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Some parents have not the best interest of their children in mind

In culture on August 28, 2013 at 20:39

In Sweden they have boarding schools like in most countries. Some of the boarding schools are for the elite and to some extend financed by the taxpayers. Of course it happens that children from homes with lower status end up at the school and then the children from the upper class feel that they have to “parent” them.

And parenting they were. The older students branded the new students with hot irons. They raped the new students with broomsticks and they spanked the new students with leather straps. It has been widely known by a lot of people for decades but in a time with internet the dirty secret couldn’t be confined among the finer people. The media caught the information and the department of education in Sweden was forced to start an investigation into the boarding schools and found points of interest in all 3 boarding schools.

Lundsberg was however the worst and when students were branded with hot irons once again to a degree where one had to be taken to the hospital the department of education had enough. Lundsberg was closed. The students were sent home so they could attend public day schools. However a number of parents still want their children to be harassed into order so they have phoned the two other schools who had similar cases of abuse in the past.

I ask: What kind of parents are they. Is their career so important that they cannot move home and let their children attend a normal day school? I understand they cannot use a school abroad. Living in a country as Denmark with a superior education system, no school abroad could give an education which is useful for anything. I have children and it have brought me to a decision that I – despite several offers of jobs abroad – will remain in Denmark until my children are finished with the education system.

Having children is a gift. I want to spend as much time that I can with them before they leave for their adult life. Then job and career must be second priority. I am speechless thinking about these Swedish parents.

India – a country which should never have been

In business culture on August 22, 2013 at 20:34

Has the investor lost faith in India growth story?

That is the question a newspaper asks. The answer is simple. Yes. There is no market left. With their attack on the Danish justice system they have shown that they are not ready to receive international investments. When a company sends employees to a foreign country there is something called security. If the employees can fall victim to local laws even they manage to get out of a country in time, then it is safer not to place money and employees in this country.

Second what is India? The fact is that India is not a real country. It is a central government out of touch with it population which bullied itself to power by forcing a number of the so-called Princely States to be included in India. For an investor it is difficult to target marketing against a pattern of many citizens who have no common identity.

It is too big and uncharted market for any foreign investor to take on and the lack of understanding what a modern state should include when it comes to justice and individual rights of the citizens make it only worse. Last but not least India have shown the will to use armed forces against people who were willing to negotiate as it was the case with the Princely States and later Portugal when the citizens of Goa and other Portugal areas were denied rights like the citizens of Hong Kong in China.

India is not a place for foreign investment. Maybe they should try to develop their ship-breaking industry and pesticide industry instead which are two areas where they have attracted international attention.

Has the investor lost faith in India growth story? (India times)

I have been invited to co-author a blog

In culture on August 16, 2013 at 19:42

I was approached by the human rights group called Domestic Prisoners of Conscience. They run a number of webpages because they want to better the conditions for minors who live apart from their family in either foster care, rehab or boarding schools.

One of their operations is called 1000 places You don’t want to be as a teenager

They asked me if I wanted to help them gathering facts and because I am a father to two wonderful children I felt that I was in no position to say no. I accepted and am now co-author of the blog.

We as parents have an obligation to secure the best possible option for our children in a world where there really isn’t a positive future ahead for them. We have left them with little possibility of early retirement which is the meaning of life. Due to our accept of the work politicians and diplomats have done in the European Union and in the World Trade Organization it is hard to protect our industry from being competed off the market by firms located in the third world where safety of the employees and salaries which can feed a family don’t exist.

So I felt that we have to secure them when they are struggling with illness or so-called addiction. Double standard morale has meant that alcohol consumption which was normal when I was child at workplaces would be judged as addiction today. Our children are pushed through the education system without joy or a number of parties which would make life tolerable into unemployment for no reason.

I know that putting individual schools, boot camp and wilderness program on such a list based on Danish values may be found to be judgmental by some, but because we Danes lives in a superior culture people can chose to read it or not. I no longer care what people think. It is my opinion and I stand by my words because I know that I grew up in a better place.

I am looking forward to my new job as author at the blog.

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