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Week 4 and the Phedofilanski case

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We are now entering week 4 of the shameful period where a Dane was extradited and now is waiting for a showtrial at the Miami Federal Detention center in Miami.

Much to my surprise I discovered that a real criminal wanted by the US authorities was in Denmark for just some months ago without our police arresting this person so he could get his rightful 50 years in prison.

Why did they not react?

Maybe because his arrest would not benefit anyone in the domestic political world.

Remember Camilla Broe – the Danish woman facing a showtrial in Miami? Her trial will start december 2009.

The interesting news about her case is that her ordeal has had an immense impact on the number of teenagers and young adults attending either exchange programs, studying abroad or working abroad.

There are fewer than ever before. Mostly the reason is stated to be that more information is needed. New webpages like Exchange Student Info or Udveksling student (in English) are trying to help solving this problem.

But the Camilla Broe case showed the relatives of young people considering living outside Denmark for a period that this decision can impact them for the rest of their lives. It is as dangerous as sending your son or daughter to Afghanistan with our armed forces.

A pattern are emerging which tells us that her arrest and extradition has something to do with the fight our government have been involved in for years where they want to stop our youth from taking a gap year.

Today the rules are clear. Once you have your high school exam you keep a bonus if you refrain from taking a gab year or take a year to earn money so you can afford further education. Denmark is a class divided society. People from the working class shouldn’t pursue a carrier on a higher level than they are born to.

Back when I was young one of the most expensive loans you could take in a bank was a loan for education where the state stepped in and secured that the bank could get their money no matter what. You could loan money with a lower interest if you lied and told the bank that you wanted a new Television or a car.

Then all the interests dropped in the 1980’s. Suddenly a lot of people began to study without the proper social herritage. The small elite who are hired to rule Denmark for the politicians and who are educated at Herlufsholm or Soroe academy were threatened by people coming from the working class. Low interests meant that parents could buy a small apartment in Copenhagen for their children where they could live while they studied. Danish Students don’t like to live in colleges or boarding schools. They want to live on their own. They would rather drop out than living too close together.

Something had to be done. If you look Gab year up on Wikipedia you will learn that Denmark unlike most countries is fighting against the use of gap years. One way to spend a gap year is to learn about other cultures and it is basically risking fauna polluting. Also students who take time off working for charities are punished. The trade unions don’t like people working for free, so the use of interns is also opposed.

But the students continued to travel abroad even though a number of them were punished without belief. I can remember cases like the one against poor Desfeux at Yale doing what all young Danish males does – he kept a trophy.

So they had to do something unbelievable cruel, so when the prosecution in Florida made an inquiry about Camilla Broe because some criminals happened to have mentioned her name to get off easy regardless of she had left the country years before she was charged, she became the fall-guy – not only in a case of drug smuggling which was poorly handled because they made a deal with the real drug lord, which should never have been done – but also a fall-guy so future young Danes considering to live abroad for a period could see that it really was too easy to end up in prison without any cause.

Camilla Broe is a victim for politics with a hidden agenda. Polanski got off while he was in Denmark regardless of how cruel his crime was because his arrest was not useful for our politicians.

It is simply not fair and that’s why I am happy that he might end up serving time for the crime he did commit for the rest of his life. If we should give up one of our citizens for no reason other than simply to prove a point, everybody else should also suffer.

Week 3

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It is week 3 for our polical prisoner Camilla Broe over in Florida. Bail was denied which was kind of odd. They consider her a flight risk.

Where would she flee to?

Her daughter – her one and only – is with a foster parent she had chosen in Denmark. She cannot hide in Denmark beceause she has already been extradited once.

She cannot afford her own defense, so for what kind of money can she travel for?

If some are thinking of the drug money they are not stored in Denmark. She was working an ordinary job and her house looked very modest.

Why do you call her a political prisoner?

1) The charges the Danish courts decided on is not the charges she is facing in Florida. The charges were altered while she was flying to Florida. The conclusion is that she was not extradited according to the law.

2) Her case – the first of its kind – was denied access to the supreme court. A week later it was discovered how the minister of justice tried to manipulate the supreme court in another case.

3) They sent her without waiting the decision of the European Court of Human rights. That court have ruled against Denmark a lot of times. They properly want her case to be dealt with and long forgotten when this court as expected rule against Denmark once more.

4) To avoid too much media coverage of this case the government deported 22 refugees from Iraq just days before she went to Florida.

Anyhow the reality is that she will run out of money and to use the benefits of the extradition agreement, she will have to plea “No Contest” to at least some of the charges, to the DEA can gloat.

The only question that remains is when she will break down so they can arrange the little show-trial they have in store for her.

Will it be week 3?

Is VisitDenmark viral marketing a lie?

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VisitDenmark – the official marketing department of Denmark towards tourists – was trying out the concept of viral marketing.

The story line was a single mother who used Youtube to annouce a search for the father of her child. Like it was the case with Lonelygirl15 and the girl who wanted a blue car rather than a red one it was just an example of viral markting.

But the problem is what kind of message Denmark sends to the potential tourists. What kind of target group do they want to attract?

Clearly the target group must the youth going down to Sunny Beach or Ibiza. I find it kind of low because when we are talking Sunny Beach we are talking of a country trying to rebuild themselves after some 50 years of communist rules. There is nothing to see in this country beside the bottom of a bottle or willingly youth you can drink under the table and exploit. Their only chance is to get people so drunk so they cannot see how destroyed the country is.

Next the message broadcasted by VisitDenmark is so wrong. In Denmark teenagers don’t get pregnant like they do in the United States. Instead we are on the edge of being extinct because the average age of a Danish woman giving birth for the first time is about 29 years of age. We cannot even manage to reproduce ourselves and then they try to sell Denmark as a place where you can get in bed, produce a child and then leave without taking care of the offspring produced is as wrong as it can get.

So I am happy that they decided to erase the video. Not only would we disappoint the guests. Some would even risk getting hurt if they hit too hard on a woman and she decides to answer to what Danish woman would regard as sexual harassment. In Denmark women would use violence to defend their honor. We are not talking of Florida here like when one of our models was exposed of sexual harassment while flying on a Martinair Airplane and was punished for it. Women have human rights here.

However the removal leaves the question of how our strategy should be in the future when we are talking of selling experiences to visitors. Not a year ago we were known to be one of the last countries in Europe to offer freedom to smokers, but then we introduced a ban on smoking in larger restaurants. Now we are just like everybody else.

For youth visiting Denmark we have more sad news. The age limit for purchase of tobacco is now 18. Fortunately youth can still buy alcohol in shops, but I cannot set my finger on a single positive experience beside that, which we can offer to tourists considering Denmark.

I guess the obvious step is to shut VisitDenmark down and settle with marketing against Danes. I have to say that I am generally disappointed with the people visiting Denmark. They don’t bother to learn the Danish language and it is kind of insulting. I believe that we should expect as much of our guest as the French people expect from theirs. After all both countries have these odd marginalized languages they speak.

I hope that our politicians realize that we have nothing to offer potential tourist and save the money used to finance VisitDenmark today for other purposes.

Florida cheated and insulted Denmark

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This friday a Danish woman was deported to Florida based on a charge of conspiracy because she didn’t testify against some of her friends and a violent boyfriend.

Our laws allows Danish citizens to be deported to showtrials in various countries only to be returned within 6 months after the sentence to receive the real punishment by a proper court and judge. However there is a small obstacle. The so-called crime that they could be charged with abroad has to be something which could lead to a conviction in Denmark also.

Here is what is wrong with the Camilla Broe-case:

There are no law in Denmark about Conspiracy. How the department of justice could allow the extradition demand to go before the courts in Denmark is beyond my imagiation.

The news media has been busy naming her as a suspect for a smuggling operation. She should be the drug lord controlling a lot of people – among them her former boyfriend who beat her up.

But if that is the case, why demand her on the charge of conspiracy?

The Danish population has been angry since it became public that she could risk being send to Florida. So angry in fact that some other people have to be sacrifaced to kill the blood thirst and then it is lucky that we have some moochers among us, who have entered Denmark because rumors speaks of a lot benefits for people if they just cross the border and claim to be refugees.

That’s why 22 people were deported this morning. We don’t care if they have lived here for 10 or 15 years. We don’t care if they have children who have lived here all their lives. 5 of them have already been arrested. Some speak of at least 3 or 4 of them dead in the nearest future.

But it doesn’t matter. A single mother was removed from our society. We need to tell the world that we as Danes are angry about the political deals made to swap prisoners. When they are executed we can point to the prosecutor in Florida so he can learn the teasing Danes means innocent lives loose.

Regaring political deals: What did we get in return for her?

Most want to belive in our system, så they don’t demand an explanation about why these 22 persons were deported.

But this case shows that we are left without rights. We are concerned – very concerned.

Update September 5, 2009: The new charges are some the Danish courts have not been able to check if they should be within the limits of the extradition agreement, so now Denmark has been cheated for sure.

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