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7 extremely hard years in front of us

In politics on July 21, 2020 at 05:52

As expected the hardworking Danish population will be put to work in order to feed the lazy populations in other countries inside the European Union.

In my last blog entry I emphasized the need to teach the new countries how to act civilized as a democracy. Short to say. The children need to listen to the adults. Countries like Hungary and Poland has not learned what it mean to build a democracy. In my mind a country like the Czech Republic should have been put on that list also based on the show trials they imposed on young Danes who just happened to party in their country. If anything broke within 20 kilometers regardless if the Danes were back sleeping at their hotel or not, the young Danes were blamed and in some cases even convicted in show trials.

Such countries should not be a part of Europe but down in the administration in the European Union, they do not really care. They believe just like many leaders in Europe believed that Hitler would settle if he got a little of Austria and other neighboring countries, that the countries mentioned above will become real democracies over time if you just lift your finger a little as a warning.

It does not work that way. The only way you can teach these countries is to put their present leaders out of work and turn the countries into a mandate area where civilized public servicemen rule the former countries for a period before they are taught to a level where they can manage a country on their own.

However, the present agreement for the next 7 year will not help these countries to become democracies. The punishment for their childish acting is next to nothing.

The second part where the budget for the next 7 years fails, is that it is too big. Remember that Brexit meant that a country like Denmark who actually had working people who contributed more than they used left.

In any other organization that would mean that you cut back on all expenses. However because the elite of politicians inside the European Union do not case about the ordinary citizens out in the countries, it is not the case. The overspending, the corruption is as big as always.

Denmark got some discount, our prime minister said when she came out. Yes. Discount can sometime be good but if the price has been increased with 200 percent what good is 5 or 10 percent extra discount?

The next 7 years will be hell for us Danes. It will be 7 years with daily insult where we will drag ourselves home worn out by hard work only to see photos of people in other countries sleeping on their beaches every day or lying in a pool of their own stools because they have partied all night for our money!

It is an insult but on the other side: The European Union has been an insult for over 50 years. Nothing has changed! We just have to endure!

Waiting for the punishment of being a member of the European Union

In politics on July 20, 2020 at 05:46

Imagine partipating in a yearly lunch where a little over 20 people bring a piece of bread and sometime to drink to the table. Suddenly one pass away. What should people do? Ask everyone to bring more or agree that we actually do not have to eat more just because we are one man down?

That is the question, the European Union has to agree upon now where the United Kingdom, which were one of those who brought most to the table no longer is there.

In a normal mind people should agree to cut down on the number of people working in the institutions. They should create new car policies where people buy smaller or cheaper cars. They should cut down on the travelling of the people on the ground. Of course the politicians and ministers need to meet but when the rest of the firms in the European Union have moved to meet online, why not the people working in the European Union?

They should reduce the budget with every cent which used to come from the hardworking people in the United Kingdom.

But as always when we talk the European Union there are countries where the population are used to enjoy without working for it. We saw it during the financial crisis. We see it now.

So the hardworking Danes are waiting in fear. How big will the insult be? How big will the slap in their faces be? Should we once again pick up the bill while others enjoy the party for free? It has been so since the European Union was increased with a large number of member states around year 2004 and 2007. From the very start – also before Denmark joined a number of countries were well-known as parasites. Countries where the citizens were not hard workers or countries where corruption eats all output. Suddenly the burden increased a lot.

Without the United Kingdom fewer can pay for the once who bring nothing to the table. That is the center of the conflict in the European Union.

Then of course some of the new countries need to learn. Being a democracy is nothing which sure from the start. It is a hard-earned process. Think about Africa and Syria. They will be dictatorships for the next 100 years where everyone who will do trade with them have to pay of the government and officials on the side.

Poland and Hungary needed a lesson and a lesson they got. Poland is basically an artificial country consisting of areas of Germany and Russia which were given for them to spoil. They have been given some seats in the parliament for show but should learn and listen while the adults talk. Hungary should have been a kingdom but the aftermath of WWI was basically about setting up for the disaster called WWII. They should correct this. Until they do the European Union will whip them and Poland like the naughty children they are.

But not everyone get as they deserve. Not everyone are told to go back and get their population to pay taxes and start working like the more civilized and mature parts of Europe.

That is the reason that we Danes are waiting in anxiety for the results from the meetings in the European Union.

What did we do wrong with Greenland?

In politics on June 24, 2020 at 10:35

The statue of Hans Egede was vandalized with red paint and the word “decolonize” was written over it. It is kind of strange considering that Greenland is an independent country. I agree that it is heavily financially supported by Denmark, but they are independent and that is the reason we cannot sell it to the United States even when the Eisenhower and Trump administration asked for a price.

Still some politicians in Greenland think that Denmark still have a lot of influence and maybe they have a point. Only last year the recruitment system for the government in Greenland was shifted from a Dutch/French solution to a Danish solution after some under-the-table negotiations and you also find that Danish firms often make very enclosed deals with the firms in Greenland where they properly could make better deals if they conducted a public tender. Part of the reason might be that they use the Universities in Denmark for training of their public officials and some still are left from when Greenland was not independent.

But if we take the corruption away which is normal in a former colony turned independent, what did Denmark then do wrong?

If we look at Hans Egede, he actually did nothing. When all nations in Europe went abroad looking for colonies some in Copenhagen decided to look at old charts from the Viking Age and they found something called Greenland. So they put together a ship with priests and soldiers and sailed north so they could re-discover Greenland and start farming. What they did not know was that climate changes had made Greenland colder so farming was not possible. That was also the reason that Vikings left.

So the King of Denmark ordered the soldiers home but the priest remained. Over the years they established a church and turned the people towards Christianity. Before Christ came into their lives they believed in sending evil totems to each other. Now totems are sold to tourists so turning to Christianity created a line of business for them.

Greenland was left with little interest for the Danish kings. Back then the Uran in the underground was not sought. Also minerals to use in electronics was not on demand for obvious reasons. Greenland was used for a stop when fishermen hunted whales. At some point people from Norway tried to transfer the eastern part of Greenland to Norway as the tribes there had very little to do with the tribes on the west coast where the Danish administration was located but the League of Nations decided in Denmark’s favor and the entire island remained a Danish colony. Then came the second World War. The Germans tried to establish a listening base and when the war was over 2 things had changed for Greenland.

  1. They were in the front line of the Cold War. American bombers needed a base for planes and radar.
  2. Denmark joined the United Nations and was ordered to work for Greenlands transition from colony to something other.

The first task was to lease a part of the colony to the United States so they could create a base. The area chosen was full of wild life and an important hunting ground for the people in the area but they were removed by force and the Danish built a new city for them. Without something to do now where they could not hunt the Danish authorities transported a lot of beers to them to keep them pacified. It worked well. Too well in fact because now incest and violence among the citizens as result of over-consumption of beers became widespread.

The next thing was to educate a local elite. First they looked at the United States and Canada where children was transferred to residential schools run by priests. That was not a solution the Danish authorities would use. Even back then it was common known mostly as jokes passing around what priests and nuns did with youngsters in their care. Former and now deceased editor of a newspaper and magazine Victor Andreasen wrote in his partly unfinished memoirs about his relationship as a teenager with a priest which was considered normal if you engaged in a relationship with a Catholic priest at that age. Later in became a scandal around the world but because this kind of behavior was recognized in Denmark, Denmark opted of another solution.

The second option was to sail teachers to Greenland but there were no suited buildings to house an university. So the solution was to pick bright young children and send them to Denmark. It became a disaster! The children got caught between two cultures and was partly unable to communicate properly with their parents after some years in Denmark. There was even a movie about this disaster some years ago.

Next was to make Greenland a copy of Denmark. We need to start some businesses so people could stop their hunting life and go to work in the morning and leave in the evening just as Danes do. What they forgot was that Danes often gather at home and at bars after work to talk because Danes only socialize when they share a beer or a glass of wine. It requires a special genetics. My children were drinking alcohol when they were about 14 or 15 years old as it is custom in Denmark but they have a long heritage running inside the family where this is normal. Their bodies have adjusted. The Danes effort of turning Greenland into a copy of Denmark failed because the people up there did not have the genetics. They lives shorter but healthier before we changed their way of living and all we were able make them do was to come to work, go home and then drink until they went to sleep because there are no bars, so they drank at home alone.

Second the new cities small that people in each tribe was able to keep them to themselves. What is important and what helped us during Covid-19 is our ability to isolate ourselves inside our property. We do not need to talk to people, we do not drink with. If people from outside our village move to our neighborhood they are treated with suspicion for a couple of generations. Every Dane from Copenhagen who have tried to resettle in Jutland knows that.

Eventually we got schools up there but for longer education, you still need to go to Denmark. Also what was very cruel was that they did not have a prison up there until recently. So people convicted of a crime could not get the help to make them re-enter society like Danes get if they commit crimes. Nor could they receive visits from their families.

A local elite of politicians was created. Most known is “the king of Greenland” Jonathan Motzfeldt who became the first prime minister of Greenland. He was a nice guy and able to drink a lot. No live candles were allowed near him but he was easy-going. Then came Lars-Emil Johansen. The way he handled his employers are still used i lessons in the subject of Human Resource Management. Over the years just as in basically all former colonies turned independent so-called scandals about mixture of private fonds, credit cards and benefiting friends reached the newspapers but they turned out good if you look at the west coast.

What happened to the tribes on the east coast?

Well. Where the infant and child mortality on the west coast is almost the same as in Denmark, on the east coast it is like the worst places in Africa. Why? Because the tribes had nothing to do with each other and it is on the west coast near the local political elite the industry and investments went.

So Denmark really failed because we complied with the orders from the United Nations and we did fail with the best intentions.

But was it the fault of Hans Egede?

No. He was a simple man concerned about spreading the word of Christ. It is kind of bizarre that they spread paint on a statue instead of going down to the shop and destroy what really harness their legacy: The alcohol!

But then again. People in Greenland also live of selling it and the local government do not like a sober population who might start thinking about who is using all but few money they got beside more alcohol when the government of China went by a few years ago and offered them to remove all the minerals in their soil for a small sum, which made the Trump administration focus on what the f… went on in Greenland.

It is most certain that the vandalism also had something to do with the Black-Lives-Matter movement where it is a question about censorship of our common history. Like Taliban blows statues up which is not in line with the new version of history, statues all over the world most go. Sometime a movement take a twisted turn.


Picking the bill up for the entire party

In politics on June 5, 2020 at 05:49

Once again it seems that Denmark will pick up the bill for the European Union party.

If you do not have a lot of money, normally efforts will be put into making the party cheaper, but as always when it comes to the massive bureaucracy down in the European Union, they go on as always even when they lost one of the countries who brought something to the table.

And that is exactly the problem with the European Union. Too many countries do not bring anything to the table. They enjoy the party for free instead.

This year the European Union will demand that Denmark pay more than 1 billion dollars extra to their budget. Money Danes who lost their jobs or firm due to the Covid-19 have to find. It is like spitting people in their face.

Of course the Danish government together with countries who also have a population able to work protest this but if the population in large parts of Europe are lazy and just cannot work, what can you do?

Life just feel so hopeless right now. Denmark faces dark times with no future for the next generation.

EU Budget Hard-Liners Outline Aid Plan Edging Toward Compromise (Bloomberg)

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter and censorship

In politics on May 30, 2020 at 17:20

Those networks have more power compared to most countries in the world. The question is whether such companies should be the center of attention in the same way as a lot of 3-world countries are when those countries conduct censorship of the postings on their network.

In some countries, people are killed if they publish opinions which is not in line with the authorities version of the same incident. Twitter and Facebook exile people from their kingdoms, revoking their citizenship – their login. And the people cannot appeal the verdict. They are gone without hearings or judgement by an independent party like it is demanded in a democracy.

So Trump has a point when he questions the right of those firms to select among postings or just setting a fact-check flag if the user like President Trump has a high position in a foreign society.

Because not all persons are equal on the social media. In Denmark a lot of users were banned because they mentioned the political activist Tommy Robinson. This is a former criminal turned activist who do media coverage of trials in the United Kingdom, so the public are informed about crime in his area.

Due to his past, Facebook do not want to have his mentioned on his network. Is it fair to restrict coverage of his activities just because he has a criminal record? Is it fair when Youtube restrict the Danish politician Paludan in way that it influence the Danish elections? Should it not be up to the Danish voters to see his video and make their choice, just like the watch Youtube videos of other politicians who legally entered the election to the Danish parliament?

Of course it should.

I do not share the same opinions as Paludan but I do believe in a fair run for the seats in our parliament. No social network should restrict politicians who are qualified to be elected to a parliament. The politicians know that there are limits to what you say in the legislation, so if they say something illegal on social networks, they will be reported and charged. If they get convicted, then – and only then – the social media should remove their postings.

If it is done anytime sooner, we are talking censorship and they we are down the path where the social networks influence the elections for parliaments in the countries where they are active.

So I hope that Trump will make sure that Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and whatever other network stops the censorship they have imposed worldwide to a degree where they resemble conditions in the worst 3-world countries, we can think of.

Defying Trump, Twitter Doubles Down on Labeling Tweets (The New York Times)

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