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A Danish woman victim of xenophopia in the United States in a new Kickstarter Campaign

In culture on November 26, 2017 at 08:09

In 1997 a Danish woman was arrested in New York because she left her baby carriage with her daughter inside it outside a restaurant like we used in Denmark to back then.

None had informed her that New York (before a mayor cleaned it up a bit) was a far more dangerous place than Denmark and that was the reason parents ignored one of the most important lesson taught Danish women during their upbringing: “Small babies need to develop their lungs. They need to sleep outside inside their baby carriage in order to do that”.

In the United States they had already they had already switched to a strategy where they took medication for every medical challenge instead which has since led the country into the massive health care crisis with prescription drugs.

So the woman was arrested and the child put temporary into the foster care system until the Danish embassy intervened and arranged to set her free.

However, she never got any compensation for the wrongful arrest. Not even a sorry from a city where they live of tourists. It is something which should make every person wanting to visit New York think twice.

20 years after the woman has launched a kickstarter project where she is trying to raise money so she can get her book published.

The book project is called:

A Worm in The Apple – The Pramcase of New York

Why do Danes in general see this as an act of xenophobia?

For once the man the woman dined together with was a bit darker in the skin than the woman. Mixed color relationships were still controversial back then. Most Danes back then believed that was the main reason officer Neil Pero made the decision to arrest the couple.

Even her lawyer back then took the word in his mouth when the lawsuit the woman filed did not end successfully.

But we have to remember that it was back in 1997. Today no Danes take their children to New York. Even parents with teenagers are encouraged to leave the children at home. The constitutional rights, teenagers in Denmark aged over 16 have allowing them to buy and drink alcohol as long as the alcohol percentage is below 14.5 cannot be granted in New York but does not stop there. Even in private parents cannot allow their children to drink alcohol as Danish customs allow them once they are confirmed at the age of 13 or 14 if this drinking is discovered by others and reported to authorities. Then both parents can children can be arrested and punished!

There are absolutely no reason to bring your children to the United States in general. Not as a tourist. Not as exchange student. Not living with their parents if the parents work there for some time. Danish schools do not grant credits for time spent at schools in the United States as every exchange student will know because the schools in the United States do not have friday bars so they are left without any social education.

But even here in Denmark, time has changed. Central parts of Copenhagen where they now enjoy a temporary ceasefire in the gangwar used to neighborhoods where bullets were flying random in the streets. It is not a place to leave your child in – bulletproof baby carriage or not. Every morning buses leave Copenhagen with children for forest kindergartens so they are out of harm’s way. We will not go down the medication path leading Denmark into the same health care crisis as they have chosen in Denmark. But time has changed for sure.

So the case was an eyeopener. It showed that our cultures are very different. Last but not least the Internet has made a difference. Today a Danish mother who is so crazy to go to New York and be together with a man who is a bit more dark in his skin will never leave the child outside as we all know that police in New York tend to act xenophobic and shoot first and ask questions later when they face colored suspects.

More information from external sources:

I helped put a dictator into place and I do not regret

In politics on November 19, 2017 at 09:30

Back in the 1970’s at my school we had meetings talking about ending the white rule in Rhodesia. We believed that the majority of the people living in the people should have the right to decide the future of the country.

In the end pressure from outside all over the world including the pressure we took part in forced the government of Rhodesia to redraw and make room for the new leader:

Robert Mugabe

He has now been in power for several decades.

Is the country better off?


But it is democracy as good as it gets in Africa. That was the purpose of the American strategy by creating the United Nation and start a decolonization process after World War 2. You cannot get it better. After World War 2 a lot of regions were cleared of Germans. People suffered. Innocent people lost their property and some were even killed.

As result we now have a Europe where there are no border disputes. Minorities are treated with respect because they are so few that they pose no danger to the central government. That is where the decolonization process in Africa and Asia had a tragic fault. They did not make the country’s small enough. There should not be any Zimbabwe. There should be 3-6 states within their borders and perhaps even the border lines should have been different.

The work of Mugabe’s Zimbabwean Fifth Brigade shows how there was a need for small independent states. Their work in Matabeleland was necessary in an African context to preserve an unified nation but it was not nice work. People were killed in large numbers just because they dared to exist.

Now Robert Mugabe is facing the biggest challenge during his rule. Is it over?

Perhaps he will continue to be there as a kind of living statue. He will no longer be ruling.

Will the country then be better off?


Because I was part of a movement decades ago that removed the most competent people to rule this country. Removing Mugabe will just replace him with one from his system. The country will continue to lack food production. They will continue to deliver stuff from their underground to countries like China in exchange for money to the ruling leaders and weapon to the military.

Am I then sorry because I supported the end of the old government in Rhodesia, now where I know that the only result has been decades of suffering and lately hunger in the entire country?


Because when I young and naive supported the present government I did it because I believed in democracy. Now where I am older and wiser I support his rule because I know that it cannot be better. The people who could govern this country peacefully and also make it a productive country, are simply not there.

They need experts from outside guiding them like small children. China will give them that but for a price which means that they will not gain something for themselves. They have sought to establish a brain drain which have left them without knowledge on a national level to ever make Zimbabwe productive.

The entire idea of de-colonization was a failure. There should never have been a Rhodesia, a Zimbabwe. If they should had self-governance we should have left them with small tribes just as we found them.

So please poor old Robert Mugabe alone. Let him rule in name only. We know that whoever replaces him cannot do better. So just leave him in power.

I was part of the process who brought him there and I am not sorry.

Does it matter to fight? – you cannot make it anyway

In culture on November 15, 2017 at 18:31

In Denmark you have to look at your parents when you decide the line of work you will aim for when you become adult.

Social heritage matters. It not only matters – it is everything. The title of king of Denmark is not the only title which is given based on who the parents are.

I have been thinking about whether young people are lied to. Is the reason for the gang war that they not from their early childhood has been told that their destiny in life is to work as a care taker for the old and ill or if they do it really good, to work in a supermarket.

In many areas children who start in school at an age between 5 and 7 cannot be the state version of Danish. That the Danish dialect they speak on Television. Then they are behind in school from day one. When school is over after 9 year then they do not have the grades to enter high school or the money for cell phone and laptop which is mandatory if you want to enter.

If the children grow up believing that they can get whatever job they want as long as they just study hard, then they get frustrated when they discover the truth. Then the gangs will receive them with open arms. New recruits are always welcome.

But there is also a geografical difference.

November 11th this year the state made an investigation public that showed that there is a huge difference in the quality of schooling the students get in different parts of Denmark. In the city of Vordingborg the students graduate a full grade lower compared to the city of Kolding. Vordingborg is a forgotten city people no longer pass through when they drive to Germany after the high way was led over a new bridge. Kolding is in the middle of the triangle in Jutland where all the trucks go to so goods are distribuated to the entire Denmark.

So where the money flows and people come, schooling is better.

Can something be done?

Yes. Let us be realistic with children. Lets tell them how to watch out for customs, people and ideas from the outside. Let us focus on the things near us and the easy jobs to take. Let us travel less with the children and turn the back to the world so we once again can be together in our small communities all over Denmark where we know our neighbors at least 3 generations back. Stop violence. Start silence and shunning towards people we do not know.

—- Important information —-
If you are thinking about visiting Denmark as a tourist or workrelated, please read this warning from the US Embassy in Denmark. It can save your life:

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gang Activity in Copenhagen (United States of America, Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Denmark)

Ceasefire in Copenhagen ?

In justice, politics on November 13, 2017 at 05:47

The Danish newspapers and television programs have informed us that the staff at the two major gangs (Brothas and Loyal to Familia) have made an agreement about 1 months ceasefire, leaving the room for negociation more permanent peace.

It is happy news for the citizens of the central Copenhagen which has been the battleground for the ongoing gang war.

Now they can leave their homes for shopping, their children can play safely in the streets.

The Danish politicians were caught dumbfooled not realizing that they are no longer in charge in these areas. While the local population had no election for self-govermance like Catalonia in Spain, the reality is that they were not invited to the mousque where the negociations took place.

They are sitting in our parliament and in the cityhall totally out of touch with events taking place less that 10 kilometers from their job.

Is Denmark consisting of parallel communities where we have politicians we elect every forth year eating and talking nonsens out of touch with ordinary people?

Yes. That is the reality.

Now they make cuts on public transport making it difficult to come to the cities if you are a comuter without access to cars. Large parts of Denmarks no longer offer real jobs. They used to have jobs but the jobs have been moved to the Eastern part of Europe where countries have been better to fence their countries off against the immigrantion allowing them to operate with lower costs and the firms than move there because they can pay less to the workers, when the workers do not pay as much in taxes.

There are poor Danes living outside the citities who have to go by train or bus to the major cities for jobs. They live another life compared to people in the citities. They are a kind of parallel community also. A TV-documentary about people in the city of Nakskov should be sold abroad to inform foreigner how Denmark also is.

Then there are people in parts of the major cities who only can see the gangs as their line of work because they never in a million years will be able to get a good education just because their parents are poor.

All these grous our politicians choose not to know anything about.It is their choice. I will more in blog entries to come.

I know it. I should not rant in a blog entry with good news.

Let us celebrate the peace in our times.

Practice makes perfect – sadly

In culture on November 11, 2017 at 07:30

Drive-by shootings are not as easy as in Grand Theft Auto 3. When you are on a motorcycle you have to calculate your own speed and the speed of your target as well.

The gang war in Denmark has been ongoing for almost a year and now after months of practice, they are starting to kill people.

3 young men have lost their lives as result of the ongoing gang war the last two weeks.

Often it is young men who is not in the center of the gang war but doing what they see as their duty to protect their block watching out for strangers and a single police car representing the central government in Copenhagen trying to make it look like these parts of Copenhagen still are controlled by them instead of the gangs.

The ordinary people know the truth. They know where they can get protection – by the gangs. All the police can do in order to prevent the total collapse of the Danish society is to station all hands along the border trying to keep immigrants out making it look like an episode of “The walking death” where tons of zombies pound endlessly against our border fences.

I am sad. I feel with those who are left behinds. I cannot imagine the tragedy of losing a child.

I am also lucky because I live in Jutland far away from the cities. The gang war for us is just like it happens in another country. The central government in Copenhagen does not know how we live. They do not know our worries about retirement. Denmark should look at France where people retire when they are 59 years old on average. That is the model we should aim at as we ordinary Danes admire it. My children are raised to think about retirement when they have lived out their potential which you typical will have to evaluate if you have done at age 30 to 35. From that day it is about counting down to retirement.

I feel that the gap between we as a group of ordinary citizens and the political elite never has been larger. Maybe it is also the reason for the gang war. In June, when the new students graduate they have to be careful to show their joy over this academic victory. At many places they have been egged or otherwise assaulted because they meet people in the streets who have parents which could not afford the schooling.

Schooling in Denmark is not free. Most high schools demand ownership of a laptop and that is a stop for many families, because Laptops are too expensive. The operating system are forced into upgrades too soon. I had many laptops during my time I had to give up because the Windows or MAC OS were too old, not because the hardware failed.

And the schools are totally hooked on websites where you are limited choosing OS, so the race for better hardware is always on.

20 percent of the familes give up and their children leave the education system with only 9 years of schooling. It was not a problem until the government decide that they would subside the employers if they took in immigrants. The employers are not stupid. They kicked out a lot of people with no or little education and took in immigrants because they could get money from the state. Sometime the old employees are invited back to their old job but now on another lower salary because the state also pay for activating people who have been unemployed for too long.

Does it wonder that so many are bitter?

Can it be reason for the gang war?

—- Important information —-
If you are thinking about visiting Denmark as a tourist or workrelated, please read this warning from the US Embassy in Denmark. It can save your life:

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gang Activity in Copenhagen (United States of America, Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Denmark)

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