix it if I cannot do it on myself.

Our relations to foreign countries like China and India

Our out-of-the-country-minister as he is called or our foreign minister as most people would call the position he has was able to insult the Chinese rule on the mainland. Of course we have to recognize them instead of the legitimate government which was forced to flee the mainland to the island where they are now. But it doesn’t mean that we cannot tell them how civilized people treat their citizens. If they are insulted as result of this they can take the next plane home. As Danes who represent the most superior culture in the world it is our role to teach other governments how to behave themselves.

We also managed to get the government down in India angry because we have an independent court system. Not that it is something to be worried about. Of course most remember their ruthless attack on Goa where they destroyed a happy colony and left people in despair. There was not a lot of liberation in this shameful attack as they had not opposition when they attacked.

With Asia out of the picture as a market our students are now advice to look at South America as a possible new export market. Brazil looks rather interesting. Henning Albert Boilesen, who so tragically lost his life back in 1971, did make grounds for a possible increase in the export to Brazil. The present citizens owe him so much and he was knighted here in Denmark.

The problem is that most students are not that interested in the languages used in Sound America. I hope that student’s advisers will help the young people to make the right choices.


So they killed their leader and our planes did a good job so they could finish him off. Unfortunately his punishment was a minor one. Instead they should have given him a rather sadictic punishment like the one Lindsay Lohan is suffering right now. The judges in the United States seem all to have their friends in business and shetlers so they can get something in return by sending offenders to the friends to serve out their punishment. Combine such a corrupt system with 24/7 coverage from the media and you have how Lohan have to live her life. See that is a cruel punishment.

I hope that the people in Libya one day may enjoy more freedom than we are used to in Denmark, because Denmark is slowly moving down the level so one day it may be the other way around. Maybe we would be the people reaching out for help.

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