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Are we pushing the next generation too far

In culture on November 30, 2014 at 09:02

Of course we as parents always wish that our children will reach far in life.

Of course we wish that they reach as far as we believe that they have to potential to reach.

But what if we are wrong? What if we believe that their potential is greater than it is in reality?

Regardless of us trying our best we cannot always see to that our children get the best teaching. It took years before I realized that a kindergarten teacher one of my kids had the discomfort to be taught by was in fact an alcoholic. It took years before another teacher was revealed to be a bully. I participated in a number of activities at the school my children attended. Still I missed the signs just as many other parents did.

Of course there were complaints. But both addicts and people suffering from anger problems while having secured trusted positions are often master manipulators. Often your observations are not enough. Often you have to talk to the right people to see the picture.

Often your child is too scared to tell what is really going on in class. Your children want to learn. They quickly adapt to the environment being run by an alcoholic or a bully.

So why you believe that your children have got the best education possible and will reach far in life they could be damaged.

Then the damage happen when you continue to expect that they can be successful and your children do not want to disappoint you. So they end up hurting not being able to live up to your expectation. For some they come to the conclusion that they cannot live being such a disappointment. So they commit suicide.

At Appalachian State University the third student has been found dead. It is not a special case. Suicides are on the raise. It is the cost of globalized competition. In Denmark some people are talking of putting more children in foster care. No because the children are molested or neglected in traditional understanding. No, the children should be put in foster care because the parent’s social station and heritage prevent them from outliving their potential.

Has the globalized competition gone too far?


Let’s agree that a life can be a good life even if the child decides to drop out and live a life’s earning based low-income jobs!

My children know that they have my love regardless of their choice of career. Even if they never chose and just live on welfare seeking other goals in life. My great-grand fathers came from the working class. My goal in life is only to serve the employer I have been granted a position at in the best possible way. Others may take the credits for orders landed by me. For me that is not important. For me the only thing which counts is that I will be able to look in the mirror and be proud. Of course I risk being fired if others take the credits for my work but I don’t care because I only wish to serve.

I am sorry for the families who lose young family members because those family members believe that they are disappointments. Stop seeking top positions. Stop the globalized competition. Please let us live peacefully in our own small close boxes based on our cultural values.

Maybe then these senseless deaths will stop.

Police find third Appalachian State student dead Citizen Times

The protesters have bricks and Christmas wish lists

In culture on November 25, 2014 at 18:32

It seems that the verdict of the grand jury has resulted in an early start of the Christmas sale.

Unfortunately the customers don’t pay. They come with bricks and Christmas wish lists and smashes the windows in several stores.

It is not a black and white issue. Several of the shop owners are African Americans.

Of course it all started when Michael Brown was shot no less than 12 times in Ferguson. I understand that some people states that the anger is rooted in the past.

However we see the same kind of treatment against the poor and people suffering from illnesses in Denmark. A man suffering from mental illness was riddled with bullets in a Seven-Eleven store in the central Copenhagen. The result was not a general riot. A young man with working glass background and a customer was shot when a policeman emptied his entire magazine in a shop without aiming in Koege.

If you are rich in Denmark your lawyer sees to that your name is not public until the trial is over. That provides you with the opportunity to change your name and avoid bringing shame over your family. Research even shows that rich people are treated with more respect by the Danish police than people from the working glass and foreigners.

The police represent the system. No citizen in any country can expect any good treatment by the system only they belong to the elite in a society. In Denmark the parliament consist of powerful families. Some politicians are third or fourth generation. Many are dropouts who have not finished their education. The minister responsible for our tax system has only achieved 9 years of education.

I see the same in the United States. It is a small number of families who dominates both the Congress and Senate. It is very clear that the ordinary citizen in the United States doesn’t benefit from any contact with authorities. The percentage of the population in prison is high. Most are non-violent offenders hit by some kind of probation violations, many are addicts who should be in treatment instead of in prison.

In Denmark our welfare system is huge. There are so many rules that many people could benefit from a secretary service so they could seek jobs.

It is easy to get frustrated. It is easy to justify that the protest can be used for shopping without paying.

But that is not the legacy Michael Brown would have wished. His legacy is that it is better to stay at home building your own little fortress ordering goods by the Internet so you can avoid going down the street and risk being shot by the nearest government official. Let us follow his legacy and live in peace with each other as we shot our door to the outside world. Let the shopkeepers run their shops without being robbed and support them by emailing them your orders instead.

When to use force and when to not

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2014 at 11:15

Danish media have shown this video of a school teacher dragging a girl to the pool to get her head under water.

She had been swimming but refused to get her head under water because her hair had been done for an evening event.

I have to say with years of experience in swimming as well as coaching:

This girl had no business in this swim-class. You have to shower before you go to the pool for hygienic reasons. Your hair has to be wet or you have to wear a swim cab. If this girl would not shower then send her down to the office so they can phone home to the parents and get the matter solved. Of course there are parents who make these kinds of poorly planned agreements with their children and hairdressers. They have to accept that they will have to bear the blame by the school administration instead of their child.

There is no excuse for the teacher. When he spotted without wet hair or a cab covering her hair he should have sent her away from the pool instead of dragging this poor girl to the pool and pollutes the water with all those chemical hair-products hairdressers use today. What about the health of the other students? He really lost his mind. He needs to be fired – not for dragging the girl which is an offense in its self. He jeopardized the health of the other students by putting her chemical infected hair into the water.

Roast pork with parsley sauce is the national dish in Denmark

In culture on November 21, 2014 at 19:26

For nearly a month a number of traditional dishes have been competing about which dish should be awarded national dish of Denmark.

The national Dish of Denmark (From Wikipedia)

The competition was monitored by the parliament in Denmark.

The winner with more than 27,000 votes became Roast pork with parsley sauce

Of course there are people like Camilla Plum who is known for having a son convicted of slaughtering a pony on a public beach who accuse Danes for being too self-centered by choosing a national dish which don’t appeal to some heathens abroad. But then it is a national dish. It is not a tourist special dish.

If people want to come to Denmark and taste something special butter and bread. If you buy The shooting Star in Foetex (A Danish supermarked) you have a meal.

Our national dish is for us Danes. In Copenhagen there is a pub called “Rio Bravo” where several politicians eat our national dish. In fact our history books contain an important political settlement between the government at that time and politicians from the opposition called the “Rio Bravo Agreement” because it was made in that pub. Sometime when civil war is close to happen in Denmark the politicians met out in town and talks things over.

Some years before the Second World War Denmark were close to chaos. Then politicians met in the private home of Stauning where they ate and drank until they reached what is known as the Kanslergade Agreement.

That is just one reason Roast pork with parsley sauce or “Stegt Flaesk med persillesovs” has been nominated as the national dish for Denmark.


Someone had to test it

In culture on November 20, 2014 at 20:18

We are often happy when new medication enters the market. People who die from illnesses can be saved and we can surround ourselves with our loved ones.

But there is a price to pay.

New medication has to be tested. Otherwise a scandal like the one with the Thalidomide children could be repeated. Untested medication from Germany was given to pregnant mothers. As result children were born with defects.

Today we are concerned with the use of animals in trials involving new medication.

However not so many decades ago new medication in Ireland were tested on children in asylums. Children who according to the morale of the time were unwanted were used as Guinea pigs for new types of vaccines.

Today it is not clear how many of the children who died as result of these trials.

Today we can agree that the doctors back then were misguided. Today we can agree that the entire system of asylums for unwanted unmarried mothers and children born outside marriage were wrong. The last asylum closed in 1996. It is not clear when the medical trials on the children stopped.

How do we set standard for clinical trials in the future, so we are not looked upon as barbarians by future generations?

Someone has to test it.


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