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Week 8, the war on terrorism and hunger

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There are no news from Florida as the prosecutor is getting ready to go on honeymoon rather than doing her job. They don’t want a trial so if she breaks they can walk away having justified framing her.

In Denmark we saw a possible attack against one of our newspapers being stopped in time.

It brings back memories of our single most successful attack on the morale among the groups who supported the terrorists – now known as the cartoon war. I cannot remember another time when I was so proud of being a Dane. It really mattered so much regarding how we saw ourselves. We finally dealt with the “spirit of 64”. There had been a number of times during the cold war where a lot of politicians tried to destroy the relationship between Denmark and the rest of our allies. However the Ellemann-Jensen doctrine clearly states that we will publicly defend our way of live and let the rest of the world know what we believe in.

But while the majority of the target group our attack was aimed for was broken and gave up you will always find some extremist who will continue to fight for a lost cause. Northern Ireland is on the process of becoming an English province and most of the IRA has retired. Down in Spain there are still some who will fight for a socialist independent state consisting of parts of both Spain and France while they really could stop and live in peace preserving  their culture as they already got a lot of special rights most ethnic group have not.

So we have to accept being target but it will not stop how we will continue to write or paint. Once we cannot express what we believe in democracy has lost.

Another topstory is that the quality of meat is poor in Denmark. None believes in the Smiley-system the governmnent run anymore, so please put an end to it.

The only thing this system has taken of is that the prices in restaurants and shop is tripled. I was in town with my wife. We ate at Jensen. It is so expensive compared to the 1990’s where the smiley system had not been invented. I also remember a lot of places where you could eat all you wanted for less than 50 kr. in the lunch time.

Maybe this cheap meat was not healthy but I don’t care. It is better to eat food of poor quality or even food that makes you ill rather than not eating at all because you cannot afford it.

Such cheap meat was once used during another proud period in the Danish history when Denmark housed more than 250,000 refugees after World War II and they never complained so why should we?



Week 7 and the climate summit

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Now the show trial in Florida is close to be postphoned due to the honeymoon by the prosecutor. Maybe the prosecution believe that if she is kept longer in detention, she will break down and confess so they can avoid the trial at all. They could use a Nolo Contendere from her. They know that there is a problem with the dates of the alleged crimes. They should have acted faster when they sat down and cooked the list of charges against her.

Anyhow the public in Denmark is about to forget her. Precautions have been made so the number of exchange students have dropped. Families have learned from her case. Not for a second could we are of possible victims in other countries due to smuggling of drugs. We simply don’t have the surplus when we have to struggle to survive without early retirement (“Efterloen”). In anyone doubted the  necessity of these precautions, they should read the newspapers. We saw another horrorstory yesterday, when a exchange student returned home before time after having been set up by a exchange student agency operating as a contact agency.

However the news right now is about the climate summit. As part of a dirty deal with India we got the summit, it is claimed.

But as it always is here in Denmark the summit is close to become an event that we have to get finished with without huge results. Domestic politics is close to get the climate minister to resign and conspiracies among officials have already caused the first officials to resign.

It seems that the most important for the government is to use the summit as an excuse to introduce new tougher laws against the citizens. They don’t give a damn what kind of summit they host.

I am already afraid to leave for work today. A single stanley-knife in my car can send me to jail for 7 days. That’s is how tough our weapon laws are. The new laws introduced in connection with the summit enables the police to detain me for 12 hours for writing this blog without explaining me what I am accused of. If I am on my way to my work in Copenhagen and my car ends up being trapped in a group of protesters, I will go to jail for 40 days if I don’t choose to run protesters down if the police orders people away, but if I choose to run protesters down I will kill people and go to jail for that.

The climate summit is a loose-loose situation. For the government, for the climate, for me.

Week 6 and the conspiracy theory

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Camilla Broe is unfortunately still waiting for the showtrial. She has lost a lot of weight and only when her family is visiting her they can buy her some decent food. It is the same story with the prisons in the United States as with the prisons in Cambodia, where relatives have to buy the inmates food. If the relatives of Camilla Broe visit her often she might survive to her trial which is in December.

I have a rather funny story related to prison food. Did you know that a judge sentenced a sheriff to starve in his own prison only a couple of years back because the judge believed that the inmates received food of too poor a quality.

A Arizona sheriff brags about how he can create cheap meals for his prisoners where a lot of them are poor immigrants being smuggled to the United States to pay off their debts.

So Camilla Broe is close to starving and remember that she is not even convicted yet. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

Enough about this shameful chapter in the Danish legal history. I got another interesting mail this week.

Remember week 40?

Suddenly our youth should face a future like American teenagers. The age of criminal responsibility should be lowered to age 14 and with the huge cut-backs in social services and lack of placement for so-called troubled teenagers, younger children will end up in jail among adults. Some politicians have stated that they are tired of following the international conventions Denmark have signed in other areas. We did at some point sign a convention which should make it illegal to detain adults and children in the same prison. Sadly they are kept together where they youngsters can learn a lot of crimes from the adults.

But why forbid our youth to drink alcohol? We can see that youth who are not drinking and socializing start using machinguns on their peers and innocent bystanders.

The mail state that an extremist neo-prohibitionist American organization called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has lobbied officials inside the Danish healthcare department and various politicians so they have introduced ideas to raise the legal limit for alcohol purchase to 18 and some even went so far to forbid alcohol on school campuses and private firms.

Most Danes believe that such a move would destroy the Danish firms ability to improve human relations inside the firms. It would marginalised youth and increase the risk of school shootings. In schools alcohol is used to bind the students together. It reduce the number of students who are isolated and angry towards the society.

If it is true that our department of health have used research manipulated by MADD to send a potential dangerous message to the Danish public, it would be awful.

I urge people to support the youth who cares for their peers so Denmark doesn’t develop itself into the prison for Teenagers we see over in the United States.

Join this group on Facebook and give your support.

Week 5 and Denmark aiming to be the next United States

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Now it is 5 weeks since Denmark deported one of its citizens to a showtrial in Miami.

Still this case marked a sad end to an innocent Denmark where we preserve the safety of our citizens.

Last week was marked by a religious attack on our youth. For some reason the most extremist movements in the United States seem to bring ammunition to an attack against our youth culture.

We are very aware that our children drink alcohol. In fact they drink as we did. We have made careers and we are earning good money so it didn’t send us in the direction of being an alcoholic. It didn’t destroy our life, so why can we not allow our children to live like we did?

I don’t understand it. I happen to visit one of our departments in Taastrup. A neigborhood near our firm was in the news this morning. Children down to age 14 are watching out for the criminal gangs wearing bulletproof vests. I know for at fact that these teenagers don’t drink. The conclusion is clear: Choosing not to drink alcohol can marginalize you and send to in the direction of a life in crime.

Second it was announced that our government will lower the age of criminal responsibility. The result will a massive increase of minors in jail and we turn to the results of the 1990’s incarcerate of all solutions offered at that time the experiences from the United States state that jail as tool does not work. In fact they now know that it is too costly and they are seeking new ways.

Week 40 was just a sad week.

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