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Deportings delayed?

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Surprise hit Denmark today when one of the Iraqis families was released from detention just before they were about to be sent to Iraq where some of them will be punished for their alleged crimes.

Chaos is a mild word. The population wants to see blood because international dirty politics are about to cost two Danes most of their lives in showtrials abroad. We had been waiting to be relieved of this burden.

I have mentioned the case of Camilla Broe before. As stated in a lot of posts on message boards and various blogs it seem that the smell of a deal which bought us an international post seem to surface. In our parliament the politicians are about to wake, when it comes more and more oblivious that something is wrong with this case. New information merciful allowed to be learned by the Danish public informs us that she didn’t escape from any charges. The charges were first introduced more than 2 years after she had left Florida. How can she be on the run from charges that didn’t exist at that time?

Second a Danish humanitarian is framed with claims of terrorism. I would go so far to call him stupid and naive. Maybe he even deserves jail for aiding people outside Denmark, when more than 20 years of downsizing has resulted in a Denmark in as much need as any country in the third world. But as it is stated in our newspapers his extradition is a trade where we get a Climate summit in return for giving him to India. I acknowledge that India is an important partner for us. We have a lot of old ships in need of being broken up. When our chemical plant in Viemose closed what better place to built a new one can you find than India? They have experience with polluting firms.

So India is important for us. We have to accept that we leave a lot of waste as result of our way of living and for some reason we cannot send it to South America as United Kingdom does. But does this mean that we should sacrifice a Dane to a country hardly capable of  keeping their prime ministers from being shot or blown up?

I believe that this price is too high to pay and now where we cannot put our fustrations on the Iraqis’ refugee what can we do the calm the population down as result of that ordinary Danes are facing extradition whenever our political elite in the central government in in Copenhagen wants to attract political summits to Denmark?

Properly nothing. We are going downhill fast when our economy must carry the expenses of these families. Please put them on a plane and put their executions on live-TV if possible, so we at least can be comforted by the knowledge that a few have it worse than the populatin in Denmark.

Florida treatens the Danish membership of NATO

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Today our supreme court decided that they would not take the extradition of a Danish woman into consideration.

Having this case right now would  be a bad timing.

The war on terrorism has never been more unpopular in the United States. United States has never been more depended of the relationship to its allies. A lengthy trial would have threatened the relationship between Denmark and the United States.

We saw it the forth of July. In Denmark it has been custom to celebrate those Danes who immigrated to the United States. But shortly after the previous trial came to an end the case became so widely known to the Danish public that it froze the relationship between our countries. Never before this memorial had so few guests.

We don’t criticize our courts and according to our constitution the court system should function independent of the political system, but the arrival of a new ambassador at the same same when our supreme court denies to take this case before court might awake the suspicion that someone in the justice department choose the relationship between two countries on the cost of justice for this woman.

Given the present political situation there is much at stake.

I believe that we should raise the stake.

The Danish newspapers have written about this case for some time. There was no real crime committed on her behalf. Her boyfriend did commit the crimes and her crime was that she didn’t escape the violent relationship in time. That made her a criminal exactly as it did cost Faye Copeland a death sentence.

Several hundreds of ordinary people have create a group on Facebook against this case of unjust.

What Florida does, is insulting to our nation. At no point did they present to the public what she is charged with. There is no real evidence.

It is time to reply to this insult by aiming for what means most for the politicians behind this scheme.

It is time to call for an end to the Danish membership of NATO. It is the only real answer we can give to this case which have brought us to a situation where everything about democracy and justice suddenly is questioned.

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