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Was the EU-election approval for more champagne to Herr Juncker?

In politics on May 27, 2019 at 05:32

The EU-election is over. The parties who took in climate as a booster for their cause during the election moved forward. They now have 5 years to prove that the climate was more than a slogan. I hope the voters will hold them accountable when the next election will take place.

The EU-election was also a result of Brexit. The extremely harsh treatment of United Kingdom has sent a message of terror to all the citizens in Europe who wanted to live just good enough to provide for their family. We Danes have realized that there is no future for a Dexit. Denmark has to continue to struggle inside the European Union because it is too expensive and difficult to leave.

It does not mean that we like our membership just one bit. The alternative to membership is just not there.

But what about the arrogant Herr Juncker? A person who for too many years have made his drunken behavior destroy the values ordinary Danes live by.

We have lost our early retirement. In a Denmark where people in some parts like Sydhavnen in Copenhagen have an average lifespan of 59 years, early retirement at age 60 was hardly a poor deal for Denmark but it has been cancelled. The new generations will have to work until they are 80 years of age.

We just want to live like Danes where we used to gather around a table at the local bar to sort out troubles in daily life over a beer or two. Many young Danes learn from early age to settle for less. Ambitions leads to frustration and in some cases crime. The streets of Copenhagen and other urban cities are ruled by youth gangs who shoot at each other sometime hitting innocent people. Foreign embassies warn against tourists walking the same streets.

Youth gangs show that some of the young people get unrealistic life-dreams. When they realize that hard work in school brings them nothing until they have rich parents such as it is in Denmark, they enter the streets and become members of youth gangs.

20 percent of Danish youth only gets 9 years of schooling. That brings them in direct competition with people with university degrees from Romania who has come to Denmark doing the one type of work they are qualified to do when you compare our education system – collecting empty bottles they sell for recycling.

So for 20 percent of our population life is as hard as if they were living in the worst part of this planet. Their harsh life is harder compared to whatever place you can point to. For them Europe does not matter because Europe during the reign of Herr Juncker has been a plus for the large firms who choose countries where they do not have to pay taxes like Ireland. It has been a plus for dangerous truck drivers coming from the eastern part of Europe where they drive for only half the salary a Danish truck driver want. Truck drivers who drives on the edge of rules, too fast and as the Swedish police has shown – often drunk or on drugs which can keep the wake during the drive. It will be a plus for the countries who will not check the firms if they uphold the GDPR rules. It is a plus for the huge media firms who lobbied for the most strictest copy-right legislation in the world while the big media companies film in Canada instead of in the United States because they can do it there with tax-discount.

Herr Juncker has rewarded the rich and his tons of diplomats. The price has been paid by the average population in Europe.

This is something which the election missed. A Yes to continue to struggle against the harsh terms a EU membership include which barely is much better than having been to war for 60 years should normally not be a Yes to the present course where rich people are rewarded and the poor people forgotten.

I hope that the climate will be boosted by putting a tax of 15 euros on each airline ticket sold in every airport inside the European Union. I hope that the income this tax bring in will be used on lowering prices on public transport and establish new train-routes so normal people can come cheaper to school or work.

I hope that the European Union will set the percentage firms will have to pay in taxes equal for all countries so big firms cannot move their departments around among the countries to save money on taxes.

I hope that the European Union will approach countries in the northern part of Africa and demand that we put forces in to control and train their soldiers to protect their border to the south unless they simply will risk being invaded so we can get the immigration crisis under control. Poor people from Africa and the Middle East should not down in the ocean. They should be stopped in the desert and by government forces and not local wannabee ISIS troops who recruits some of the immigration and ask them to be sleeper agents in Europe before smuggling them into Europe.

I hope that the European Union will increase transport costs for goods from the outside by putting taxes on them so it will be cheaper to produce the goods here instead of across the globe. It would better for the environment and create jobs for the poor.

I have a lot of hopes but it requires that someone will challenge Herr Juncker. Otherwise people across Europe will suffer for 5 more years.

Maybe United States should intervene in the Brexit process

In politics on May 26, 2019 at 07:24

Securing a good relationship between the European Union and United Kingdom should be a priority.

Sadly many of the new memberstates in the European Union has put the foot down because if United Kingdom is given less chance to trade with the European Union, there are more to those of the countries who produce less and get most.

Denmark like many countries have seen less benefits from their membership status as new countries come into the Union where they are able to dump the salaries in the old membership countries with their cheap labor.

Denmark has realized that it is too expensive to redraw from the European Union, so this time we are sending people down there with the mission to break up the Union from the inside.

That leaves the United Kingdom in a bad situation but it also leaves the industry in the United States in a bad situation. Because if you want to enter the common market with your products, you need a base. All Ireland is good for is the tax-discount and it has been targeted by the European Union as unfair competition. Ireland is located on the edge of Europe. The infrastrukture is really bad. Few highways and airline companies with low standards, so low that you have to pay extra even for your laptop from work when you go on business trips.

The United Kingdom is the perfect spot to locate a department if you want to conquor Europe.

Why should the United States intervene in the Brexit process

First and foremost for the many many people who works in the United States. If they want to sell their products in Europe they need to secure that they can establish a department in the United Kingdom and start selling from there. And it wwould not be the first time United States interfered in internal problems in Europe, but this time they can do it without losing many lives as they did in both wars.

So we are waiting for President Trump. Theresa May has lost, so the negociations perhaps needs a person from the outside which can secure a proper deal for the United Kingdom. President Trump is the only person powerful enough to see the bluff and order Herr Juncker into place and behave like a sober person for once.

We will pray for the United States intervention.

Why it is so important that you vote May 2019

In politics on April 18, 2019 at 06:07

In every memberstate the citizens shall vote who should sit in the European parliament who is part of the structure that rules the European Union.

Why vote when almost every ordinary citizen wants to leave the European Union but have decided that their country has to stay because Brexit has become too costly?

Because you can chose politicians who can make the entire project not working!

Most of the suffering the Danish people endure and this to such an extend that it is almost impossible to imagine a population experiencing a tougher life anywhere on the planet is a direct result of out EU membership. The people in our local parliament seem to look for less to do, so they have outsourced a large number of areas to the European Union.

We are no longer masters in our own house.

To stop this torment, this terrible tough life most Danes live, we need a non-working European Union.

So vote!

It has never been more important.

Any maybe, just maybe the rest of the countries will be so tired of us that they will offer us to leave with better terms compared to those, United Kingdom got.

Foreign students own Denmark 94 million dollars in student loans

In politics on March 25, 2019 at 17:35

Denmark is now actively going after students from other countries who have borrowed money in Denmark while they were studying here. The total amount is now 623 million DKK which is roughly 94 million dollars.

For a number of years, this amount has increased. Before 2013 the amount was less than 100 million DKK but the open borders inside the European Union as well as students who posed as refugees were able to take out student loans based on some rules set by the European Union.

The damages caused by this outstanding amount have caused the government ordering the universities to cut down on their activities so they are not so attractive for students outside Denmark. Many young Danes saw their dreams crushed. The number of young Danes who sought the universities this summer dropped because not only were the activities lower. Also the general student grant has been lowered for some year and the payback rules have been thoughened which could result in bankruptcy and social demise, if jobs were not at hand when the students graduated.

An entire generation of Danes has been punished because foreigners took the money without paying them back. No place on earth now offer a worse future for young people trying to find a line of business they can pursue.

As told above, the government will try to get the money back but it is costly enterprise as other countries are not obligated to help Denmark.

There is a hope but it is reather bleak.

Sources: (Some in Danish)

When no other options, hard decisions had to be made

In politics on December 4, 2018 at 11:44

I have no doubt that being force to stay at an island with no towns in a part of Denmark who citizens recognize as “The Rotten Banana” is not fun. However Denmark has been cornered. The European Union has for quite a while been putting pressure on the countries in the nothern part of Africa to get them to stop the immigrants from Africa in the desert where there are no cameras covering them dying from thirst instead of in the middle of the ocean where every Newschannel can see them down. Too many have survived and they are living in Denmark. They are not really immigrants. They are people not wanting to work or paying tax in their home countries and of course like many Danes they are hunted by the tax department and other authorities just as the authorities in Denmark will do when Danes will not pay their taxes or serve in the job the case workers assign them to.

The government of Denmark have ordered them to stay at a remote Danish island. This little cartoon explains it very good. Unfornately it has not been translated to Arabic and several other languages so people wanting to go to Denmark knows what they will expect.

Once again our government has failed. A lot of newspapers have reported the system as it is but it is not good enough. This news needs to be translated into as many languages as possible. Otherwise the human trafickers will fool the immigrants and they will come here expecting something not even Danes can expect.

There have never been so many homeless people in Denmark. People who have parents who have paid their taxes here for their entire life!

Still they cannot even get a roof over their heads!

On the island they will have roof over their heads. It is more than young Danes get. They will not freeze to death which is a destiny many young Danes suffer in the winter.

People needs to know that if they survive passing the desert – if they survive passing the ocean – this is where they will end up.

On Denmarks new Devils Island. On the Island of tears.

This is a solution none wanted but a solution which sadly is the only answer to this problem.


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