I am just an ordinary Danish citizens writing about things happening in my country I happen to have an opinion about. I also have a blog in Danish here.

  1. I love a jew from israel, is that so bad ?

    I love my Jewish boyfriend very much and what to marry him and have a lot of kids with him, we are living together in my big house in Slovakia.

    He is telling me how nice it is in Israel and how nice everybody is to each other, no war anymore and the Israelis is now nice to the Arabian and helping them getting at better life, – I find it is so nice of the Israeli’s Jew’s to help the poor Arabians !

    Why are some of the Arabia’s not saying thanks to the Israeli’s, I don’t understand it.

    I am living in Slovakia and therefor only hearing the story from my beloved boyfriend, – but if anyone out there can tell me more about how nice it is in Israel, and how nice the Jew’s are to all people, then please write me a email, a sms, or call me on my Mobil, I speak English

    Love you all 🙂

    Sandra Kubova
    Novoveská 62, Bratislava Slovakia
    Phone: mobil 00421918505414

  2. Sandra:

    I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with Israel or most of its population. However those people who insist to built yet another house in an area which are disputed are doing the smartest thing in the world and they give Israel as whole a bad image.

    Denmark lost large parts of what is now Sweden after it had been part of Denmark for 1,000 years. We could choose to drive over there and build a house on whatever location we choose to, but we don’t because we respect that some other people are living there today. Some Danes have settled in Sweden but they have chosen to pay taxes to Sweden by an agreement made between our countries, so they are not freeloaders.

    They even have to let their children speak Swedish in their schools. It is a huge sacrifice to make. You have to speak the language in the country you choose to live in. Down in the middle east it must mean that a Jew must speak Arabic if the Jew choose to live in an Arabic area and of course the opposite must go, if some choose to live in Israel. They must speak Hebrew.

    However, I saw a rather gruesome TV-show about two English teenagers who went to Israel for a week. Not even a everyday dress worn in a Danish High School could be accepted. The entire neighborhood had a dress code worse than the most darkest place in Iran. Here is a link.

    Such a fundamentalist viewpoint on life will alienate the rest of the world against them.

  3. Nice Blog. We read it here in the United States, especially in the Solvang community near Santa Barbara, California. Largest colony of Dansk in America.

    Please tell us: What is the normal statute of limitations for minor crimes in Denmark?

    All the Best

    Your California Friends

  4. Unless we are talking murder where there is no statute of limitations at all the general limit is 10 years.

    In the case of Camilla Broe she would likely have been convicted in Denmark if the evidence had been good enough, which was never tried because the statutes of limitation was 5 years in Florida. The funny part was that Denmark was offered to try this case, but the Department of Justice in Denmark turned that offer down and it became a very costly affair for all parties.

    However there are exceptions. If a crime in general carries a maximum penalty of a certain amount of years shorter than 10 years the statutes of limitation will be the maximum possible sentence. Simple burglery has a limit of 4 years.

    For more detailed information you have to consult legal experts. I used this reference in Danish for my answer: Delbetænkning om forældelse af strafansvaret for særlovsovertrædelser m.v. – Betænkning nr. 1438

  5. Yes, please help spread the word out the Circle of hope is a SCAM! they just steal the parents money and do not educate the children in fact they mainly are slave labor for them to sit around and nap ! I sent my daughter there as I was told it was a loving caring christian enviroment anything BUT THAT more like Satan torment! I so wish I had never spend the thousands there that I did ! They deserve to be in jail, for the fraud and the deciet that they trap people into!

  6. you on crack. feel sorry for your children. Thst chick on doctor Phil was psycho and only a psycho would feel sorry for her.

  7. Only blind people would fail to notice that there was something wrong with the family dynamics. I don’t use a camera when my daughter is dressed in a way which could be misunderstood if the wrong people saw the photos. This young woman is a typical image of her time. When the economy is tough it is good to be able to use your mouth when the stakes are high.

    Please notice that regardless of her behavior she was able to hold a job. Employees and customers must have accepted her as she was. She is bringing home money so why change her?

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