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War on drugs necessary but do not hurt the victims

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Substance abuse has never been more widespread and every community has to deal with it. In Denmark we have now been able to create safe rooms where substance abusers can take their drugs monitored by trained nurses and doctors. Overdosing has been lowered and deaths are reduced greatly.

The Danish government has even started to provide heroin for the most hardcore users and it allows them to think about their lives when they do not have to suffer the constant stress of getting money for drugs. As result many of them decide to become clean. Far from everyone succeed but their chances are higher because it is their voluntary decision.

Still, we need to get control of the market, the gangs control. It is difficult because the Danish police needs to use almost all hands at the border in order prevent the entire society from a collapse due to immigration.

There are other countries in the world which is suffering from a having to control substance abuse. In the United States the high schools do not have Friday bars, so the youth cannot sit down together and drink beer or wine integrating almost every student so the high school avoids getting students feeling left outside which can trigger some of them to plan shooting fellow students or what we know can happen in Denmark, leave our country so they can fight for ISIS or bomb their school.

Without Friday bars the American students choose to smoke weed. Because the dealer have other drugs in their assortment, some students move on to more serious drugs.

In 1980’s the Reagan Administration started the war on drugs. A number of so-called rehab establiments was launced. Many of them with little or no knowledge about the complicated illness, substance abuse is. As result many teenagers ended up being overtreated leading to life suffering from Posttramatic Stress Disorder.Some reverted to drug use, others committed suicide.

Now Trump wants to start a new war on drugs. Perhaps his war should start looking at how easy doctors prescribe legal drugs. Life is not always funny. Life is filled with disappointment and betrayal.

We lost our early retirement (Efterløn) which was a massive betrayal. But we do not use drugs, because we realized that life also can be painful.

People need to know that if they drop ambition and learn to settle, there are no use for drugs.

It is that easy.

If you send your child out of the country, you will be jailed for 4 years

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Children born and living in Denmark are now safer after the Danish government has announced that it would cost parents 4 years in prison plus the risk of losing both citizenship and possible refugee status if the children are sent out of Denmark because the parents fear that the child is risk of a life in crime or the child just has become too Danish.

For some time the Danish government has monitored the traffic of children going abroad and an entire industry of lock-down boarding schools have been observed in a lot of countries targeting parents who fear that the easy access to alcohol in Denmark would make the children too Danish ignoring that our culture can boost themselves of having fewer teenage pregnancies compared to the United States, fewer gun-related crimes and fewer on both perscription and illegal drugs.

Danish youth culture can seem very extreme but it is how it is for a good reason. Mild consumption of alcohol increase the ability to socialize and lower the risk of dropping out of the education sector all good research show.

Children should not be robbed of this experience just their parents came from another culture. Regardless of religion, color and ethnic origins the children should be allowed this experience so they can excel and make something for themselves.

The only way to bankrupt the boarding school industry in Africa is to target the parents. 4 years in prison is double the time, parents risked in the past. The loss of citizenship and refugee status is only fair if you look at who is often paying for housing people in the first place.

It is everyones hope that this harsher approach will deter parents from every sending their children abroad.

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