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Germany joins Denmark in the fight to preserve borders

In culture on September 25, 2017 at 20:25

Denmark is close to a collapse because most of our police force is stationed along the borders. If immigration wasn’t enough countries like Poland, Romania and Hungary doesn’t seem to care what kind of reputation some of their citizens give their countries when they put tents up at children public playgrounds or parks where they live of begging using their surroundings as a public toilet.

Yes, right there were our children play.

I guess ordinary Germans live like ordinary Danes. We Danes know that our politicians have no interest in how ordinary people without longer education from Universities live. Also in Denmark many of our citizens are homeless. Also in Denmark people move in and see if the supermarkets throw food out they can collect and eat.

Danes are moving to the far right looking for politicians who actually seem to promise a future and solution. Now Germans seem to do the same.

I respect the wishes of the people. Hopefully German politicians from all the parties do the same.

Denmark says no to the climate question. Bigger petrol cars get support. Electrical cars are out

In business culture on September 22, 2017 at 18:05

The Danish government has made new laws, which makes large cars cheaper. Small cars like VW up!, Peugeot 108 etc. will be more expensive.

Electrical cars like Tesla will not be seen on Danish roads. While other countries plan to phase poluting cars out, Denmark has seen the opertunity to import all those cars the other countries will not have on their roads.

For some time Danes have purchased all the small cars due to the heavy taxation of cars in general. A typical small car like the VW up! did cost about 16,100 dollars. This price will go up. A car to about half a million DKK will go 50,000 DKK down.

On longer term Denmark plans to introduce taxation of foreign cars so tourists will be forced to pay about 10 percent of the price of their car in order to be allowed to drive in Denmark. This will perserve the Danish language and our culture when we do not have to speak foreign languages inside our country to serve visitors.

While some cars do get cheaper, it would take some before the tourists will have to pay before they enter Denmark. A lot of work will now be put in to secure that this time will as short as possible because it is not without costs to lower car taxation.

Speak Education loses every credibility

In business culture on September 19, 2017 at 20:24

I have mentioned a case where a Danish exchange student was sent home because he watched porn while he was in Utah as exchange student.

They lost very clearly when the lawsuit was handled by the High Court of Eastern Denmark.

Because they had a confidential agreement in their contract they were able to limit their loss in court but the ruling is very clear: Watching porn as a Danish teenager is a so integrated part of growing up that the contract needs to point out that it is not allowed while the teenager is out of the country. If you are a host parent and wish that this type of activity should not happen in your house, I recommend that you approach your organization and tell them that you do not want to house a teenager from Denmark.

The teenagers who are thinking of wasting a year academically should be informed very clearly what they miss out on. The Danish department of education does not recognize foreign high schools. The academic standard in Denmark is way higher compared with the host countries. Exchange students start a year behind the teenagers they went to school with before they left for their stay abroad.

Speak Education or Language Education Danmark, Go Speak, Aspect High School, Speak High School as they sometime operate as should have realized that they robbed this young teenager of normal behaviors he was acustomed to when they published him for watching porn.

I do not know what kind of business they pretend to run but working with young vulnerable teenagers are certainly not a job they are qualified to be in.

I hope that they realize that they are in the wrong business and shot down.

Why do schools have stupid rules about hair-color and hair-cuts?

In culture on September 16, 2017 at 07:23

I have noticed a number of articles from different parts of the world where students have been banned from education due to hair-color or hair-cuts.

I can understand that you might ban clothing which prevents identification with certain youth gangs. However with all these color codes which exist among youth it is difficult for both parents and children to find neutral colors.

I once noticed an article from a country in Africa where schoolgirls are required to shave their heads while they attend school. The reason was that girls with hair were distracted by their hairdo. In my mind it speaks of a culture with little surplus when something as little as combing your hair during the day should mess your education up.

Now here in the western world you can get banned from school if you shave your head for charity or color your hair. Should our culture not be more superior? Should we not be prepared to embrace diversity?

I do not care if people have light or dark hair. I do not care if they color it red or blue or purple. It is their decision and not mine to judge as a co-worker or even employer.

In some of the cases, the girls are so young that they did not buy the colors themselves. It was a family decision to color their hair. Such a decision the school shold respect just as we are expected to respect that some people wear a turban or have their hair covered because they practice a certain culture at home.

Putting children in prison like rooms or even denying them them schooling is cruel and injust. Please stop it and accept that you like in year 2017.


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