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Lolland shows a Danish version of Buckwild

In culture on August 20, 2016 at 05:16

Of course the mayor of Nakskov is not happy about the Danish documentary “På røven i Nakskov” which shows ordinary citizens in Nakskov which is located in the southern part of Denmark on the island of Lolland. It was a healthy part of Denmark until they closed the shipyard in Nakskov. It led to a downward spiral which today has led to that the authorities buy up houses in order to tear them down. They convert ordinary roads to dirt roads.

In 50 years the area would properly be converted into a national part and the population being forceful moved to the Copenhagen area where they with their almost none existing education can compeed about the unskilled labor with immigrants or people on welfare benefits who the firms in Denmark can hire on a labor house method called job-training where they don’t get paid but have to work for their welfare benefits. It gives the Danish firms an edge compared with foreign firms. It is disguised as “Job-training” so the European Union doesn’t discover how the Danish government provide the firms with cheap labor.

For a new child born in Nakskov the future will be 9 years of schooling followed by manual labor until retirement unless the child will cut the ties to his or her family and move away to get education. The question is: For which money? The Danish government will not continue aiding children from poor families to a long education, so they are planning to convert the Danish student grant system to a system where you borrow money instead from the state. So if your parents are not wealthy, you might be able to get an education but the result would be a life-long debt where the interests will rob you of all the benefits of the education.

The problem with schooling started in the 1950’s where the government planned a university in Næstved in the southern part of Sealand. But the staff they were going to hire, couldn’t locate the city because it was too far from Copenhagen. We are talking of more than 50 kilometers. So the university was placed in Roskilde. So now Copenhagen has 3 universities. Copenhagen University, Roskilde University and a department of Aalborg University.

It put a pressure of cheap housing and the problem is getting even worse because the local authorities in Copenhagen want to attract the rich people who is leaving London as result of Brexit. New one room student apartments in the Carlsberg city cost 3,000,000 DKK which is out of reach for even rich Danes. The Carlsberg city will be an island of rich foreigners like Nordhavn and to some extend Ørestad due to the insane parking price where you have to pay 12,000 DKK per year to earn the right to park just one car.

Of course the TV-documentary puts down the reputation of citizens in Nakskov who is just trying to survive. We are not talking about people partying insane. We are talking of showing how people try to survive fishing some fish getting fines just because it demands a lot of paper work. People working illegal without paying taxes fixing cars, people going to school because they are ordered, people suffering from various illnesses, people heating their old houses burning alcohol on in pots because their heating is turned off by greedy houseowners.

That is the way of life outside the major Danish cities. I found a link to a photo collection showing the housing standard in the areas even our government calls “The Rotten Banana”. If you didn’t know how the real Denmark look, you are welcome.

The Rotten Banana (Pinterest)

When it comes to fair trial money matters always and everywhere

In justice on August 14, 2016 at 10:03

Our local TV just broadcasted a TV-show about Sarah Pendler Jo Pender, who was sentenced 110 years for a murder which took place while she wasn’t home. Of course she helped the murderer covering up the murder but in a country where bad upbringing can free you of prison, 110 years seems to point the obvious out: She was poor. She was convicted already before she entered the court room.

Of course her deed shouldn’t go unpunished but what is the point of going after those who just clean up after crimes? They cannot remove evidence totally and they will be more willing to sell out if they have nothing to lose later. In the case of Michael Perry from Texas who allegedly killed a woman which today is considered a doubtful conviction based on the bizarre conduct by the arresting officer, one of the main witnesses had a very close connection with the local police – so close in fact that no names are mentioned because people have been killed for less when it comes to covering up plots by law information officers. This witness was never convicted of her actions connected to the murder. Michael Perry – a victim of the infamous Casa by the Sea boarding school which was closed by the authorities – has been executed, so the cover-up worked.

In Denmark we can mention the “Pedal Ove” case where a man was convicted of the murder of his wife almost totally based on bad reputation in the isolated Jutland community where he lived. He was cleared after having served 7 years in prison. He was given a compensation but in the local community was branded.

Sometime it is a question of some police officers and prosecuters trying to make a career. In Denmark we remember the case about a female so-called serial killer who claimed the lives of 23 people in the nursing home she worked in. The motive should have been that she financed her familys undertaker business. Years later it was proven that the real culpit was the doctor attached to the nursing home who made mistakes with medication. The doctor was quietly fined (because we are talking about rich people) and the poor woman released with her life destroyed.

Yes. Money means a lot when we are talking justice and it is all over the world.


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