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Dong-sale would increase the number of homeless families

In business culture, politics on January 30, 2014 at 17:42

Right now over government has to change. They lost one of the parties which they consist off. Socialist Peoples’ Party collapsed this morning and they will leave the government.

It is good news for ordinary citizens.

Goldman Sachs entry into the Danish energy system looked very much like the start of Samuel B. Dole’s takeover of Hawaii. We want Denmark to remain Danish. We want to keep our royal family.

So that is why we have to say no right now and not when it is too late and the Americans controls heat and electrical power.

We don’t need their dirty money which they have been earning in Europe without paying national taxes to each and every one of the countries they have been investing in.

Fact is that their purchase would have doubled the price of energy over time. It would have ended our position and the most developed country in the world when it comes to develop power from wind and sun. Recently Denmark has been able to create energy to support the entire state of Denmark without oil or coal.

We would have faced increased prices on power. People would have lost their homes. They would have been forced to live in tents.

More than 200,000 Danes have signed petitions against U.S purchase of our firms. The next move will be to appeal to every Danes not to buy goods from the United Sites. One battle have been won but the war is not over yet.


Prague – that is how you are marketed out in the big world

In culture on January 24, 2014 at 18:24
Marketing of prague

Marketing of prague

Do you as a citizen in Prague wonder who tons of drunken youth come to your city just to party, have sex and drink alcohol? Do you believe that your city has other things to offer?

Maybe your city has but it is not how it is marketed. I took the liberty to copy the front page of just one of the travel agencies who offer trips to Prague. If you study the page further you will notice that there is no focus on your culture, your churches. The focus is on partying, having fun and nightclubs.

I know that the police and the hotels had a hard time servicing ten thousands of Danish teenagers who went there last year. In Denmark it is legal and expected that teenagers aged 16 drink alcohol. It is normal and easy to handle in Denmark but we have of course thousand years of experience allowing children drinking alcohol.

I have to say that I was tired of hearing of complains from the authorities in Prague. I have to state that you get the kind of customers you advertise for. Change your marketing strategy and the problems will be over.

Website of one of the traveling agencies

Tourists are still not welcome in Denmark

In culture on January 22, 2014 at 17:39

This week we had a massive breakdown of the computer system, which runs all mayor credit card transactions in Denmark. It was impossible for people to pay for goods or use machines for parking tickets. A lot of Danes had to stay home because they could not enter buses or park because most public transport no longer accept cash due to the risk of robbery and manned banks are seldom due to the cost of having employees talking to customers. In many cities you no longer can be serviced by your bank manager. You have to use the computer at home or make cash redrawals from ATM’s. And the ATM’s were down and closed due to the breakdown.

So as a tourist you will face problems whenever this happens because the parking firms still collect fines even when you cannot pay by credit card on the unmanned parking lots.

It is safe to say that it would be a costly trap for a tourist to fall in, so I have to state that it would be safer to find another country to visit.

Parking companies still issued fines (Denmarks Radio)

Green-cards to Denmark are still a scam

In business culture on January 20, 2014 at 19:36

Back in 2012 I wrote a blog entry about people being lured to Denmark believing that their hard-earned education could secure them a job in Denmark despite the fact that our education system is on a so much higher level.

A lot of people have read the blog entry. Some have emailed me trying to tell me that I was mistaken.

But articles in the Danish newspapers this week proved me right. Immigrants with PhD in philosophy find themselves working as cleaners. It seems to be unfair taking into consideration that they often have spent 5 years or more taking classes at their local universities or colleges. But that is what a foreign exam qualifies them to. It is not slave labor as some articles suggest. It is about an intense competition with local workers. And the local people are under pressure. They are forced to write applications for at least 8 jobs regardless if they are qualified to seek it or not. If they don’t they cannot get social welfare.

So the jobs are not there. I wish that our politicians would abandon the green card system to Denmark. It is a scam. It is a lie to make people abroad believes that there are jobs to get in Denmark and lure them here to jobs they in no way can qualify themselves for unless they start their entire schooling over.

To jobs applicants:

Stay out of Denmark. If you travel here you will be forced to work for almost nothing. Don’t waste your money hoping to find a job in Denmark.


Prague doesn’t need tourists so why travel down there

In culture on January 17, 2014 at 18:27

Last year Prague showed them unable to house tourists. A Danish student was stabbed and many spoke of poor service and aggressive police.

If you look at the advertisement tourists were given before they went there the message was clear:

After 40 years behind the iron curtain the city had reinvented itself as a place with lots of alcoholic drinks and plenty of girls ready to party.

Thousand of teenagers believed the message and went there. Disturbance and poor service was what they got.

It was not handled very professional by the hotels and officials down there. It was a miracle that only one Dane was hurt.

So this year there have been meetings at our high schools. The question which remains unanswered is whether exposure to foreign cultures might cause more harm than benefit. A lot of students have decided to main at home and parents are advised to let their teenagers’ party in Danish holiday houses where the local population accepts normal teenager behavior.

I hope that some of the teenagers who have ordered the trip to Prague already can get a refund. It would really be a waste of money to visit the Czech Republic.

Prag-hotel: Danske unge IKKE velkomne (Metroxpress – in danish language)

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