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March went by

In culture, politics on March 31, 2011 at 08:26

and we had a quiet month here in Denmark. I have a few stories I would like to write about:

Consumer Advice

The summer is not far away and if tourists may find their way to Denmark let me give you a piece of advice. Do not enter a shop where they sell contact lenses or eyeglasses and offer that they can test your eyesight. You will get cheated. They will claim that you are almost blind. And they will offer you an item which will set you back several thousand of dollars.

Stay out of these shops. It is the best advise I can give you.

New minister for integration – new start

The old minister Hornbech was thrown away paying the price for a politic which at least three ministers before her had conducted on the order of our former prime minister Fogh Rasmussen. The new minister for integration is call Pind. It is a new bright start for Denmark before now as he will work for Cultural assimilation. For too long we have tried to allow people to live at their terms in Denmark and the answer has been increased violence. Children down to age 5 is actively part of huge gangs of youth trying to rob pedestrians.

It is never been a danish custom to rob people just because they walk your street. Instead our youth are peaceful hanging out drinking beers with each other once they have been confirmed aged 14 or 15.

I wish Pind the best of luck.


So now we are involved in Libya. I hope for 4 things to happen:

1) That our boys may return safe and unharmed
2) The Gaddafi may resign in one way or another
3) That it is made public what kind of deal United Kingdom made with them regarding the guy who was freed after he was convicted of blowing a airplane up
4) How much they paid for having their guy taking the post as president in France. While he let them down, it would still be fun to know how much so a post cost.

Making plans for May 20

According to some cult in the United States judgmentday will come on May 21. I was just looking on brochures regarding some wellness treatment which I plan to book on May 20 followed by the finest dinner I am able to cook. Anyone out there who knows where I can find a very good steak?

Boarding school violence in Denmark

Once again one of the boarding schools known here in Denmark as “Efterskoler” hit the headlines. The school called “Fenskaer Efterskole” knew that they had an environment where bullying was a common thing. Yet they failed to intervene and a student was subject of unspeakable violence. I got a mail that they will get their well-deserved spot on Fornits wiki any time soon.

Personally I cannot understand why parents will take such a risk with their children. All too many of these boarding schools restrict communication with parents and peers during the first months. The students cannot speak on cell phones in their dorms with their parents outside school time. They cannot use their computers to email their parents.

In Costa Rica it would be a crime. Just this month PANI raided a boarding school called Mentor School which functioned very much like the Danish Efterskoler. The student had access to a fine beach (The school was located in a former Hotel just next to the Ocean) and to the pleasant temperatures in Costa Rica. A super place according to their webpage. People paid good money to be at the hotel so why should the student not be happy?

Anyhow it is a crime in Costa Rica to isolate students from their parents. The student must be able to communicate with his or her parent. It should be a law in Denmark too.

Mold – child endangerment

If you live in a rented house with mold, move at once. It is the advice the organization for people who rent their apartment suggest. LLO as the organization is called wrote this in connection to a number of cases where people became ill after living in an apartment with mold. There is no place you can find help. If the landlord is closely connected to the authorities things could actually get a lot worse if you complain. A woman lost her child to the foster care system in an area known as Egedal over on the devils Island as we call Sealand. She complained to her landlord and he reported her for living in a dangerous environment with her child. The enviroment the landlord – a large company called KAB should have fixed.

So remember next time, you find mold in your apartment and you have children. Move!

Spring came

For the first time in three months we saw signs of Spring starting. It has been a cold, dark period.

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