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Just an update

In politics on October 30, 2010 at 22:01

Next week might set a new guideline for me. Next week the courts might decide to ship the humanitarian and author Niels Holck to India, where he like a French woman named Clotilde Reiss has been accused of destabilizing a regime in the third world – in Holck’s case India.

According to my opinion Danes shouldn’t run around caring about people in the third world. We have lost our goal in lives, our early retirement is gone for people, so where is the general concern for our welfare? Why are Danes leaving our country dealing with tasks which are very much not of our concern?

I believe that Holck should be punished in some way. France did allow Reiss to live at their embassy abroad while the trial took place. Denmark should do the same with Holck. He should like at the Danish embassy for the years the trial would take and go to the court meetings.

He is not a criminal. He is a fool concerning himself with matters abroad. It is general knowledge that the trial was allowed by the Danish government so we could achieve two things. For one our old ships could be broken up by the experts in India. Second we could house COP15, which was an error because we allowed ourselves to be exposed for blackmail.
People have come to my doorstep asked for money they could send abroad. Based on the finding of the court the future could very well be that I would ask them to leave right away unless they can give me a 50 page assurance from their accountant that the 12-15 of the money which reach the destination will not end up by terrorists.

I will not support crime and if the courts find that the humanitarian Holck did an act of crime, my wallet will remain close as soon as someone mentions any foreign activity.

Just to follow up on my previous posts. In France the population will have to adjust to a dark future without anything to look forward to now where the pension age is higher. If they look anything like the Danes they will have forgotten how evil their president was when it is the date for the election. Sometime people forget too fast.

Here in Denmark our foreign minister used several hours to say sorry for not answering every question with answers for questions not yet given. It is an odd case I don’t understand. All I know is that she is doing a good job showing the world that we have outgrown the need for them by remaining at home or at holiday whenever they meet about something.

That’s all for this week for my readers. See you on next Saturday.

Sarkozy – a modern Robespierre

In culture, politics on October 23, 2010 at 18:34

France is facing a lot of difficulties. Like Denmark their government has taken upon themselves to lay out a security net under some more irresponsible governments in Europe.

There is a bill to be paid, which obvious has to be paid by the population, so the well-feed politicians can continue to eat and sleep first class while they are busy mingling around business leaders who pay them to pass bills suiting the industry.
Much to the surprise of the politicians the population said no. They will not like populations in most of the countries in Europe quietly accept the time of a welfare state in their country was over just because the dissolute way of living of their politicians has to be maintained.

They protest and not only the people who have been out working hard for plus 20 years and now have to realize that they are not half the way to the goal where the pension waits for them. Also young students fear for their future. Here is the difference between the French people and the people in other nations like Denmark. Their population is not mentally broken compared to the citizens in the other European countries.

I am a Dane. I have accepted that I once did start working in a part time job as teenager had to start my retirement fund. Life is odd. Some of family members saved like I do all their life only to pass away shortly before their retirement by various illnesses. The state cashed in – especially for those who died late in the year because the tax system is constructed so your heirs will lose all heritance if you died during the last months of the year.

Because we all have accepted that the time when Denmark was a welfare society is gone, Danish students are not out on the streets protesting even when the retirement age is set to 67 instead of 65. Please notice that President Sarkozy has turned France into a development country by increasing the retirement age to 62.
There are a lot of our youth you who have seen that is doesn’t to save up an entire life and risk not to make it. They plan only 14 days ahead and parties all day. They don’t settle down like us. One area where you can see it is the average Danish mothers have when they give birth to their first child. Today it is 29 years of age.

Of course that is also a point of criticism by both some in our healthcare system under influence by extremist religious forces outside Denmark and the religious circles themselves. Fortunately our government did find resources and time to do their own independent research and that’s why the age limit for alcohol purchase is 16 based on scientific research so only those who are old enough to drink alcohol without jeopardizing their health drinks alcohol.

Some might consider what is most scary. Having a population protesting with reasons because they are able to predict the collapse of their society or having a population partying all day earning the title of being the happiest nation on Earth in the process. I cannot answer this question. What about your readers?

For once, I admire the French people

In culture, politics on October 17, 2010 at 07:50

Sometime when I look at our youth, I begin to wonder.

Why are they only able to think two weeks into their future? All they think about are where the next party takes place.

I have been watching our news about how even young students down in France are worried about their pension. Something which is 40-45 years out in the future worries people aged 17-19. That is what I call insight in their own situation.

Maybe the reason is that they have surplus. They are not broken by pressure put upon them by their government. Maybe their youth have free choices to plan their future based on changed conditions.

In Denmark you ask from young people aged 15 or 16 what line of work they plan to do a living in. Our High Schools is a mix of so-called free choices but the reality is that a wrong choice can make your high school paper useless regardless of how many top-grades you get. Most classes at our universities demand a certain level and the conditions changes during the 3 years in high school. It is rather easy to end up at a dead end.

Next there is the living conditions. Especially in Copenhagen there are too few places where our youth can study. A high school student could end up being exiled to remote parts of Denmark like Esbjerg or even more bizarre Slagelse, if they really are in to taking a certain education. How can you tell a young man or a woman that they have to leave their loved ones just because they live in a country unable to plan for the goal they have set up, where they want 95 percent of our youth to get more than an exam from Form 9?

Is it simply stress which prevent our youth from stopping up and realize that the very core of our welfare society – early retirement aka “efterloen” – is about to be removed?

I cannot answer this question but the absense of our youth in this so crucial question for our society is just odd. Where are our students protesting against the removal of the early retirement?

Can it be that the difference between the Danes and the French people is that they have not been broken by their government yet?

The Danes are maybe right now the most tested, the most challenged people on this earth. I read that nurses cried publicly in front of the patients over at Hilleroed hospital when they learned their future was welfare or even death when they have to commit suicide together with their children in shame over not being able to pay their bills – a tough solution we have quite a number of cases of recently. Facing the prospect of such a social tragedy can bring everyone to tears.

I don’t know where Denmark will go in the future. I work as a manager in a firm south of Aarhus. I have noticed that young people we take in are less in a position to receive the human ressource efforts we have in our firm. Human ressource work consist basically of two things – holding small gathering where we share a beer or a glass wine so we learn how to open up and be a wellfunctioning team – and the mandatory 3 minutes session called MUS talks every 6 months. MUS stands for the funny term Employee development talks. I think that it common knowledge since Henrik Pontoppidan wrote the “Escape of the Eagle” that there are certain limits to how much a person can be developed. The mindset developed during the childhood adjust the possibilites of development during adulthood.

But the new students are not ready to participate fully in our Human ressource activities because they have been restricted from social gatherings until they are 16 years of age and now in some extreme cases even until they are 18 years of age due to new party policies at some high schools.

But maybe these policies have a different agenda than preventing our youth from drinking alcohol. Maybe it is about having them isolated at home unable to speak together and take a united stand against the atrocities they face when their future – the early retirement – is robbed from them.

I don’t know.

But I can say as a manager: “Despite a lot of people being out of job, I have problems getting employees which can well receive our human ressource efforts. You are hurting Denmark and our industry, which should be the one earning money to pay for our welfare society.”

Maybe the mobilization of our youth is a lost cause.

That’s why I admire the French population for once.

A week just to forget

In politics on October 9, 2010 at 20:44

I just want to forget this week.

I watch the news.

Who did send what email?

20 years ago the question was who did send the fax. We now know that some of the politicians covered for the minister responsible for the immigration. Their careers were over. The minister was prosecuted as the fall guy for a line in our politics every single Dane wanted but couldn’t have because people was honest with what they wanted.

It is the same circus this time. Our prime minister allowed the private hospitals to charge too much when he was the minitster responsible for our health.

We know it. We have known it for years. Stille people try to cook stories about

I am tired of listening about it. I will go to bed.

Who is the biggest dunderhead

In politics on October 3, 2010 at 15:42

Today I have decided to hold a little competition between two persons, who have been in our media the last week. Who is the biggest dunderhead?

Our minister of Justice Lene Espersen is not nominated. She was caught lying to our parliament, but really her involvement in the case of Camilla Broe, not to forget the reform of both our police and justice system, which left both functioning poorly means that this small case of covering up for Lars Lykke Rasmussen should be a free pass for her. After all he is her boss and who is not sucking up and covering for their boss, when times are tough like they are now?

No, my first candidate is Jesper Worre. He is the head of the professional bicycling organization in Denmark. It is hard to find a person who has done so much damage for a cause he was supposed to work to promote. He is responsible for media frenzy which led to the panicking of the Rabobank team and the removal of Michael Rasmussen from the 2007 Tour de France.

Now Contador has been eating food of poor quality. Because Spain is a major player in the bicycle sport UCI did not have any hurry going public with the test result. Contador is from Spain and Rasmussen is from Denmark, so in Rasmussen’s case it was also a matter of crushing a small nation in the sport before they became too big.

However source in WADA which is an organization having a hostile attitude to sport in general leaked the positive test so that UCI could look bad and now the future of the Danish cycling Team which have hired Contador is facing hard time.
It is then the dunderhead Worre makes his famous statement: “Now there is more room for the Danish riders on the team”.
Are you kidding me? We are talking of sponsors, who have invested in the Team expecting to get 30 days of world media attention during the Tour de France. They have not paid for coverage in some one-day events over in Jutland. He is not in touch with the reality. Why he has been able to remain in his position remains to be a mystery for me.

Dunderhead candidate number two is the mayor Elvin Hansen. He has the honor of governing some 21,000 people in the town of Odder. While the rest of Denmark is suffering economically he wants a raise. Not some minor raise. He was DKK 440,000 extra per year, so he can earn as much as the manager of his administration. He claims that it is his problem anyway regardless of what is going wrong. It got me so angry that I have to say something personal:

Mr. Hansen. If you feel that your manager earns too much, fire him and do his job together with yours as well. 216 people among your employees will be kicked off their job as result of the hard times. Normally it would be the job of the manager to drive around and kick the employees out on the street. I guess you are not the one looking each of these employees into their eyes and telling them about the bad news. It is not you has to watch them break down as they realize that they will not be to feed their children in the future. It is not your shoulder they can cry out by. That is the job of a manager in your organization when you along with the rest of the politicians travel out to some hotel to eat and drink while you discuss how the city can save money.

Shame on you! You have lost touch with reality. You have disgraced the people who voted for you.

I cannot undo my vote from the last election, but I can nominate you for the title of this weeks dunderhead.

Dear Readers: Who is the biggest dunderhead? Jesper Worre or Elvin Hansen.

Worre: Så bliver der plads til danskerne, Ekstra-Bladet
Odder-borgmester vil have mere i løn, Denmarks Radio

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