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Will history repeat itself ?

In culture on May 16, 2017 at 18:41

Around 1650 Horsens was not a pleasant place to be. Wars and taxation (almost as hard as today) meant that a lot of the citizens of Horsens simply had ran off. The entire city was marked with penury and people starved in general.

Sometime people who passed the city wondered if the city would be deserted in the end.

Then of course better times arrived. The railway came to the city. Clothing industry was founded and goods were made and sailed to Copenhagen for sale.

Now we again face industry moving out to third world countries and a couple of months ago we started to hear that they no longer wanted our old clothes as aid even when they in Africa were supposed to face hunger and war. Are we lied to? Do they face torment like we do at all when they don’t want our clothes to spare?

We can see that the jobs in Denmark are going to people born by rich people who can buy their children access to housing in Copenhagen where most of the higher education are placed. People without money are educated as nurses in retirement homes or simply hired out by cases workers to various businesses without getting real paychecks. They call it job-training or activity projects but in reality it is the poor houses modelled so they fit the needs for the businesses in the year 2017.

Are there a future for people in Horsens? I am not sure. I have asked my children to look elsewhere for their future. Of course we don’t have the money for an education in Copenhagen where the housing market is impossible for students and other poor people but if they can do a little improvement for their generation in Jutland maybe their future children could have a shot at greatness.

And that is the keypoint of being a Dane right now. Plan for many generations for come. You will become what your social class at birth places your to but there is little room for improvement after all.

Should we remain at home during Black Friday?

In business culture on November 20, 2016 at 09:18

When we shop every day we never think about how the products end up in our shops. We never think about the conditions people endure in order for us to stop.

In Denmark a growing number of people working in shops and supermarkets are not real employees getting a normal pay earning right to holidays. They are part of a poor house like scheme called job training where employers can approach cases workers at the city halls asking to get employees into their shop without paying normal salary for them. The employees get their welfare check or unemployment benefit but not right to holidays. The days they work doing the exact same work as people used to do in their job position don’t count to earn them another period of unemployment benefits.

So all over Denmark employees earning normal pay are kicked out and replaced with people in so-called job-training. Denmark has become a country where the job doesn’t go to the most qualified or motivated but the person who are ordered there by their case worker.

Is that a system you want to support as a consumer? No. Course you don’t.

But the problem is that it is almost impossible to avoid shopping in a supermarket where people are not slave workers who has replaced the original workers. The system is simply too wide-spread. The immigration crisis boosted the system. From the very first day it was clear that the immigrants never would be qualified to work as fully paid workers in a modern society like Denmark. The supermarkets used the opportunity to market themselves as humanitarians getting immigrants into job very fast but the reality was that these poor souls never were told that their presence kicked normal paid employees out and prevented many young Danes from taking the job which could finance their education in a time where the student grants are cut and in some cases even being replaced with student loan where the interest scare the students from even starting educating themselves.

If your option is to shop in Danish businesses, you should stay home on Black Friday.

FIFA was the first step. Now a bright new future could await Europe

In International justice on June 3, 2015 at 04:53

Sepp Blatter – while being an European he was a spokesman for the third world living after the basis principles politicians in the third world arbeit by.

He was a threat for the sport which could make the lives for us fans unspeakable hard. No boat refugee passing the Mediterranean could claim that they had it hard or was suffering when you compare their holiday experiences in the ocean with being forced to stay up all night because the FIFA management or IOC management have decided to place major events in time zones where the activities are done during the night.

So a new management for FIFA could bring better conditions for us fans. But why stop there. IOC has been investigated in the past and FBI did only scratch the surface. There are still many aspects by IOC which could be investigated and changed.

Then of course we can speak of the life outside sport. Why outsource? Why invite workers without qualifications and security clearance to do work they have no idea of like CSC did in Denmark which resulted in a major security breech so vital data could be used or abused by criminals all over the world? Why allow people in other countries to rule their country themselves if we have proven in the past that we could do better.

Take a country like Congo. The Belgians did a good job running the country for almost 100 years before they left the country in charge of local people preparing them for long time to do their job. It went terrible wrong and now we are speaking of a kind of non-country ruled by whoever has the most weapons. In the years between the two great wars the world outside Europe was a better place where people could travel peacefully almost all over the world.

We could bring peace to the world if people in other parts of the world accepted that they had their limits and left the control to us. I have a small hope for the future of the world now where FBI have shown what a political motivated investigation can bring of good things for an entire sport.

I have been invited to co-author a blog

In culture on August 16, 2013 at 19:42

I was approached by the human rights group called Domestic Prisoners of Conscience. They run a number of webpages because they want to better the conditions for minors who live apart from their family in either foster care, rehab or boarding schools.

One of their operations is called 1000 places You don’t want to be as a teenager

They asked me if I wanted to help them gathering facts and because I am a father to two wonderful children I felt that I was in no position to say no. I accepted and am now co-author of the blog.

We as parents have an obligation to secure the best possible option for our children in a world where there really isn’t a positive future ahead for them. We have left them with little possibility of early retirement which is the meaning of life. Due to our accept of the work politicians and diplomats have done in the European Union and in the World Trade Organization it is hard to protect our industry from being competed off the market by firms located in the third world where safety of the employees and salaries which can feed a family don’t exist.

So I felt that we have to secure them when they are struggling with illness or so-called addiction. Double standard morale has meant that alcohol consumption which was normal when I was child at workplaces would be judged as addiction today. Our children are pushed through the education system without joy or a number of parties which would make life tolerable into unemployment for no reason.

I know that putting individual schools, boot camp and wilderness program on such a list based on Danish values may be found to be judgmental by some, but because we Danes lives in a superior culture people can chose to read it or not. I no longer care what people think. It is my opinion and I stand by my words because I know that I grew up in a better place.

I am looking forward to my new job as author at the blog.

To be stigmatized

In Uncategorized on July 13, 2013 at 06:44

A reply to one of my previous posts has made me thinking. One of my children is ill and the social services have demanded that I pay for the treatment because I as a parent have genes which are to blame for the condition.

In Denmark we have laws which were made to make parents pay who marry within the family (like second cousins) and the relationship creates children will expensive illnesses the society have to cure. In my family we have a history of illness and when my family was hit with a tragedy I had a dark period where I wasn’t speaking with many people. I found relief in my garden and my work. But my family needed more than a dad who came around with money and was gardening so I visited my doctor and spoke with mental guy. It was on record and when my child became ill with a more severe depression the blame was quickly put on me because if you were not aware depression can infect those you live with.

Had I know I would have carried a stick with a bell so I could have warned people in advance before I approached them. I am not from an upper-class family so we had no tradition with boarding schools. We don’t have this urge with self-realization some parents have. We don’t expect to pay for the education of our children because we pay more than 50 percent of our income in taxes. We have a gap of 7 years to catch up with when it comes to retirement age because the normal retirement age of 60 has been raised to 67 which is a higher number than male family members expect to live in my family. My father died when he was 63 and two of my uncles died age 59 and 61. It is a heart condition which cannot be treated outside Copenhagen and because hospitals in my region of Denmark has to pay to refer a heart patient to Copenhagen they don’t refer people. People die instead and in fact I don’t mind dying if I die protecting the economy of the local community. Just if I at the very end can look back of a good life with perhaps just a couple of good years in the end in retirement. It doesn’t seem that I can reach that goal in life.

Because of the demand of payment the social services have put forward I cannot save money enough for early retirement and having served in the highest position I could expect to reach regarding my business career since age 30 all I do is trying to keep more ambitious people from claiming my job. Just a little more than 10 years before the end of my life I seem to have lost it all.

My child is improving and will return home where we hope that the period in the life of my child will never be mentioned again. But then what comes after? Will we be forced to sell our house and move out in the country where housing is cheaper but where we would be aliens and our children will have fewer opportunities regarding education and job?

I fell stigmatized due to the economically consequences of my illness. I have destroyed the future I had for the entire family and what about my children? Can they establish their own family at one time? Because they have the same genes! They might be forced to pay if their children will catch depression.

The future is not bright.

Law number 498 from 2011 (Link in Danish)

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