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After Brexit the European Union will only mumble in mittle European Dialects

In politics on June 28, 2016 at 07:02

After Brexit the European Union will only mumble in middle European Dialects

Inside the European Union, official documents and speeches will no longer be conducted in English. Beside showing a behavior like small children the move also have the advantages that CIA and NSA cannot understand it as easily as the local dialects have become more seldom – especially after the collapse of both the German and French colonial empire.

However, it will also bring the result that the rest of the counties might consider leaving the European Union and join EFTA instead. Trade across borders are very much made based on English language and by not choosing to speak English the Union might scare businesses off as trade is done based on local legislation and businesses need stability to deal and especially invest in local departments.

For many years, Danish firms have established departments abroad and when they do, they follow local laws and local customs. If you take a trial like the one the Danish state conducted against the firm Carl Bro, it was established that bribe is a vital part of German culture when you aim for local contracts and Danish firm have the right to deal in local manner.

Now where even legislation on a European level might be done in local dialects only, it would be costly for businesses from countries like the United States to enter Europe and expand their market there.

The future of Europe doesn’t look bright but this time the European Union cannot blame the demise on Brexit. It is choice they made and they have to take blame for their own choices.

The day we Danes realized that our society was torn apart

In culture on June 27, 2016 at 05:27

For several decades the percentage of young Danes who enter what equals high school in Denmark – The gymnasium has risen. It has worried the present government because higher education in Denmark is very much something which demands wealthy parents or at least parents who have received academically training themselves.

The present government has introduced stop-tests. They want fewer to graduate high school. The firms all over Denmark cries out for cheap labor. Now where we are part of the Europen Union they demanded a change or they would either move jobs to the eastern part of Europe or send busses down there transporting cheap labor to Denmark where they could live in tents serving in the firms. They would be much easier to control than Danish workers because if they speak up they would be fired which would mean that they will have to walk back home to their home country.

So the government made the change. Now children from poor families in Denmark will find it very difficult to enter high school. You have to have 02 which equals C to do that. It is hard to get when you find that in a lot of public schools more than 70 percent of teachers change job every summer. A student in fifth grade can easily have as many as 8 math teachers. Do you then become good in that subject? Of course not. The rich people in Denmark use private schools instead.

studentervognSo the youth has become frustrated. An old Danish tradition has been that the graduating students hire a van where they drive around to the families of the graduating students drinking beer and wine all day. They become very drunk and everybody has a great day.

But not this year. Because the vans have become targets of attack for the underprivileged. Rotten eggs, paint and acid has been thrown at the students. Some were blinded temporary.

That is also Denmark as result of our membership of the European Union. A divided country between those who have the chances in life and those who don’t stand a chance at all. The gang wars are increasing. Several people were shot in the streets last month. Membership of the gangs are the chance for many young people to break out of poverty now where the police guard our borders for people trying to leave Denmark to fight for ISIS.

In the past we have tried everything to keep the youth in high school. Our famous friday bars where the young students can drink a glass of beer or wine after school made many remain in school and prevented a high dropout rate. It reduced the cliques, it brought students together, most important students felt like students instead of an isolated misfit in school.

I fear for Denmark. If it becomes popular to be a failure and just be angry at the world, Denmark would not stand a chance in a globalized world. I think that we should take a timeout. We want Danix – an exit of Denmark from the European Union. A time to find ourselves. We need to give everyone a chance at a shot of success. Forget grades. Let everyone study at high school and let them fail on individual level so they can get angry at themselves instead of angry at the society.

Worst case scenario when you are angry or disappointed with yourself is suicide. Worst case scenario when you are angry at the society are attack on innocent people.

What about the pride of the French people?

In politics on June 25, 2016 at 06:01

In 1959 France removed themselves from NATO. As a proud people they didn’t like the increased influence on NATO by the United States. The result was a born-again proud France.

Now many years later they remain in the European Union which basically now can be considered as “Germany and all the rest”. It is the economy in Germany which holds the European Union together. It leaves very little room for independent movements in French. The Germans play the music of their choice and France is reduced to dance following the tune.

What about the ordinary people in France?

A contributing reason for many people in United Kingdom to vote against the European Union were that they were banned from their own capital. Rich people from outside the European Union – many of them loaded Russian people with lot of money have purchased houses to such an extend that none of the ordinary citizens can afford to live there.

Where will these people go and buy houses now where their estates are outside Europe which is the playground they use to spent their money in. Will they start buying up housing in Paris forcing ordinary people out of Paris? They would never go to Berlin due to strict tax-rules in Germany. A lot of the money are earned in way which would be criminal in a lot of countries.

Maybe it is time for the French people to show the world that they are not just another of the countries which will settle dancing after the music played by the Germans. Maybe it is time to show the world that they never forgot the greatness of Charles de Gaulle.

The rest of the world is waiting for an answer to the question whether France remains one of the great countries in Europe or they are reduced to “another one of the rest”.

Today is the day: Brexit

In politics on June 23, 2016 at 04:51

Today is the day Britain can lead the way for a new improved Europe by leaving the European Union. As a Dane I hope for the best. I hope for a future for my children where we Danes can sleep safe behind our guarded borders without having to worry about home-invasions committed by people from the Eastern part of Europe.

The Danish prisons have a huge percentage of foreigners who is not sent back to do their time at home. No country in the Eastern part of Europe seem to realize the message they send us when 10 percent of the entire inmate population consist of people they allowed to leave their country in order to commit crimes in Denmark.

The sad fact is that there very well could be nice people over there, but if you ask Danes people from the Eastern part of Europe are in general viewed as criminals because they have sent us the worst of the worse. As our shops. They have to hire a massive number of security people. Entire busses of criminals are driven to Denmark there they commit shoplifting in teams.

If they only settled with shoplifting. The home-invasions are worse. Normal people are selling expensive stuff. They don’t dare own nice things which can give the impression that they have done good in life.

So we Danes are unsafe and worried as result of Denmarks particition in the Schengen Agreement. For now Sweden has introduced border control between Denmark and Sweden. They have forced Denmark to do the same at the German border. It provides a little safety for the summer but how will the world look like when Sweden stops their control?

We need to make the border control a permanent one.

We also need to separate foreign and domestic transport systems. Right now it is rather difficult to reach our main airport in Copenhagen by train. Why? Due to the Swedish border control. It has reduced the number of train which can reach the airport because all the trains continue on to Sweden.

What we need to do and it can be done for fewer money than people think is to construct 2 ekstra train platforms. There are two tracks which today only are used by freight trains. Here they can park the Swedish trains so the two transport systems become separated. Then there would be 2 platforms for Danish trains and 2 platforms for Swedish trains. They can double the capacity.

But first and foremost we need to address the fact that we are not European. We are Danish, Swedish, British, Dutch, French and many more. We all have our proud history. We can make deals together but I don’t want to live like a French dude and he would never like to live like me with a lunch break of only 30 minutes and a retirement age of about 68.

That is why Britain most leave the European Union and let us Danes do the same. I hope that they set the pace. I want to sleep safely.

Dear Putin: Collective responsibility exists outside sports

In politics on June 18, 2016 at 05:42

I noticed that Mr. Putin wasn’t happy about Russian atlets being denied right to compete in Rio. They have trained for years and now they are not allowed to participate in the Olympic Games because many of their countrymen and women have cheated in the past.

Is it fair?

I find it too much, but I also have to correct Mr. Putin. He asked if someone would punish the entire family if a family member committed a crime.

In Denmark people can be evicted from their apartment in a family member – even a child commits a crime in the local neighborhood. So if a son or daughter shoplifts, fight or rob people locally, the entire family is evicted from their apartment.

Once again people demostrate that they lack knowledge about what makes Denmark a very gruesome place to be if you are poor or hit by social circumstances. This eviction law has never hit someone with money enough to take this matter to courts. It only hits people with low income or people with foreign ethnic origins which based on many immigrants experiences can be labeled as social circumstances.

I hope that the individual russian atlet who is clean will find their way to compete in Rio. Otherwise I would not watch the games. I also find personal responsibility higher than collective responsibility. It is not my job to stop fellow Danes from speeding on the streets. It is my responsibility to obey the laws in my car.

Mr. Putin has a good point despite the fact that he doesn’t know Denmark very well.

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