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The day, Denmark died

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Denmark is no longer the nation I have known. The country I have lived in the most of my life. It lost the very foundation it is built upon.

Whenever times were hard, we Danes used humor to battle the torment and abuse we were exposed to.

We did it when we were defeated after intense fighting during WWII. Times were hard – some even claim that it was worse than the dark years under Anker Joergensen in the 1970’s. But still we were able to make fun out of the Germans who abused our nation for 5 dark years.

We did make fun of the people who are behind the criminals of present gang war where innocent people are gunned down in the middle of the street. We were succesful and won the cartoon war.

Making fun of thing is our way of survival. We pay more than 50 percent of our income in taxes and the central regime in Copenhagen don’t even offer early retirement anymore. Those days where Denmark was a welfare country are gone without early retirement. Early retirement – “Efterløn” – was the basis of our welfare state.

So we are struggling to survive. Not even 1000 hunger disasters down in Africa can even messure close to our struggles right now.

But still there was a small light. Still we were allowed to make fun of things at all time at all things.

Until yesterday!

A businessman from Aarhus was arrested and charged for a bomb threat. We all know how it is to be passenger by a airline company. You are treated like cattle. A young Dane was even exposed to xenophobia over in Florida. So the natural reaction from a Dane would be to make fun of the situation.

But because the terrorists have won the war against terrorism, we are afraid of our own shadow. No terrorist in the world would even mention a bomb or tell that he had placed one. So every mentioning of a bomb in a airport should make the security aware that there is none!

The Danes don’t get it. If you look at the reactions to this article, you can see that the ordinary Danes are shocked:

Aarhusiansk erhvervsleder bag bombejoke, Aarhus Stiftstidende

I hope this case goes to trial. I hope that he get aquitted. If he don’t our time as a free nation has expired. This case show that nothing would be left to live for, if we cannot escape abuse mentally by telling a joke.

Maybe Denmark as nation died on this day. I sincerely hope not.

To wear a scarf or not

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Last we woke up to the rather shocking news that a young girl was selected to enter a mosque with her school class and in relationship with that visit the teacher ordered her to wear a scarf during that visit.

A public outrage filled the newspapers in Denmark and soon the school had to make a press release where they assured both parents and the rest of the nation that they would never force an innocent girl to do that.

The destiny of this little girl was saved and then we all can be satisfied or….

Of course not!

The story started with a letter from the school telling this little girl that she cannot get education unless she surrender her dignity. Such a letter with such a huge impact cannot be written by just one teacher or a team of teachers. The school administration must have known or they are not entitled to function in that job.

We must demand a public investigation into this matter.

We are talking of the largest assault on a persons identity beside genital multilation. When you order people to dress in the same way or impose a uniform on them it is to remove their identity. In some countries inmates wear uniforms, but in Denmark not even murders are imposed to the same sanctions as this little girl. The opposition against uniforms in the school environment is the most important reason for movement warning against language courses aboard.

To make matters worse the reactions from the parents are even more shocking. While the general public showed their support for the mother, the other parents in the school did not. Where is parenting at all these days? Are parents not supposed to protect their children?

I admire this brave mother. She stood up against the school administration, which clearly had a hidden agenda. She turned to the public when the school failed her and her daughter. She couldn’t be sure of the support in advance.

But she got the support. She saved her daughter. What about we other parents woke up from our sleep and started to get out there and make a difference for our kids, so they can have a future at all?

She is a role model we all should be proud of.

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