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Week 21 – Life expectancy

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There is no news about the appeal, but it took another Dane who was wrongly accused of murdering his wife 4 years to clear his name. 4 years where he had little contact with his daughter, who was 3 years old when he was arrested based on evidence which was based on xenophobia.  Maxwell Mccord might have won the legal battle but he had to miss out a vital part of his daughter’s life for only being in the wrong country at the wrong time.

The hot topic in Denmark right now is the short life expectancy compared to other nations. It seems to be a problem for our government that the Danes only life about 75 years. They cannot raise the age for retirement which would force the citizens endure additional year in tax slavery.

Let me assure you as reader. The politicians are not thinking about quality of life when they want to fight for a better health for Danes. They want income they can spend abroad and use to profile themselves as international saviors. In fact there is a common term known as “the burden of elderly”. They want us to check out from this world as soon as we are finished as active taxpayers.

I learned that the key element for people outside the cities to remain mobile – the driver’s license should be easier to keep for people who are old and senile. The doctors should not check their patients so thorough when they are about 67 to 70, so they can remain on the roads. Maybe it is wise. Especially men die when they lose their drivers license and they are living at the countryside. They just sit in the good chair in the living room waiting to die.

But I also think that some consideration should be given to the other people who happen to be on the road. What if they are hit by a car driven by an old man unable to understand where he is? Sometime the police discover a person who has ended up several hundred kilometers from their destination just because they missed a turn somewhere.

Is it safe to have them on the road?

The answer must be Yes, if we really want to increase the life expectancy. The quality of life is gone if you only have public transport as an option and happens to live in a place where you have to take a bus as the only means of transportation. Most of us remember a part of our life where life was hard. A part of our life where we had to ride a bus instead of using our own car or a fast train.

I have to say that I would prefer that our politicians could let us live our lives as we choose to. Please increase the taxes if you want to play Santa Claus at whatever part of the world who claims that they are suffering. Please send young unemployed men out as soldiers without the proper equipment as you have done for years if you like.

But please tell the truth!

Tell that you are doing it because you as politician just want publicity like as rock or movie star!

Week 20 – Tom Bencke and the hardliners

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This week one of our parliament members attacked the critical press in the Camilla Broe case who has uncovered untrue or at least inaccurate statements from officials. A minister in the Danish parliament told that they are untrue.

We are talking of the very Tom Bencke, who wants to drop people who have been denied status as refugees down with parachutes if the country they came from wouldn’t take them back. So we are talking of the real hardcore protectors of the law.

But how far should a country go in order to secure justice? We can all agree on that no Dane should commit things abroad which are crimes according to our law and then flee home using our justice system which are recognized as the most advanced and superior in the world as shield.

We did it very easy for the prosecution in Miami. We send her over there because we believed that the charged were not met with the statutes of limitation. We send her over there with no money for lawyers unlike the United States did in the Imam Rapito case where some United States citizens took it on themselves to seek justice without any involvement of the administration. She has unlike the case in Italy not received one cent to aid her in her defense. It should have been an easy job. Without money she would have got a no-good defense lawyer which should have been unable to even spell her name, but it did not go that way.

But the fact is that Camilla Broe has not committed a crime according to Danish if they charges listed in the appeal should count for something. The prosecution has decided to include charges which are direct violation with the extradition agreement. Charges like “conspiracy”. Conspiracy is not a crime in Denmark. According to the extradition agreement they can only charge her on acts which are crimes in BOTH Denmark and the United States.

Maybe it is correct to deport people in Denmark to courts the world over regardless if charges don’t count in Denmark. In some countries it is a crime to convert to Christianity. It is correct to deport people to face trial for that?

Yes, it is acceptable for the hardliners if they accept the contents of the appeal.`

But for most people it is essential that the crime people are extradited for is an act which is a crime in Denmark also.

So Tom Bencke and the hardliners who insist of calling her guilty without a conviction belong to a small minority.

So for now it is safe to seek refuge in Denmark if you have chosen to join the Christian belief instead of being a heathen.

Week 19 – none takes responsibility

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At last the Danish parliament held a hearing in the Camilla Broe case. The minister of Justice Brian Mikkelsen stated that the DEA agent who testified in at the pre-trial hearing lied. Denmark did nothing to aid the case. It was all the work of the DEA in the United States.

The real question is:

Can you lie during pre-trial? Are an agent who gives testimony under oath at this point?

Those are the only questions to be answered in this case

Cleared of all charges but….

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I just heard that Camilla Broe was exonerated because the statutes of limitation were met. It was a ruling which allows the DEA to avoid a confrontation with the Danish minister of justice.

It remains unclear the prosecution will appeal the decision.

However we need a motive why the Danish authorities were to keen to ship her off on doctored charges. Because the DEA agent testified under oath, we must assume that it was an intense pressure from the Danish authorities which forced the DEA to demand her extradited.


We need a motive. With a motive I mean that it shoud be another than the rumor going around Danes right now. The evil rumor that it was done to the politicians over in Copenhagen could get rid of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who is a skilled and popular politician. So popular that none could go for the job as Prime Minister as long as he remained in the country.

Personally I don’t believe this rumor, because the personal motive of the minister of Justice lacks. She has too many failures on her record. She entered the parliament lying about where she lived so she could collect money for non-existing travelling. She reformed both the police and the court system, so people cannot reach the police when they need to. People cannot report a crime in person. They have to use the Internet which is a challenge for elderlies and blind people. It will freeze in hell before she can become a Prime minister.

So where is the motive for letting Camilla Broe suffer 3 years in court systems and I don’t know for how many days in jail?

Week 18 – various countries

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While there are no new updates in the case due to the fact the prosecution has access to the most significant evidence in the case, let us look at other cases where foreign countries have demanded extradition of persons they believe are guilty of a crime.

First there is a case where a person was abducted from the streets in some Italian city. Italy believes that is was CIA which abducted this man to one of their secret prisons. Italy has demanded that 23 CIA should be extradited. The United States didn’t want to extradite them but settled with paying the legal bills for the lawyers despite denying any involvement with the case. So the trial took place without the defendants and the CIA agents were convicted. Still United States didn’t extradite the convicted persons and some believe that an American Student named Amanda Knox got to pay for the alleged crimes of the CIA when she was convicted of a murder in a kind of show trial where the jurors performed like they were defending the honor of their country wearing sashes in national colors when they delivered the sentence.

Now there is the case with the security firm Blackwater. Iraq believes that they broke the law and want them prosecuted. I don’t know what to think about this case. The alleged crime took place in a war zone where the possible attackers were too cowardly to be dressed in uniforms and fight the security firm fair. They were using the population as shields, hiding behind them like a little child hides under the skirt of his mother.

But as it was the case with the Massacre of Cermis, they could take it to trial in the United States. While it could be a difficult trial because the alleged crime was committed in a war zone, it could send the message that Iraq that the United States takes their concerns serious.

Another security guard Daniel Fitzsimons is jailed in Bagdad after a small incident cause a possible accidental shot of two of his colleges. While he must be considered a hero for taking this kind of job regardless of the fact that he was ill before traveling to Iraq, justice must be served. But also in this case should he be transferred back home for a trial. He alone is not to blame in this sad case. Some in the company we worked for should have recognized his illness but choose to set profit before security. While Iraq of course should demand justice in cases which had taken place in their country, they should recognize where they have been if foreign countries had not invaded their country. They would have been suffering under a dictator, so they could show a little gratitude and let the courts abroad decide in these cases.

But it is important that people should face justice for their actions. In the case against Camilla Broe she could have been tried before a Danish court if the DEA had turned the evidence over to the Danish authorities. Almost every year tourists are convicted for crimes against children they have committed abroad once they are reported based on the photos they have taken. Denmark wants justice done. We have no problem by convicting people for crimes committed in another country. It is cheaper for the taxpayers in both countries. Remember IF Camilla Broe is convicted, then she has to be transferred back home within 6 months where the sentence given by the court in Florida will be annulled and replaced by a Danish sentence. The obvious question is: Why use the taxpayer’s money for 3-4 years of trials in two countries when it could have been dealt with within a few months?

The Camilla Broe case became a turning point in our history. While none has claimed that she has transported one single pill across the border, the basis of the case against her is her alleged conspiracy. Conspiracy is not a crime in Denmark, so the list of charges was doctored hours within her departure from Denmark.

But you can extradite people for claimed crimes like conspiracy you have to accept that laws are different in other countries so Denmark had to show that the case against Camilla Broe was not a special case just to satisfy the United States. We have to show respect to other countries too. So we have started a massive deportation of refugees from Iraq so they can be sent home and face possible crimes like converting to Christianity which for some odd reason is a crime in several countries. But if you accept that conspiracy can be a crime in one country, then you also have to accept that conversion can be a crime in another. Almost 100 refugees have been returned since summer and we will not stop helping Iraq to seek justice.

Now were we have done our duties we just wait for the United States to do theirs so they can swap the 23 CIA agents for Amanda Knox so this hostage case can come to an end.

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