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July 2012 – summer at last

In family on July 31, 2012 at 17:18

The last week of July we saw the sun for a change. As the climate changes all over the world summer is rare in Denmark. For us who are real Danes and has given up on the rest of the world we have to settle with what the Danish summer gives us.

Some might think. Why don’t we jump on a plane and go to Spain or some other country in the south of Europe. However, it is not an option because people are lazy down there and they are a huge part of the reason that the economy is not good in Denmark right now. Why should we work until we are almost 70 years of age before we can retire while they can work almost 10 years less before they can retire?

It is not fair to reward them by being lazy. That is why I think that we should not place our money in their hotels and on their beaches. So I have only been outside Denmark for a day where I visited Sweden. In Sweden they have to stay employed almost as long as we do. While Sweden is a fun country to visit it is however not a fun place to live. Their youth cannot drink beers like ours and that is why they come to Denmark to drink. In Elsinore they have an old saying “Do a Swedish guy a favor. Follow them down to the Ferry”. They become drunk very easy and they often need help.

But very soon it is back to work. I have a lot to do and I have been busy reading all my mails this weekend so I am prepared when I return to work. I had a good summer and I hope that you readers had a good one as well. I have to return to work, so stay safe.


Do not invest in Denmark

In politics on July 29, 2012 at 06:58

unless you are a huge firm which can ignore the trade unions.

We live in a time where the jobs are few. A man bought a restraurant in the town of Vejle. He approach the Christian trade unions and made an agreement with them.

But 3F which is a larger sociallist trade union blocked the road to the restraurant and even told the local newspapers that they could risk that their newspaper would not be printed if they accepted adds from the restraurant. It is not difficult to understand that the journalists got some hints about how they should cover the case with the restraurant.

For now the conflict seems not to be solved unless the owner decides to shut his business down and put people into unemployment.

But if you are a larger firm, you can break the trade unions. Ryanair placed 100 jobs in Billund and 3F combined with another socialist trade union HK wanted to force Ryanair to surrender a deal with them. But Ryanair ignored them. When the trade unions wanted to block the entire airport the employees denied to participate. The employees know that we live in year 2012 and if the 100 jobs are not placed in Denmark, they would go to Germany or Sweden.

Another case was the computer-people in CSC which today are paid so low a salery that young people won’t educate themselves to a job where they will program computers. Interesting enough this time CSC was helped by HK to crush another socialist trade union named Prosa. So the interest of the employees are only served if they sign up with certain socialist trade unions. HK is an old socialist trade union back from the day where computers wasn’t even invented. Their members are working in shops and in offices and are among the lowest paid in Denmark. Even the celebration of the socialist movement on May 1st are they prevented from participation in because some have to sell the beers to the other workers.

HK doesn’t like computer work because computers remove jobs from the office people and it is their idea that a high skilled programmer should be paid the same salery as a shop worker. HK aided CSC and made the business as computer specialist to a way of living where you have to earn the money elsewhere like taking a second job.

Third there is the area of removing garbage. For many years the garbage in Copenhagen was removed by the firm R98. In fact they had a contract for 100 years. But the politicians in Copenhagen realized that by selling some part of the firm off they could get the workers to go for the salery 3F offered and that was a low one. The workhours was many and people can make it perhaps 10 or 20 years before they are worn down and ends up on a kind of disability service. Fact was that the only company which cared for the health of their employees was R98 but that time is over. Injury, hard work and in some cases death is the future the employees in that business and they can thank 3F for it.

There is a lot of politics involving the Danish Trade unions and some firms work for free for the bosses of 3F so they can get special conditions. Back in the days where 3F was known as SID the present chair man of 3F got a kitchen for free until the newspapers learned of the deal. First then the firm send a invoice. Some would call it corruption but this in Denmark and we don’t have corruption here, so the case was closed.

If you as an investor don’t want to do business with 3F and don’t have the size to ignore them like CSC and Ryanair, I would urge you to invest your money in a business in another country.


Green cards to Denmark – a scam

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2012 at 08:17

I don’t know how people are persuaded to seek a Green card for Denmark.

A new report shows that people with long education several from Universities all over the planet live in Denmark having low-income jobs. The root of the problem seems to be our superior level within our education system. About 20 percent of the Danes leave our schools with only 9 years of education, but it seems that these 9 years leaves them better qualified than a person with a bachelor degree from abroad.

I believe that we either should stop the issuing of Green cards or inform people that 99 percent are not qualified to compete with Danes for high-income jobs here.

It is not fair to lure them to Denmark and then inform them that the jobs high school and 3 years studying in a University qualifies them for are jobs as dishwasher or harvesting strawberries.

It is not like our politicians weren’t warned against this problem. Foreign Universities are often scams and if a young Dane wants to study even 6 months abroad like in Oxford we have to check every single subject for 12 months before they can travel. A lot of Danes don’t study abroad for this very reason.

We cannot lower our standards, so the only possible option is to close the Green card system down.

I hope that this is done before we destroy the lives more people.

June 2012 – summer

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June ended with our government talking about how hard they could hit the poor and ill people who are not as productive as they want Danes to be.

Once again I have to claim that you don’t find any population inside the European Union working so hard and so long as we Danes do.

Our pension age is almost 10 years above the agelimit seen among the lazy populations in the Southern part of Europe. No population have to give up so much of their personal income in taxes.

When I read about rich people over in the United States who have cheated the IRS, I don’t get it. They really don’t how it is to pay taxes even if they hadn’t cheated.

Late in the month India once again approached Denmark asking the politicians to interfere with our court system so they can get the Danish author and humanitarian Niels Holck for one of their show trials.

Let me just state this once and for all. You don’t get him. Danish is an too old and advanced culture to be insulted by an agressive sub-culture like India is. You were able to attack Portugal instead of conducting peaceful negociations, but you don’t have the man-power to sail the entire distance to Denmark and attack Denmark. So forget it!

Now it is summer and I really want to buy some beers for me and my family. My teens have one or two year of the Danish high school left and now where one of them had his sweet sixteen birthday it is legal for him to buy beers and other kind of alcohol with a percentage below the safe limit of 16.5, so now I can rest while they get the beers. It has its advantages to have kids who have grown up.

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