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The Exodus of the poor people from Danish cities

In business culture on January 27, 2018 at 07:41

In Denmark, like many countries we have neighborhoods in the cities where poor people and dreamers gathers. In these neighborhoods classified as ghettos, the crime rate is higher although the police publish statistics allegedly proving otherwise. The media investigated the statistics and found that they were based on a motive of political correctness.

It was basically fake news. There is a higher crime rate if you look at the rate of people convicted based on where they have their home address – not where they commit their crimes as the police like to tell us.

Denmark, like other countries want to fix this issue. Now there seems to be a solution. It is: Tear them down!

The population needs to be relocated spread out over the wasteland outside the larger cities which we in Denmark call “The Rotten Banana”.

The Rotten Banana in Denmark

Here the youth gangs will be dissolved caused by gang members living too far from each other. The state of Denmark can save money on education because there are only schools offering basic education and the suicide at SEED boarding school in Washington as well as the criminal investigation of the ABC school in Vollsmose shows that the children needs to much push and encouragement to succeed. In fact it could either kill or hurt them to push them beyond what the society expect from children stemming from poor families or families suffering from either criminal background or immigration background, which is basically the same if you look on the amount of challenges the children have to overcome.

There are not many jobs out there but it would be fixed also. The state of Denmark has over the last decade though yearly reviews and performance measuring of employees determined that they could demote 8,000 public service men. In Denmark public service men who do a good job will be promoted by being moved to a job closer to the parliament and if they do a poor job, they will be sent to the corner of Denmark located as far from the parliament as possible.

These employees of course has the option to quit their job instead. Right now the economy is boosting. The good vibes from “Making the United States great again” has also sent good vibes to Denmark. There are more jobs now. The result is that once the public departments have been moved to the waste lands, there will be jobs to get for those who live out there.

What about the areas in the cities which become vacant once the ghettos have been torn down? They will built apartments and houses for rich people. Some of the buildings you can live in without having your tax address in Denmark. So now where the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, you can buy an apartment in Denmark if you want a place to stay for only some nights inside the European Union.

I am proud to say that we now have a plan fixing crime inside the cities in Denmark.


1,005 Danes charged in a large sexting scandal

In culture on January 21, 2018 at 09:36

1,005 young Danes have been charged in a sexting scandal. For more than 2 years Facebook had an illegal video stored where teenagers aged around 15 had sex. Everyone who accessed it or shared it are now charged based on logs obtained by FBI and sent to the Danish police.

I want to make it very clear. No person deserve to have their private sex life put on display on the Internet unless it is something they want make a career out of it and they certainly have to wait until they are 18 before they start even the video was made on purpose.

The punishment in Denmark is a suspended sentence of 20 days per share or if you have accessed it only once. You will also be registered at the police and no sport club or job where you will have access to juveniles below 18 will be open for you.

The sentence will be on your record for a number of years based on your age and you will face difficulties if you want to travel to countries outside the European Union.

It would not be a problem if it was not the children of wealthy people who are among the charged persons. So now the association of public defenders are talking about reducing the registration. Why? Only because the parents are loaded?

I understand that some of the problem is the Danish custom of giving a personal “dance card” (photo where you are naked) to the person you love. In the old day it was a photo on paper. It was easy to know how many photos you had handed out. It was meant as a sign of devotion to the person you love. However in a time where the photos are taken using a cell phone, it has become difficult to control how many photos which is out there. Most young people are gentlemen who delete all the photos once the relationship is over, but once in a while you meet a person with lapse of morale. What can happen then?

It is a very big problem. Our culture is our culture. We cannot remove part of it and still call us Danes. In Denmark we drink alcohol, we party and “hygge” is every thing and anything. We cannot remove the custom of young people sending photos of themselves to the person they love. We can teach people more about how important it is to delete the photos once the relationship is over. And still there could be problems with accounts being hacked and phones being stolen.

Of course we can also ask firms like Facebook to monitor their network more carefully. I think that the fact that the video was on Facebook for 2 years should tell them that they could do better.

I hope that this case will be the last one where an illegal video has been online for long so users of Facebook could believe that it was legal video or something from a movie like “Pretty Baby” from 1978. Photos could come from the book “Liderlige Lotita” from 1980 published by Lone Backe / Borgen. This book you for unknown reason can borrow from public libraries in Denmark. If such photos hit Facebook or other social media it would illegal due to copyrights but would be illegal to see it on a computer when the book can be borrowed without consequence from a public library?

So Facebook can do it better. No questions about that. Other firms can also do it better. One victim of such an illegal share found her brest on Soundcloud. They should pay her because they used her photos without investigating where they got their photos from.

I hope that the Danish police see this case to the end. While it properly will not have a lasting effect I find that the punishment is severe considering that the ruling from a case from Laesoe where a male employee had sex with a 15 year old girl he was ordered to keep isolated by the group home he worked for. That act did cost him 60 days in jail suspended.

So a punishment equal to a third of real intercourse with an minor is a tough sentence. It is also fair even when you as an offender has rich parents. In Denmark we do not believe in Affluenza. Period!

Over a thousand Danish youths charged for sharing sex video (The Copenhagen Post)

Are there shithole countries?

In culture on January 14, 2018 at 08:55

Donald Trump allegedly used the term “shithole countries”. Do such countries exist? If you ask the ordinary Danes, they will name a number of shithole countries.

In Denmark we have seen our share of people coming from other countries with the intention of committing crime or simply begging instead of taking a decent job.

But it is not the countries or even the larger part of the populations in these countries which enable labeling them as shithole countries. It is simply a their authorities who chooses not to engage in the simplest solution solving this situation: Keep criminals at home!

Home-invasions, begging the streets, burglary and shopliftings might be something they avoid in their home-countries by sending them to the Nordic countries but when citizens do it in Denmark, they make ordinary Danes believe that entire countries inside the European Union like Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland are shithole countries when they are not.

I have been in Germany, I have been in Austria. Knowing that most of the countries mentioned above were part of either Germany or the Austria-Hungary countries before WWI, they cannot be all bad. I have googled the countries and found places I certainly will like to go, regardless of whether movies like “Hostel” are close to reality.

But why do the local authorities not intervene and do some police work preventing the local population travelling to Denmark where they very fast become involved in crime?

In Denmark we did something similar when the presence of our citizens became too much for another country. 5 years ago some ruthless businessmen lured 10,000 young Danes to the Czech Republic. What was normal behavior here, was criminal behavior in Prague. The businessmen – hotel owners and owners of travel agencies knew that but they weighed money over the welfare of both the young Danes but also the local population.

In Denmark we wanted to stop this. That is why the campaign “Remain Home 2016” was launched. Knowing that the legislation in Prague and the Czech Republic is not advanced and developed so that young people can enjoy themselves in a Danish way, the target with the campaign was clear: The young Danes should not in a million years go down there, where nothing could be offered to them that they could take home and use in their later lives. The campaign was a success and today we do no longer see a large number of Danes in Prague. It is better for the young Danes. It is better for the local people down there.

Why do the countries in the Eastern Part of Europe no do the same for their citizens so they do not come to Denmark? I know that Poland now actively tries to get their citizens back which I like most Danes are thankful for. It it not that they committed a lot of crimes but their craftmanship is not the same as you see among Danes. The train commutors had to wait 6 months while Danish worker re-did the work done by Polish workers on a train bridge. They also had this finders-fee system so they could worker cheaper for Danish employers. They got normal salary in Denmark so they could fool the trade unions and the Danish tax-system but then paid some of the money back to the guy who saw to that they got to Denmark. Some of this money were paid back to the Danish employer so he took active steps selecting Polish worker over Danish workers. It was not good. But now where the Polish embassy in Denmark tries to stop the so-called brain-drain keeping their workers at home, this type of scam will decrease in Denmark.

I hope that Denmark will put pressure on escpecially Romania to keep their citizens at home. I do not know what they should do. All I know is that Danish prisons are filled with people of foreign origins. 30 percent in 2017 despite Denmark having increased the number of agreements with countries so people can serve their prison sentence in their home country.

The conclusion is that within Europe there are not shithole countries, but there are certainly shithole police and authorities who close their eyes to the crimes committed against the Danish people. Maybe the same can be said about the countries Trump mentioned. Do they do their best preventing their citizens from going abroad with the aim of committing crimes?

What will be the next move for Lars Henrik Wollebekk?

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2018 at 07:24

Lars Henrik Wollebekk was the sole owner of Speak Holding, which again controlled a number of firms which arranged exchange student trips for young Danes who naive and without knowledge of the world wish to experience culture and countries outside Denmark.

The Department of Education in Denmark is very clear on that point. You cannot receive credits from a year taken on any high school outside Denmark because the superior high school system in Denmark has a social element. They have friday bars where students can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine after school bringing students together and minimize the risk of students dropping out.

This social factor is an important component in our education in Danish culture and cuisine. Without it, it is very much the same as not going to school at all.

So exchange students always come back and will start school a year behind their old classmates.

If the loss of an important year during the rite of passage towards adulthood wasn’t enough, scandals has surrounded the exchange student industry. Young Danes have been sent back because they did trivial things like watching porn on their own Ipads or Laptops. One thing is that they cannot drink alcohol outside Denmark because youthhood in some countries are considered a crime. Another thing is that they cannot date and have sex because the other countries do not start sex education at age 10 like we do in Denmark, so we can avoid teenage pregnancies. But not being able to even enjoy the sight of others at that age is terrible.

Lars Henrik Wollebekk’s firm has been in the media where young Danes had negative experiences outside. I will go as far as calling firms as his a menace against preserving our small and vulnerable culture. Our children do not need to learn about the outside world as the outside world has not done us any good. Our children need to remain inside their comfort zone.

As a volunteer for Domestic Prisoners of Conscience I know how damaging foreign schools can be against students. We are talking suicide, post traumatic stress disorder and even deaths. No young Danes need to be exposed to that.

That is why the news of his firms being likvidated are good news. However I fear that the likvidation process is only a strategy to avoid paying for lawsuits.

That is why I will give the message that we will monitor any move, he might consider going back into the business.

In Denmark we do not need exchange student agencies who facilitate sending our children from our superiour culture to the second-rated world outside.

Lars Henrik Wollebekk – we will be watching you and any other person who want to abuse young Danes with naive beliefs. This line of business is not needed in Denmark !!!

Various articles about his network of companies

Dr. Phil fooled

In culture on January 10, 2018 at 18:16

While we are waiting for an update to “Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal”, Danielle Bregoli is starting to cash in thanks to her stage performance as a troubled teenager.

Years back the mother of Danielle Bregoli had cancer and got a massive debt due to medical bills. She got cured – cared for by her alleged troubled teenager in the process.

Then suddenly she was on Dr. Phil and the nice doctor got tricked into offering her a place at Turn-about Ranch, which is one of the rehab and boarding schools which use Dr. Phil in their marketing plan. It fools a lot of viewers into believing that these places are professional, but in reality they help none. They are not better. They are not selected for the show because they represent anything professional. They pay for appearing on the show.

A stay at Turn-about ranch is not nice but thanks to various testimonial blogs, everybody can now read how it is to be there and train themselves to “confess” something the so-called counselors want to hear.

Here are some testimonies

If you want to move out of the stone circle, then have a story ready for the counselors if you do not have the strength to kill one of them off as one teenager succeeded in doing. I recommend reading these testimonies and prepare a story if you see leflets around your house and your parents have the money because I am against violence.

Being dragged from your bed by professional goons making money when they are not in a gang-war is shocking and many needs lifelong therapy to overcome this ordeal. Not knowning when to be released likewise. But if you are at odds with your parents, train yourself in advance how to “play the game”. It is a game. It is not treatment.

Danielle Bregoli has this actress talent. I do not care about her music because modern music is not something I understand. I prefer music for “Phantom of the Opera” if you ask me. Her ability to perform secured her a safe ride through Turn-about Ranch. A little resisting just to make it look like they changed you. Then throw in some false confessions like drinking alcohol which for some obscure reason is illegal placing United States among societies like Iran. Put some tears into it so it looks real. Then you are out of the stone circle.

Then keep your head down. Attend the services in the local church even if you do not share their beliefs. They might be heathens compared to the preaching in your local church but it looks nice in their eyes. Play the game for your parents too. When you are back home give it 14 days before you turn back into your old ways, so they can see that it was waste of good money.

Of course Danielle Bregoli did not have to wait. She was never a troubled teenager and now she has paid off her mothers mortgage. She and her mother is laughing while the rest of the world is starting to realise that the Dr. Phil show is a reality show only. It has never been about the participants welfare. It was and continue to be a show which is marketing various books, devices and treatment programs.

Here is the lastest news about Danielle Bregoli:

IT’S A RAP Cash Me Outside girl Danielle Bregoli, 14, pays off mum’s MORTGAGE for Christmas after racking up a fortune from rap and social media career (The Sun)

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