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Happy new year?

In family on December 31, 2013 at 22:09

On this last day of the year 2013 which have turned out to be quite a challenge for the workers at the company I work for, I wonder what kind of future we can expect.

We will face difficulties regarding the explosion in costs. Microsoft removed the present technology in Dynamics C5 from the market. Every adjustment to the program we had made over a period of 5 years has to be rewritten in a new language. There are only a few consultants to choose among whom knows the new language and all the employees in our IT-section have an age over 40 which make it too expensive to put them on courses so they can learn the new things.

Our management has already told the entire department that they should be starting to look for a new job because the management wants to hire younger people because the education which should enable people to master the new program costs so much that it would take 10-15 years to gain the investment back. There are simply too few firms which provide the education. The Trade union did once analyze the market in relationship with the education plans in TDC one of the largest telephone companies in the business. They calculated the age where you don’t invest more in people in the Danish industry to 34. So if you have an age above 34 you have to do with the knowledge you have gained because none will invest in you.

I wonder whether new technology regarding logistics will put me out of job. I am kind of afraid that I don’t make it to retirement or have the possibility to get on disability. We may have to sell our house and move out in the countryside where unemployed and elderly people live. In Denmark the cities are only for people well off and foreigners who have special tax-rules which allows them to come here and take our jobs while they can avoid paying taxes. In Denmark foreigners can work 3 years before they have to pay taxes. Worse they can bring their children and get education for free – in some cases their children can even receive student grants.

That’s why 2014 seems to be a hard year. That’s why I am afraid of it.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

Witch-hunt in modern american culture

In culture on December 20, 2013 at 21:03

Some years ago a 17 year old girl met a 14 old girl. They made out as some teenagers do. 14 years old is a bit young if it was my daughter but at least such a relationship would not result in a pregnant teenager, so I guess that I would have accepted it.

Even if I had not been happy about it I would not have sunk as low as the parents of this girl over in Florida did. To wait day after day until the partner turns 18 which would trigger some kind of old-school law from the past century is not only cruel. It is sick.

As result of this sick behavior Kaitlyn Hunt will be in jail until today. I fear for the security of this unknown partner. Parents who are afraid of same-sex relationships tend to imprison their children. Tampa Bay Times made a number of articles about some of these private religious teen prisons in Florida and it is not a nice picture of handling human rights. The only thing positive being said about Florida and their handling of teenage relationship – samesex or not – is that they don’t stone the teenagers. Maybe the social services should take a closer look at the family of Kaitlyn Hunt’s lover.

Kaitlyn Hunt – I will pray for you well-being. Being set up like this is not something which should take place when we are talking year 2013.


Crazy Airport personel

In culture on December 15, 2013 at 20:27

There is a good reason why I have chosen not to travel abroad since 9/11. The security is now to tight that you in no way can feel you welcome traveling by air these days.

There have been a number of cases where passengers have been harassed by employees only to be convicted if they protested. Most known is the cases against the Supermodels Marzena Kamizela and May Andersen who received a treatment totally uncalled for.

The airline company which bullied May Andersen who at the time marketed Denmark as a nation was sold due to shame over the actions of the employees.

Now a lady in an airport in United Kingdom was fined because she misunderstood the commands of an employee who spoke very poorly english. She was told to undress and had it been in south America and in Africa such a command would have meant to lose all clothes or risk being shot.

So she took her clothes off and she was punished for following the commands. It is simply so unfair. I can only recommend not to visit England.

Reply to a blog about exchange students

In culture on December 12, 2013 at 18:43

I saw this blog about exchange students written by a host mother from another country. I wrote the following comment on the blog:

We as Danes believe that the discipline measures are too much for young Danes to spend a year abroad because how would it benefit them when they return?

First and foremost the credits achieved in the United States and a lot other countries by exchange students are not acknowledged in the Danish Education system. The level Danish students are taught on is simply too high so the students would have wasted a year academically when they return home and have to start high school year behind the classmates who stayed behind. The Department of education in Denmark focuses on teaching Danish students as whole people involving educating them in social live and not just study pages for tests.

That is why they have Friday bars in Danish high schools where the students can enjoy a beer after school. It teaches the students to socialize and it provides a kind of security precaution needed when you cannot hide behind an ocean from the groups of terrorists behind the 9/11 tragedy. Suicide bombers don’t drink alcohol due to the heathen nature of their beliefs. Having students drinking on campus makes the possible threats stick out when they don’t join rest of the student body in the social activities.

So I have to ask: Would an exchange student experience not teach the students to isolate themselves? Of course, they will face difficulties to re-integrate themselves in our society. It would be a kind of reverse culture shock.

Don’t take me wrong. Stealing is wrong. Any student who steals from hardworking employees who pay more than 50 percent in income-taxes (as we do in Denmark) deserves to be sent back to the country of the student’s origin. Also there is the drugs issue. Drugs are in some cultures what alcohol is in Denmark. In stressful times people seems to need something to forget the world and when the obvious choice is not there due to legislation drugs are chosen because they are just as forbidden but easier to hide. That is how we see the drug problem in the United States. It is a self-inflicted problem caused by restrictions on alcohol. It is why the parliament in Denmark ordered a research into what percentage which would be safe for minors and the law in Denmark which is a purchase law stated 14.5 percent as the safe limit. Anyone aged 16 can buy alcohol with a percentage below 14.5

We do understand that we cannot ask other countries to accept our customs for Danish exchange students even considering the facts that the safe limit is scientifically proven. We cannot ask other countries to allow sex between teenagers when they are aged 15 as well. And Danish exchange students have been sent home for breaking both rules. We cannot ask exchange organizations to do background checks on host families either. This year an exchange student was bribed and threatened not to report about corporal punishment against small children even if it would result in her being convicted of obstructing the justice. There have been cases where the host parents have forced exchange students to sleep with them. But we understand that exchange student organization also have to earn money and home homes will be approved when the local supervisor have personal contacts and money involved. We cannot ask host countries to do anything about the issues mentioned above. It is not Denmark. It is another country with another juridical jurisdiction.

So what we have started is websites to inform and warn Danish teenagers from becoming exchange students. We will collect all the testimonies and new coverage where the exchange student experience has been bad. Only then can the number of exchange students being sent home be reduced.

The blog I commented on
The Rules are the Rules …. or, We Mean What We Say and We Say What We Mean (The Exchange Mom Blog)

Not that extra ordinary

In culture on December 8, 2013 at 19:16

I saw a blog about a now-closed boarding school for at-risk teenagers. They called it a Christian boarding school where the girls was raised in the name of God.

I don’t know what kind of God they were talking about. Violence and to some extend rape is not something I think can be mentioned in relationship with a proper job rasing teenagers.

How parents were able to fall for such a scam is not to be believe.

What worse is that such stories are not that extra ordinary.

Questions abound as more horror stories emerge from New Bethany Home for Girls and Boys in Arcadia and Longstreet (Louisiana Voice)

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