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Settling in a foreign country and finding a job

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This week there has been come media coverage about people entering Denmark with a green card ending up driving cap, working as a cleaner or even no job regardless of the fact that they have university degrees.

I have to say that I of course finds it a problem if they believe that they will be getting some highly paid job when they are the first generation in Denmark. How can we judge them based on their family as we do in general with native Danes? We don’t know their parents.

In Denmark the social heritage matter. The possibility of getting a bachelor degree is depending of a combination of the economy of the school but also if your parents have a degree themselves. Even in a country where students can study at all schools for free and in fact get paid for studying by the state we have to have some kind of selection process and that’s where the social heritage comes into the picture.

So these people enter Denmark without any knowledge about which values we have in our society and expect to find a job. What can we do about that? The easy solution is to abolish the green card arrangement. They must have been lured here by someone who knows the truth but do choose to make a sum of money from these naive people.

In fact the same thing happened to some Danes back when the dot-com period came to an arrupt end. They were lured to the northern part of Sweden where they were keep in a kind of semi-confinement where they were paid too little so they could not return home and just to prevent them from phoning the family for money to a ticket they were also lured to loan money so they couldn’t break the contract without risking a huge lawsuit. The Danish Emigration Institute made an article about the confined Danes a short while ago.

Such agencies exist in every country. Danes can be lured abroad, but we also have to recognize that people can be lured here. We have to help them with travel papers and fund their ticket so they can go back home. I have to say that I feel sick when I read about how awful the homeless foreigners are treated in Denmark. They don’t deserve to be here under such conditions. They should be helped to leave our country at once, so they can be united with their family or social network back home.

We don’t need a green card arrangement. In fact we given our so many burdens so only 4 out of 5 get an education at all. I name stop-tests, community service and a limitation of quota two as some of the causes. Not every student is as fast as most.

Student loans are among the most expensive loans you can take. You can borrow money for a car much cheaper even taking the fact into consideration that the state will cover the risk the bank take by giving students loans for their education. So many students did in the past take gap years where they worked full time in some job so they had money to continue their education. I remember a co-worker some 15 years ago who had just gradutated. While he studied he lived between a father and a son who both were students at the same university. The father came from a poor family and due to lack of money he had delayed his studies for so many years that his son had catched up with him. The good thing was that his son got a social heritage from a parent who had attended the university with knowledge about what it would take to pass the exams. He had sacrificed his future on the expense of his son.

I have searched a number of blogs from students. Several mention the community service diploma as a cause for dropping out despite the fact that the community service is not mandatory unlike the so-called “enslavement act” Obama is trying to get passed. I understand that the students are confused. In Denmark we are proud of paying taxes. In exchange for taxes professionals can be paid to take care of tasks in our society amateurs try to do in other countries. The people in need gets a higher level of quality when they are taken care of, so why let students in so they can kick health care employees out of their job by taking over?

Finally we have the limitation of quata two as a problem. In Denmark we changed the grading system from the 13-scale to the 12-scale. The highest grade you can get in the 12-scale is similar to an American A, but in the old scale it was similar with A+++. The problem is that teachers in general demand as much from Danish students to give 12 as they did when they had the possibility to give 13.

Some sources state that twice the number of students abroad gets an A compared with Danish students. The Danes have to produce more work to achieve the same grade. It has resulted in a growing number of foreign students at Danish Universities. In the past the Danes then had the option that they could work for a couple of years in firms earning points so they could raise their average grades in that way. For some reason our politicians reduced this option.

The conclusion is that I urge our politicians to abandon the green card arrangement and focus on making it possible for Danish students to pass the high school exam with involving community service and making it possible to take a number of gap years with the condition that they have to show that they are working instead of taking a holiday or studying abroad where their work don’t count in the Danish education system. Finally I call for our politicians to approach every foreigner in Denmark to ask them when they will go home, so people who are suffering in our society can be helped home to their loved ones.

The appeal court has ruled in the Camilla Broe case

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The appeal court has finally stopped the case against Camilla Broe.

She is cleared of all charges.

It is time to reflect. TV2 stated that the DEA first approached the Danish department of justice with the request that her case should be tried at Danish courts. For some reason the Danish department of justice declined the request and asked the DEA to try her in the United States.

It is history but let us play with the idea that she had been tried in Denmark. In Denmark the statutes of limitation are 10 years for such crimes instead of 5 years in the U.S. The trial would have been a possibility and then the outcome would be difficult to predict, but the court would have ruled in the case.

Why would the outcome be difficult to predict? One of the persons who have commented on a previous entry has investigated when the other persons in her case were released. The result of his research was that they were released the minute they support the 10 charges against Camilla Broe. It didn’t matter that they had not served their time – not even close. Some of them served as little as 30 percent of the time they were sentenced to.

All were released during 2007 as direct result of the negociations between the DEA and the Danish department of justice went forward.

Had they taken her case before a Danish court, her case would look very similar to another case against three Danish businessmen who exported furniture. They were arrested out of the blue when some smugglers claimed that parts of the furniture had contained drugs. The police did never suspect the Danes. In fact their names came on the table long after the U.S. Criminals had started to serve their time and started to look for a method to have their sentences reduced. They have now been in Denmark to testify and enjoyed conditions in our prison which are considerable better than the standards they are used to over in the United States. A nice holiday in exchange for reduced time with no risk of being charged for perjury at foreign court. It sounds like a deal you cannot afford to say no to. The Danish court is still trying to decide if they will believe the testimonies from Captain America as the American smuggler is named.

So much for might have been.

Now they instead have to face that a number of states will question the extradition process. I saw this headline:

Camilla Broe drug case highlights flaws in Danish extradition law, IceNews

And it is justified to ask if you should ask questions before you accept the so-called evidence from a foreign justice system. Denmark is in the process of outsourcing our extradition laws. The blog “The forgotten Danes” about court cases abroad has a link to a meeting in our parliament where the politicians plan to replace the Danish extradition agreement with a European one. Even today you can be extradited and convicted in another E.U. country for actions which are no crime in Denmark. In Germany a Dane is on trial for selling disgusting music because poor quality and bad taste is a crime in Germany.

A couple of the posters have asked me about how I feel about this case. I have to admit that I have been wrong at some points. I believed that she was not able to hire a high-profiled skilled lawyer like she did. A lawyer with so few clients and so many ressources that she had the ability to exam the statutes of limitation to the very end.

I am not stating that public defenders are unskilled. In some states the public defenders are financed by traffic fines. In Mississippi the hurricane meant fewer fines and therefore fewer money to provide people with a proper defense. The system collapsed. Maybe she could have made a good deal with a public defender but I doubt that the result would have been the same.

Second the courts surprised not only me but also the prosecution. I believed that it would be a kind of show trial but they took the time to be critical with the material the prosecution presented them and reached a fair verdict. Kudoos to them for reinstating the belief in a independent and fair justice system.

As it is stated in the start: The case is over.

Now we just need to buy the book and read the true story sometime in May. Maybe I will comment on the case – maybe not. It depends on what is going on in the Danish society at that time.

I want to pay more in taxes

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This week has been a classic example showing that our politicians over at our central regime in Copenhagen don’t know what is going on outside the capital of this country.

For almost 10 years the government has used the “tax-stop” to gain the votes. Denmark is one of the countries in the world where you pay the largest part of our income in taxes. Not only do you pay about 50 percent of your income in direct taxes but also every purchase you make consist of 20 percent add-on taxes.

In exchange for that we have a lot of free goods. When you arrive at the hospital unconscious they dont wake you up just to ask if you have insurance. They don’t dump you off in the nearest park if the hospital took you in by mistake. All education is free unless you count a few private boarding schools and of course the continuation schools where certain parents hide their offsprings simply because they are afraid of the Danish youth culture and out of the country behavior modification programs are watched carefully by the government.

In fact once you start high school the state pay you for education. It is not an amount which you can live off because the level of education a student may choose should somehow reflect the social heritage but still it is rare that students can get paid by the government just for attending school.

The Danish school system is properly one of the most expensive in the world. It is properly also the best if the goal is more than just training people to pass an exam. In Danish high schools the students can drink alcohol on campus. As the Danish Institute for finer Cuisine explains it the purpose of allowing alcohol on campus is more than just enable to students to socialize and prepare them for networking during their business career. It is also about preventing school shootings by eliminate establishments of cliques or outing nerds. Once people start talking over a drink they learn that everyone is actually real people with problems like themselves rather than labeling them and putting them in boxes.

But the Danish schools are also mini communities with their own social services and special education. Because Denmark has a “No child left behind” policy for decades there are no minimum standard a student has to meet to enter the next class. Students can go to school for the mandatory 9 years and leave without exam. In fact 27 percent of all the students never get an exam on high school level.

Now we have a financial crisis and one of the areas the government wants the towns to cut down on is the schools. More exactly 1,3 billons DKK. Maybe it could be done. Maybe we could turn our education system around and make our students study for exams instead like they do at many school in the United States. I happened to have read about Cross Creek programs in St. George where they can turn even the most difficult cases into success stories (93% success). Here the students sit quietly in front of a computer all day and reply on multiply-choice questions based on the material they have studied. In Denmark we could do the same if we work for it, we might even produce a test system which are online more than half of the time compared to the system we use nationwide presently.

Saving money by making them more international may sound good, but where is the social factor? Where do you learn the student that selling on export markets means that you have to service your customers socially as I saw Team Easy-On do in Poland in a television program?

But every talk about saving money on your school system should have stopped the minute we learned that one of the biker gangs in Denmark did start a youth chapter where young Danes can learn more about how to live as a biker. The only one who can stop young Danes from taking part in what the biker gangs calls a defense of Danish values.

I am not the police nor a judge. Of course I would not claim that their socalled defense of the Danish values is only a cover for a fight for market shares of a criminal market. However I find it odd if it shouldn’t be the case when more than 30 members of the biker gangs are jailed for various offences implying that such a fight over market shares is ongoing.

The police wants our schools to see to that our students are warned against attending this youth chapter. Once again representatives from our government working 24/7 to see to our safety want our schools to be more than just schools.

So my conclusion must be that we simply have to pay more in taxes because we deep inside as parents want to keep our youth away from possible future crimes.

I am somewhat angry that they over in Copenhagen seems to have lost touch of what is going on among ordinary people.

Manipulating customers and jeopardizing Denmark’s future

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The future of Denmark as a country being able to focus to information technology and innovation is threatened in a degree never seen before.

And the force behind this threat is the existing firms in the business. A too relaxed set of laws aimed at preventing anti-trust movement and price agreements is the cause of these problems.

One of the people who is commenting frequently on this blog wrote me last week with a story about how people in the information technology business are prevented from establishing their own firms or even move from one job to another. There is a link to his blog-entry about this subject.

We all know that an employer can demand that his employees sign a contract when being hired for a certain job, but most people also know that if such a contract state that the employee must refrain from working in a certain line of business the employee should be compensated for this period. So the lesson learned is that you as employer can prevent one of your men from being a competitor or working for such firm but it costs.

So how do you as employer get this protection for free? The answer is that you team up with some of the huge firms developing the software most firms use so you can create a syndicate where all agree that the employees have to take bogus courses in order to service the customers. It is a smart move where you create a submarket with its own price structure and if done good then the entire balance between demand and price is corrupted.

Take one of the largest software firms in the world. If you are a firm with about 50-250 employee you will most likely use their program as the ERP-system in your firm. Such a program solves your accounting problems and it has modules for Sales, purchase, project, sales-/marketing, salaries and stock. Only the Danish office for anti-trust control believes that this major firm which also produces the most widespread operating system in the world has no controlling factor on the market.

They get a large number of complaints from their customers, which are the firms delivering the systems to firms worldwide. The complaint was that due to the financial crisis the price for one hour of aid from a consultant being expert in this program had been cut in half. The customers were not making the huge load of money on their work anymore. So they asked for help and they got it.

Suddenly this spring the major software firm announced that you as consultant firm with their products in your stock you have to take additional exams and have to be a certain number of people with their private little education to remain in the business. It was simply a question about engage in a merger with another firm or simply to choose to go out of business.

The man on the street then ask: “Why do the employees not participate in courses so they can remain in business?

The simple answer is: “There are no courses”.

In an effort to reduce the number of consultants in business and the prices up they have asked the 8 firms where you can get these specific courses not to have them scheduled for the next 6 months.

Who is losing in this game?

  1. The Customers, which are found in the Danish industry.
  2. The employees in the business who will risk their job or their future when they are unable to start on their own.
  3. Our society because we live from firms which become subcontractors to existing firms or starts up reverse engineering existing product to make them better.

Denmark and the European Union – are we lied to?

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This week we learned that some organization abroad had made a deal with one of our newpapers Politiken, where the newpaper apologies for publishing the drawings of some person a number of heathens hold in a high place.

I was rather shocked. In fact a lot of the journalists working for the newspaper was also. How could they?

We are talking of the single most important moment in the history of the modern Denmark. September 30, 2005 is for many Danes the day they learned to hold their head up and walk proud. It was the day where we once again became proud of our origins as Danes.

But while this publisher from Politiken wanted to back-stab the freedom of speech, the biggest shock had yet to come. It was announced that the groups could bring this case for the courts in United Kingdom and that a ruling from this foreign court was something we had to consider in Denmark.

Then I have to say: Are we as Danes lied to when we ordered the entire Europe down on their knees in Edinburgh and accept our demands for allowing them to play with eachother in their coffee-club called the European Union.

We have points of interest:

  1. Citizenship. As the most advanced culture in the world, we want to be known as Danes, but as citizen in some province of Europe.
  2. Economic and monetary union. We have our currency. When you create a kind of payment people should trust you need to have a solid economy. We didn’t believe in a currency where not every country handles it businesses as strict as we do in Denmark and look right now how we were right.
  3. Defence policy. Many of the other countries have a past where they handled their businesses in a less smart manner. Wars in Africa based on what kind of language these memberstates want people to speak is a fact. Why should Denmark send a single soldier to Africa because the countries down there did a poor job compared to how Belgium dealt with controlling Central Africa? For some reason they believe that they have some kind of responsibility after they have educated people to govern their countries themselves. Denmark has not had colonies in Africa since we traded part of the Goldcoast off. It is simply not our problem.
  4. Justice and home affairs. Here is the problem. No court in the United Kingdom should be able to rule how we act out our freedom of speech.

I have to ask. Are we lied to? Where is our ability to handle own Justice and home affairs if a court somewhere in the world can have even a slight impact on what stories we can read in our newspapers?

To make matters worse: Now Lene Espersen known for her role in the case of Camilla Broe, which I have previous entries about want us to vote no to continued defense of these four exceptions from the Maarstrict treaty. She wants to vote no to continued freedom and freedom of speech.

I believe that it is time for Denmark to leave the European Union once and for all.

Please work for a free and independent Denmark. Please give us the chance to vote for leaving the European Union and not only for a cancellation of Denmark as a sovereign state.

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