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Microsoft Dynamics has resulted in cuts

In business culture on September 24, 2013 at 19:12

Our boss just sent a mail to all our departments. Microsoft has announced that the present version of Microsoft Dymanics C5 is to be taken off the market and replaced with a new one based on a different development environment. We have used Microsoft Dynamics C5 for almost 10 years and we had just upgraded the system.

Not only do we have to re-program the entire system. We also have to hire new programmers for the job because the employees in our IT-department are not trained in the new system. To make matter worse it cost about DKK 75,000 per employee to be trained to the new system and many of the employee are more than 40 years so they are too old to be upgraded. They will be laid off. The ROI concerning the education is measured to be around 8-9 years and due to their age they are in a higher risk group when it comes to illnesses etc. It is better for the company to hire younger employees and train them. They have to have at least 30 years ahead of them on the job-market to have a chance to be granted courses so they can learn the new system.

I find it awful that Microsoft can do such a thing when we are in the middle of a crisis. I have spoken with both customers and suppliers who use C5 like us. They all face the same challenges and they also agree that the old people have to be laid off replacing them with young people just of out school.

Times are rough right now I think that we have to thank God every single day we are allowed to go to a normal work so we can feed our family.

Who are the vandals

In culture on September 22, 2013 at 12:05

I noticed a story about 300 teenagers vandalizing the empty home of Brian Holloway former manager of the Online Success University and GMT. Manys years ago Holloway also played in the NFL.

This is not a blog entry defending the actions of the 300 teenagers. They acted in this way because they had to live in a society which is conducting war on youth. Here in Denmark the law allows teenagers to buy alcohol on their own when they are 16 years of age. The result is that they don’t have to break into empty houses just to party. They can party at home or in closed parties in high schools where alcohol is served. The actions of these 300 teenagers cannot be justified. They could have chosen to remain at home playing video games. When normal acts of socializing is forbidden they should have followed the guidelines and have isolated themselves at home.

But was this home in best conditions when the teenagers entered it?

Not it was closed to taken over by the banks. Mr. Holloway had been involved in various online marketing activities. His money was gone and the house was worn down.

How he is using the actions of the 300 teenagers to have his house rebuilt free of charge so it can be sold with profit instead of letting it end up on foreclosure.

The 300 teenagers were vandals but there was not very much left of the house to vandalize.

A person with knowledge of how to cheat people on the internet was very close to make yet another deal. Fortunately neighbors knew of the poor conditions the house had been in for years.


Danish Exchange student forced not to testify of abusive corporal punishment

In culture on September 16, 2013 at 06:27

A Danish exchange student was placed in a family in Colorado. Within a few days she was a nerve-wreck and had to be helped to another family by the local police.

She had been witness to abusive corporal punishment used against the children in the host family. So severe that the local police found it right so remove her from the family at once. Why was she shocked? Because it has been forbidden to use corporal punishment against children in Denmark for more than 10 years. No reason can justify it according to the Danish politicians. It is not about how to translate “Spare the rod” and all this God nonsense. I believe that a God who speaks of mercy and compassion in no way would allow corporal punishment.

It was good that the local police helped her. However what the exchange student agency did was totally unacceptable. They forced the girl to sign a letter where she would be silent about her experiences.

Did they know what they were doing? First they interfere with a police investigation. Second they put the Danish exchange student into harm’s way. In the United States it is for unknown reasons a crime to lie to the police. In Denmark it is only a crime to lie in court. The Danish police are used to be faced with a lie and there is no reason to fill prisons with persons based just because they lie.

The Danish Exchange student could have faced a year in jail. Instead she did the only thing left as an option for her. She returned to Denmark.

Her parents sued the exchange student agency for DKK 50,000. They won and the authorities stated that the exchange student agency and their partner in the United States committed an error.

But what about the next time?

  • Is it safe to send your children abroad? This case proves that it is not.
  • Is there something to learn from a stay abroad. Academically there is nothting to learn according to the Danish Department of Education. Their high shools have no Friday bars, so there is no chance of a emotional and social growth in their schools, so credits are denied.

Parents. Be careful about allowing your child to study abroad. So much could go wrong and there is so little to gain.


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