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Well. The parents won’t so we must instead

In culture on November 27, 2015 at 13:53

In Alabama they once had a private boot camp called Restoration Youth Academy where parents could dump their children so they could go on cruise or something else. Parenthood is not always the finest but challanges comes with the neighborhood and I am happy to say that I am proud of my kids despite we not agreeing on everything.

I found a link to a site where people can help a young man getting home. He spent too much time in this boot camp and learned very little about life other than being yelled at. The Boot Camp moved around a lot until it was raided early this year. The employees and owner are the subject of a police investigation. Many of the parents are for some reason not. Maybe the social services should look very closely at these families. There might be siblings in need of rescue.

Anyway. I have not very much money but I sent a little amount.

It is both a strange and evil world we live in.

You can send too using this link: Stranded Teen Trying To Get Home (Go Fund me)

Denmark looks at Australia in order to save our collapsed school-system

In culture on November 26, 2015 at 06:57

In 1951 the Australian School of the Air broadcasted for the first time. For more than 50 years this concept has functioned very well for the students living far away from the cities.

2016 will most likely be the first year Denmark will try this concept out. Now Radios have been replaced by Internet based schooling but this move has been necessary as result of both the migration crisis and the general cuts in Danish education. Over a period of very few years Denmark will cut billions on the education system.

It means shortage of teachers and because it is considered inhumane to banish a person more than 20 kilometers away to seek a career because it would result in isolation from family and friends, it has been hard – almost impossible for schools outside the major cities to find teachers who can speak foreign languages or teach in technical demanding subjects which requires higher education.

So the future is online based schooling resembling the Australian concept. Now children living maybe 20 to 30 miles away can get an education like they do in the cities.

We have to praise our politicians for their effort to find solutions in this time of crisis.

A prayer for France

In politics on November 14, 2015 at 07:27

Like the cowards they are terrorists once again attacked ordinary citizens who might never even have heard about the conflicts the terrorists promote.

I will send my prayers to people in France.

I don’t really have more words for this tragedy so I will just stop here.

Debbie – Candi is looking for you

In culture on November 12, 2015 at 19:06

I is not known is the Debbie who posted on a blog made in connection with arrests of employees and owners of the Reclamation Ranch in Alabama is the Debbie Candi was looking for.

It seems that both Debbie and Candi were among the prisoners of Conscience locked up at the Rebekah girls home in Corpus Christi (Yes, they actually called the city that) in Texas.

Here the girls were subjected to massive abuse involving corporal punishment and prayers. Many broke, some committed suicide after their stay and some managed to escape. Candi wrote:

My first roommate was a Debbie. It was Oct 1975 when I arrived. We shared the first room on left, down the right side hallway, off the living room area. There was a hole in the wall, hidden behind the bed’s headboard, to one of the lockup rooms… A hole, that ironically, became my source of sanity, as Debbie and Kim, whispered to me, trying to calm me, when I found myself Christmas night, in that horrible room. My crime, I shared a smoke with two other girls, behind the school, after lunch. Spent the afternoon on my knees begging for forgiveness. It wasn’t to be forgiven… That night, between 15 and 20 licks, thru thin pjs, deemed a ringleader, by aunt n., a pinched faced spinster, and thrown into lockup for 3 days. The other two only got licks for smoking. I ran in April 1976. It was a Sunday night, with 15 minutes to go before church got out, that I slipped through the broken window, a hole created by the 3 new girls who ran earlier that same evening. I knew what would happen if I was caught. I’d seen it myself before to others who’d tried. My gut told me to GO! I MADE IT!! I GOT AWAY! I hid behind a small sage bush as church traffic poured out onto the road. I sprinted across the road and walked thru crops in the fields at night, hitting the dirt when I saw headlights. Crossed a fence onto a military base, across the field near the airstrip, under another fence onto a main highway, picked up by a Mexican couple and was gone!

Are you my Debbie? I too hadn’t thought about this place in years. I googled Roloff on 1/2/13, not expecting to find anything not knowing the politics going on behind it.

Did you find a rebekah support group? Can you share where? Is there a way to rewatch 20/20 show?

At some point the state of Texas intervened and put the pastor responsible – Lester Roloff – behind bars.

When the paster crashed and died in a plane together with his “special girls” his employees moved out of state and created a number of group homes in several states. Many of them has been the target of investigations by the authorities.

Both Reclamation Ranch and the Rebekah home in Texas is among those listed as Teen Asylums.

It seems to be a very sick culture.

An Agnes of God case from California

In culture on November 7, 2015 at 17:08

Many remember the play “Agnes of God” where a dead baby is found in a convent. Last year a verdict came in a very similar case where a baby was found mummified on the campus of River View Christian Academy in California which at that time was called Julian Youth Academy.

The nature of the school is very much like being forced to live in a convent. No high schools parties, no late night adventures, no Friday bars which is of much concern to me living in a time where we must prevent our youth from being marginalized so they travel down and support ISIS as some young Danes already have done. Anti-social behavior like abstinence and as result therefrom the isolation from peers must be observed and reported. This Academy held these young people in an environment which is a lot different than the one you find in a typical high school. An environment based on a religious strictness providing the teenagers with no ability to live a normal productive life without a lot of time for adjustment afterwards.

Maybe it was the harshness of facing the real world which led for this young woman to return to the school after she graduated the schools behavior modification program and become a counselor. Ill equipped to live outside but given a little more freedom than the students she engaged in a relationship. Out of fear to disappoint and even risk being shunned and abandoned both regarding job and family she simply didn’t know what to do when the baby was born.

The baby died from starvation according to the medical reports. It is a very unpleasant death for such a little human being but not very far from being strangled with clothes as it was the case in the original case in the 1970’s where a nun was acquitted due to her mental condition clearly being damaged by her stay in a religious environment.

Why was this woman then convicted of first degree murder? She had endured such a strict unbalanced religious environment just as the nun in the 1970’s case. Was it due her past labeling her as a bad and troubled girl?

It seems more than likely. People have no sympathy for her even given the fact that she didn’t choose to attend this boarding school in the first place.

I do condone murder of a child. I do condone the existence of places like River View Christian Academy. In Denmark group of young people fought hard to close Solhaven because it was existing using violence and untrained staff hired due to the size of their muscles. I believe that the staff at River View Christian Academy would use violence to prevent the teenagers from leaving and I find the very existence of this place wrong.

The teenagers who are forced to attend this school may have issues but they are often issues found rather common in our modern society where lawyers and huge companies fight very hard to earn money to a movie and entertainment industry where life with excessive drinking and use of drugs becomes the role models many teens aim for.

Why do we focus on punishing the teenagers when stars are treated lenient and the big companies using bribes to get orders to the public system gets off easy? Shouldn’t the politicians put a stop to the prevention of copyrights breaches as short as 5 years after a movie has been shown for the first time when the profit is used finance unmorally life styles choices?

Our money is used to market a live with sex, alcohol and drugs in amount far beyond normal consumption as we see it in our Friday bars. A marketing preying on our children and then we try to shelter them in sick religious environments like they have at River View Christian Academy which damages our children to an extent that they will face difficulties catching up with the life they left behind. It is as senseless at it can be.

Life simply doesn’t stop to surprise me.


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