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The British people do not owe one single cent to the European Union

In politics on December 7, 2017 at 20:19

It find the entire talks about United Kingdom leaving the European Union bizarre. This is a country which have suffered greatly just as Denmark because they said Yes by mistake in 1973. Now they want out.

The solution is simple. The people working for the European Union leaves the United Kingdom. They put up barb wire next to the borders to Ireland and then it is it.

They do not owe any money because they paid in 1973.

It is time that we Danes who just want to look at our Danish TV-channels which they are against also take a stand and ask for a vote so Denmark could leave the European Union.

We will not finanse all students in the European Union. They do not have the skills like Danish students. We want our early retirement back.

I support ordinary people in the United Kingdom who wants a hard exit. I will work for that Denmark can leave the European Union too.

First official mayor appointed

In politics on December 1, 2017 at 20:31

In the town Lyngby the appointed the first offical mayor after the election. I guess that they were that fast to ensure that they corruption will not make life hard. Years ago some of the members of the city counsil backstabbed the mayor who got the most of the votes. He believed that he would be allowed 4 more years. Big was his surprise when dirty deals had been done in secret.

In back politics in Denmark is as dirty as it can be when we talk about who is going to be mayor in Danish cities. People abandon the party which just had elected them just so they can get something personally. It is quiet common.

That why most people do not care. They are tired of this but it cannot be changed.

It has become a tradition to backstab people in local politics.

I helped put a dictator into place and I do not regret

In politics on November 19, 2017 at 09:30

Back in the 1970’s at my school we had meetings talking about ending the white rule in Rhodesia. We believed that the majority of the people living in the people should have the right to decide the future of the country.

In the end pressure from outside all over the world including the pressure we took part in forced the government of Rhodesia to redraw and make room for the new leader:

Robert Mugabe

He has now been in power for several decades.

Is the country better off?


But it is democracy as good as it gets in Africa. That was the purpose of the American strategy by creating the United Nation and start a decolonization process after World War 2. You cannot get it better. After World War 2 a lot of regions were cleared of Germans. People suffered. Innocent people lost their property and some were even killed.

As result we now have a Europe where there are no border disputes. Minorities are treated with respect because they are so few that they pose no danger to the central government. That is where the decolonization process in Africa and Asia had a tragic fault. They did not make the country’s small enough. There should not be any Zimbabwe. There should be 3-6 states within their borders and perhaps even the border lines should have been different.

The work of Mugabe’s Zimbabwean Fifth Brigade shows how there was a need for small independent states. Their work in Matabeleland was necessary in an African context to preserve an unified nation but it was not nice work. People were killed in large numbers just because they dared to exist.

Now Robert Mugabe is facing the biggest challenge during his rule. Is it over?

Perhaps he will continue to be there as a kind of living statue. He will no longer be ruling.

Will the country then be better off?


Because I was part of a movement decades ago that removed the most competent people to rule this country. Removing Mugabe will just replace him with one from his system. The country will continue to lack food production. They will continue to deliver stuff from their underground to countries like China in exchange for money to the ruling leaders and weapon to the military.

Am I then sorry because I supported the end of the old government in Rhodesia, now where I know that the only result has been decades of suffering and lately hunger in the entire country?


Because when I young and naive supported the present government I did it because I believed in democracy. Now where I am older and wiser I support his rule because I know that it cannot be better. The people who could govern this country peacefully and also make it a productive country, are simply not there.

They need experts from outside guiding them like small children. China will give them that but for a price which means that they will not gain something for themselves. They have sought to establish a brain drain which have left them without knowledge on a national level to ever make Zimbabwe productive.

The entire idea of de-colonization was a failure. There should never have been a Rhodesia, a Zimbabwe. If they should had self-governance we should have left them with small tribes just as we found them.

So please poor old Robert Mugabe alone. Let him rule in name only. We know that whoever replaces him cannot do better. So just leave him in power.

I was part of the process who brought him there and I am not sorry.

Ceasefire in Copenhagen ?

In justice, politics on November 13, 2017 at 05:47

The Danish newspapers and television programs have informed us that the staff at the two major gangs (Brothas and Loyal to Familia) have made an agreement about 1 months ceasefire, leaving the room for negociation more permanent peace.

It is happy news for the citizens of the central Copenhagen which has been the battleground for the ongoing gang war.

Now they can leave their homes for shopping, their children can play safely in the streets.

The Danish politicians were caught dumbfooled not realizing that they are no longer in charge in these areas. While the local population had no election for self-govermance like Catalonia in Spain, the reality is that they were not invited to the mousque where the negociations took place.

They are sitting in our parliament and in the cityhall totally out of touch with events taking place less that 10 kilometers from their job.

Is Denmark consisting of parallel communities where we have politicians we elect every forth year eating and talking nonsens out of touch with ordinary people?

Yes. That is the reality.

Now they make cuts on public transport making it difficult to come to the cities if you are a comuter without access to cars. Large parts of Denmarks no longer offer real jobs. They used to have jobs but the jobs have been moved to the Eastern part of Europe where countries have been better to fence their countries off against the immigrantion allowing them to operate with lower costs and the firms than move there because they can pay less to the workers, when the workers do not pay as much in taxes.

There are poor Danes living outside the citities who have to go by train or bus to the major cities for jobs. They live another life compared to people in the citities. They are a kind of parallel community also. A TV-documentary about people in the city of Nakskov should be sold abroad to inform foreigner how Denmark also is.

Then there are people in parts of the major cities who only can see the gangs as their line of work because they never in a million years will be able to get a good education just because their parents are poor.

All these grous our politicians choose not to know anything about.It is their choice. I will more in blog entries to come.

I know it. I should not rant in a blog entry with good news.

Let us celebrate the peace in our times.

I will not visit Spain as the situation is now.

In politics on November 4, 2017 at 07:03

I call for a stop for tourism to any location of the Spanish soil until they respect the politicians ordinary voters elected for the parliament in Catalonia.

It is OK to disagree. I know a lot of people who want to remove Jutland from Denmark. If it is what they really want, they can ask for the citizens to elect them and if they are elected we will have to listen to them if they get elected. If enough of them gets majority they can ask all voters if Jutland or Bornholm should leave Denmark. If this vote is a Yes, the central government will have to start negotiations so the process can start.

The same way Spain should respect Catalonia. If they are not satisfied with the quality of the previous independence referendum, which led to the declaration of independence, they should approach the local parliament and agree on a new independence referendum inviting observers from other countries, so everyone can see that the independence referendum will be fair and open.

They did not choose to do that. Instead they turned to the methods of the past and now they have issued arrest warrants just like when Franco was in power.

That is not something I will support. That why I call for a boycott of Spain. Stop buying Spanish goods. Stop visiting Spain for business or tourism.

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