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The most important news in the world right now

In culture on July 31, 2010 at 06:15

I have seen that Lindsay has been ordered right from jail to a rehab facility when she is being released. She will have no time so see her family before she will go to the next enclosed environment. Of course the standard is higher. She will have the possibility to have her own clothes on. What the justice system is doing with her is properly the most awful you can do to a human being:

They are trying to instill behaviors and beliefs that is not Lindsay’s.

It is a point where the United States of America shows the world that they are not a civilized society.

If you search on the Internet you can find cases where so-called therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness programs are ordered to enforce treatment as different as religious viewpoints, alcohol use, political viewpoints, drug use and being homosexual.

Lindsay has maintained a lifestyle suited for an actress of our time. She has been going out partying as many teenagers and at Karrebaeksminde in Denmark even younger people down to age 12 with alcohol. Some might claim that she is an adult and should act like an adult. It is correct that she is an adult but she has never been allowed to be a child. From day one has “Daddy Dearest” forced his offspring to be the income for his family. At some point he was cut off and now he is paying back by trying every mean to destroy Lindsay’s life. Because Lindsay’s childhood was stolen from her she is now living like a teenager attending parties and in general enjoying her life.

Most people find that there is no reason to cure Lindsay’s addiction. She has done a terrible crime, which we in Denmark punish by taking away the option to drive. Driving a car is not a right. It is granted to you in exchange for you to live a restricted life out of concern for the safety of others. You cannot party your entire life and then drive. The BAC level in Denmark is so low (0.5) because we built the bridge to Sweden that you have to think all the time about what you are eating and drinking. I used to like a certain brand of chocolate with alcohol inside it (“Blomme in Madeira”). I have given up 20-30 pieces of this chocolate every day because I want to drive my car. It is a sacrifice so I can drive.

Lindsay’s mistake is that she didn’t choose to avoid driving while using her talent as an actress. She committed an offense and she should be punished. She got a very poor plea deal. I don’t know what kind of amateur who stood by her in the court but of course she should not have accepted a punishment which included alcohol education classes. She should have taken the stand and said that she was sorry that she had broken the law and have had asked for extended prison time instead of a shorter probation period. She should have accepted that she is not suited to drive a car.

Instead of having her career back she is now going to be destroyed if she takes the treatment seriously. She cannot sell her movies outside the United States if she is not there to promote it. Second there have been so many cases where parents have forced their child to receive treatment for the causes listed above. The result is increased amount of suicide among those who graduates the programs. Statistically forced treatment is a killer.

Her ordeal has been widely covered in Denmark and it did have consequences. For the very first time people are questioning if we should continue our war in Afghanistan. The debate whether to stay and fight did start when Lohan got her sentence in Revels court. The sentence did show us that both sides in the conflict are ready to impose a lifestyle on people which would make them impossible to live a normal life. Not even doing something simple as attend a high school in Denmark would be possible for them. When no one of the parties in the war represent our way of life, then it is clear that we have no business taking part in the conflict. Thank you Judge Revel. I know that there are families who want to have their relatives back from the war and you gave them an argument.

But what about other news, do you not have some news in Denmark which could be more important?

No, the only ongoing news-stories are about a politician named Thorning who is caught lying about the number of days her husband has been in Denmark. It is not important news. Her husband has been paying tax in another country so nothing has been saved for the family. The story itself is a try to remove the focus from a rather ridiculous case.

This is the old story about our foreign minister Lene Espersen has been attacked because she is on holiday all the time and has missed a number of meetings with foreign representatives. But the point is that Denmark has outgrown the need to meet with other countries. Our culture is so advanced that we cannot use time on affairs outside Denmark unless it is about sending some of our more aggressive citizens out to shoot ali-babas as they are called. It is not only Espersen who have cut down on meetings with foreigners. Our Prime-minister Rasmussen sent a replacement to a meeting with 80 ambassadors because he had a private matter to attend to. The former Prime-minister – also named Rasmussen – did not want to host a class schooling ambassadors in our advanced culture when the cartoon war went on.

We have accepted that we cannot teach the world and we cannot learn something from the rest of the world because they just are not on our level. Take an exchange student. There is no way an exchange student can get credits from a U.S high school transferred back to Denmark. It is a wasted year academically because the schools over there miss the social process which is the social aspect when teaching young people to be productive adults entirely. They simply have no Friday bars in their high schools as we do. It seems impossible to understand but it is the truth. I have seen it with my own eyes.

The two Danish news stories which would have been in the back of the newspapers if there have been more important things going on in the world. That’s why Lindsays ordeal means so much for us.

Punishing DUI

In International justice on July 25, 2010 at 06:48

The poor inmates in the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood in California are tired of Lindsay Lohan according to People Magazine. Due to obvious security reasons she is isolated from the general prison population and the other inmates in her block is put inside their cells when she is moved around. General guidelines about visitation do also not apply because the staff has to see to the relative’s security also.

I don’t know what Judge Marsha Revel was thinking about when she gave Lohan the order to enter a prison system very close to a collapse. The burden Lohan inflicts on the system will result in the suffering of the other inmates.

In fact the punishment was wrong from the very start. Lohan is an addict. She should have realized that long time ago. Her attorney should have realized that when she made the plea bargain resulting in Lohan taking some classes she had no business attending in the first place. Basically when you deal with addicts only one rule apply: Does the addict want to change?

It is very clear that Lohan doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that she should not be punished. DUI is a serious business. People die every year due to drunken drivers. Others may suffer for the rest of their lives. For my part there is not a single day where I am not reminded of the drunken driver who rear-ended my car when I was waiting for the green light some years ago. He didn’t see me. While he got his car to drive off leaving me trying to get my family out of the car with the doors jammed while I was hurting a lot another driver followed the fool and instructed the police where to find him. The fool was unable to stand on his own feet due to his drunkenness.

I don’t know what kind of punishment he got. I haven’t followed up on the case because I had to look after my family where two members beside me suffer from illnesses (not related to DUI-incident). General Denmark punishes people driving drunk very hard. The fine is a month’s pay based on reports from the IRS. There is prison time involved and the drivers license is gone. Only IF THEY CHOOSE to take the alcohol education classes they can retake their license once the suspended time lasting 6 months or more is over. It is their choice. Having known a lot of addicts I would rather see 99 percent of them choosing not to take the classes instead of letting them taking them just for fun so they can drive and endanger us moving around in the traffic again.

There is nothing wrong with drinking a lot and choose not to drive a car. But there is a lot wrong not being honest with yourself. Some say that the only difference between general drunk people and addicts is that the addicts attend meetings. I would say that the drunken ones in many cases are the people who knows themselves best.

This week a well-known actor named Kiefer Sutherland visited Denmark. A local Danish magazine was in town with him. He drank what equals 24 beers during the night in town. I know that he had been arrested twice and I hope that he has realized that he never shall drive a car again. Only if he continues to be without a drivers license I will respect him.

Back to the Lohan case. What kind of punishment would I have given her if I was in the shoes of Judge Revel?

I would have given her a fine based on the income she had at the time. It would have hurt. I would have ordered her to use a Saturday ever week for at least 3 months picking up trash along the highways. She did hurt the society and the safety of the highways by her actions. She should give something back related to the roads. Finally I would have taken her drivers license and issued an order that she could have it back IF she choose to take the classes. I would have put a number on the classes. If she started and then stayed away it would be her loss. It should be her choice.

I believe that Lohan is a good actress who has to pay a price so she can act. I believe that she was pushed into the business because her family needed an income. I believe that if she had been allowed to choose her line of work on her own like many other kids, we would not have seen her near a stage. I believe that her family got her addicted because they wanted the money and now she is caught up in the mess. She likes the money and has realized that she can choose between working and doing her mixture of prescription medication and alcohol or she can retire from the business and do something else where she can live without medication and alcohol.

Her case is not rare. I know a lot of people who are addicts because they were forced to live a life they are not comfortable with. They were general underachievers being pushed into situations they cannot handle. I have a perfect good advice to parents: If your child is an underachiever then let your children underachieve!. You do not want your child to pay the price Lohan is paying!

I feel for the other inmates who are suffering because Judge Revel punished them indirectly by putting Lohan in their jail. I feel for Lohan because she didn’t get the right consequences of her actions. I feel for the people using the roads in California because they have to live in a society where people drink and drive.

Now my neck hurts again and I have to stop writing.

Don’t drink and drive!!!

More worries if you send your children abroad

In culture on July 20, 2010 at 17:35

I got some reactions to my post from last Saturday, so I will just make this short post to address the criticism.

Jan K from somewhere in Denmark wrote to me that while Italy is generally known to be a tourist trap in the worst interpretation of the word, recent development in the United States should be a warning for any young Dane thinking of a stay over there.

I learned of a case where a young Dane studying at Yale (some Knightsbridge look-alike as we know it in Denmark university) over in the United States was sentenced for having a photo of his former girlfriend on his computer. She was undressed but the photo has not even been distributed. He was punished extreme harsh for something which is quite ordinary and no criminal offense in Denmark before you send it to someone. The case is rightful registered as an act of xenophobia.

But I found it really shocking that they still punish people for adultery. Last month a woman named Suzanne Corona was arrested and charged in New York. Remember this is not the Middle East but perhaps the war on terrorism might have forced the justice system to cave in to avoid claims of racism as many have been quick to claim us Danes to be guilty at.

This is also the year 2010 and still they have moved nowhere since the days where Hester Prynne had to wear the letter “A” on her clothes in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s masterpiece of a novel from 1850.

Further research shows that you risk serious prison time if you become part of a case of adultery in Michigan. We are talking life sentence. What can I say? Go home Iran! You cave in once the rest of the world complains about playing with stones in such cases. Look what they are capable at in Michigan. You can learn something.

But young Danes can learn something also. They can remain at home instead of putting them at risk abroad. It must be the most important lesson and I want to say sorry to Jan K for making my last entry too centered about Europe and especially Italy.

The Danish summer is too hot for some of our ministers

In culture on July 17, 2010 at 17:33

This week it has been really hot in Denmark with a sky with no clouds. In fact it has been so for almost three weeks.

When the summer is too high, some people go crazy in the heat. There have been some of the one-sided attacks on bikers which for some reason seem to have been introduced as a special Danish custom. If you want to visit, use a car or anything else with four wheels and don’t wear letter, keep your face shaved.

But the worst case of overheat came from our minister of science – Charlotte Sahl-Madsen. Yes we have such a position as the most innovative person in the world.

When she forgot to drink she started talking about that every of our young people who is studying at our universities should be exiled of Denmark for about 6 months, so they could see how much better we are.

The entire Denmark was shocked as everybody knows that it would be more than a loss of 6 months of studying. A massive amount of stories hit the media where students who had been out studying at Hardward, Harvvard and all the rest look-alike universities had difficulties about getting the education they have received abroad accredited back home in Denmark. It doesn’t matter whether we are speaking of the University in Malmoe or one in Sri Lanka. We have to maintain a certain level among our graduates, so of course each subject they have taken abroad must be the center of a year-long investigation so the Danish universities can discover fraud.

Remember as they so correctly state it at Exchange Student Information in Copenhagen when we are taking high school none U.S. High School can provide education on a level which include all aspects of life including the social part as they do it at Danish High School where they have Friday bars for the students, so an exchange student will miss a full year, so why should it be another case just because we are talking higher education?

But it is not only the education which are the matter of concern. We are talking safety also. Even in Europe Danish students could be at risk. Take a country like a Italy. Not only did they frame a young American named Amanda Knox for murder of some English student. Danish students who are used to drive to school due to poor public transportation can risk a lot of fines because the cities in Italy has introduced something they calls environmental zones where only local citizens can enter with their cars. These zones are not fenced off. They just have a little sign in Italian so our students would rather cruel been forced to speak the dialect they use down there.

Also kissing in cars will result in a massive fine. And finally they will have to have all their goods sent down to them with help from the Danish customs because in Italy a copy of so-called brand can result in a fine of 1,000 Euros or more. In Denmark where we are burdened by heavy taxes because the rest of Europe cannot pay their bills, causing hardship to an extend unknown in every other country on Earth, none cares about copyright on clothes and small household stuff. However it is another case in Italy and you can risk a fine for the clothes, watch and sunglasses you bought legally in Copenhagen when you enter Italy.

So you risk more than being framed for a murder. You risk bankruptcy and wasting your time academically.

I personally believe that she should have been forced to resign as result of her statements. When you serve the people in a highly trusted position you should think about what you say before you say it. I hope that it was the worst case of sunstroke this summer. As a Dane we must endure a lot. Properly more than citizens in any other country you can think off. But there have to be a limit and this is it!

Don’t hire a foreigner

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2010 at 08:18

A new law prevent Danes from hiring a foreigner.

Foreigners in Denmark have a number of papers they have to obtain in order to work legally in Denmark. Until now the foreigners had received a fine if they did get caught working without these papers.

The new law means that the Danes who hire a foreigner will receive a fine of DKK 10,000 if the paper work is not in order. Even the private houseowner who hire a foreigner to paint his house will receive this fine.

The Danes can search in a database where they can check on the persons they want to hire. It costs them DKK 2,750 per search.

The new law is aimed to fight unemployment among Danes. It is estimated that the present crisis can be stopped if the unemployed Danes can get a job instead of foreigners because foreigners who live less than 3 years in Denmark can enter a special system where they can avoid to pay full Danish tax.

Utjekkede håndværkere koster dig bøde, by Jacob Gyldenløve Aaen, Denmarks Radio, July 11, 2010 (Article in Danish)

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