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If you send your child out of the country, you will be jailed for 4 years

In culture on March 1, 2018 at 17:29

Children born and living in Denmark are now safer after the Danish government has announced that it would cost parents 4 years in prison plus the risk of losing both citizenship and possible refugee status if the children are sent out of Denmark because the parents fear that the child is risk of a life in crime or the child just has become too Danish.

For some time the Danish government has monitored the traffic of children going abroad and an entire industry of lock-down boarding schools have been observed in a lot of countries targeting parents who fear that the easy access to alcohol in Denmark would make the children too Danish ignoring that our culture can boost themselves of having fewer teenage pregnancies compared to the United States, fewer gun-related crimes and fewer on both perscription and illegal drugs.

Danish youth culture can seem very extreme but it is how it is for a good reason. Mild consumption of alcohol increase the ability to socialize and lower the risk of dropping out of the education sector all good research show.

Children should not be robbed of this experience just their parents came from another culture. Regardless of religion, color and ethnic origins the children should be allowed this experience so they can excel and make something for themselves.

The only way to bankrupt the boarding school industry in Africa is to target the parents. 4 years in prison is double the time, parents risked in the past. The loss of citizenship and refugee status is only fair if you look at who is often paying for housing people in the first place.

It is everyones hope that this harsher approach will deter parents from every sending their children abroad.

Source (In Danish)
Ny plan: Fængsel og udvisning for at sende børn på genopdragelse

What will be the next move for Lars Henrik Wollebekk?

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2018 at 07:24

Lars Henrik Wollebekk was the sole owner of Speak Holding, which again controlled a number of firms which arranged exchange student trips for young Danes who naive and without knowledge of the world wish to experience culture and countries outside Denmark.

The Department of Education in Denmark is very clear on that point. You cannot receive credits from a year taken on any high school outside Denmark because the superior high school system in Denmark has a social element. They have friday bars where students can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine after school bringing students together and minimize the risk of students dropping out.

This social factor is an important component in our education in Danish culture and cuisine. Without it, it is very much the same as not going to school at all.

So exchange students always come back and will start school a year behind their old classmates.

If the loss of an important year during the rite of passage towards adulthood wasn’t enough, scandals has surrounded the exchange student industry. Young Danes have been sent back because they did trivial things like watching porn on their own Ipads or Laptops. One thing is that they cannot drink alcohol outside Denmark because youthhood in some countries are considered a crime. Another thing is that they cannot date and have sex because the other countries do not start sex education at age 10 like we do in Denmark, so we can avoid teenage pregnancies. But not being able to even enjoy the sight of others at that age is terrible.

Lars Henrik Wollebekk’s firm has been in the media where young Danes had negative experiences outside. I will go as far as calling firms as his a menace against preserving our small and vulnerable culture. Our children do not need to learn about the outside world as the outside world has not done us any good. Our children need to remain inside their comfort zone.

As a volunteer for Domestic Prisoners of Conscience I know how damaging foreign schools can be against students. We are talking suicide, post traumatic stress disorder and even deaths. No young Danes need to be exposed to that.

That is why the news of his firms being likvidated are good news. However I fear that the likvidation process is only a strategy to avoid paying for lawsuits.

That is why I will give the message that we will monitor any move, he might consider going back into the business.

In Denmark we do not need exchange student agencies who facilitate sending our children from our superiour culture to the second-rated world outside.

Lars Henrik Wollebekk – we will be watching you and any other person who want to abuse young Danes with naive beliefs. This line of business is not needed in Denmark !!!

Various articles about his network of companies

Massive exodus of somali refugees from Denmark planned

In culture, Uncategorized on January 7, 2018 at 11:41

Denmark has notified a large number of refugees that the entire area of eastern Africa including Somalia is now considered so safe that the people who sought refugee status in Denmark now need to go home again.

Recent analyses of people traveling from and to Denmark from the Somali area shows that parents who consider their old homeland so safe again that they send their children to boarding schools down there because they do not want their children to be acustomed to the Danish culture. They have decided that the future of their children lies in a culture which they do find more comforting towards their nature and customs.

In the mind of the Danish people, we think that they can contribute building the country up again using the skills they learned while they were in Denmark. We cannot sit safely in Denmark and allow a country like Somalia suffering from brain-drain. We need to give them the people back, they lost. People who have learned a lot while they were in Denmark. People who got new skills during their time in Denmark. It is a powerfull aid to Somalia allowing them to really built new industries and businesses.

We are thankful to each and every parent who sent their child to family or boarding school in Somalia. If they had not done that we would not have discovered how far they have come after decades of civil war.

We are aware that some service men inside the United Nations disagree with the Danish view on the situation in the eastern part of Africa but we need to look at the behavior of refugees and immigrants. If they feel that their old nation is so safe that they can send their children back to Somalia, then Somalia is safe.

Thank you very much

In culture on August 4, 2017 at 07:50

I am grateful.

Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat – in Denmark known as His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark has announced that he would not be buried at the side of his wife – The Queen of Denmark – when he dies because he never felt accepted in Denmark.

I have to say: “Thank you very much”

It is a powerful message to send to the world and a very important one.

The message is:


It is that simple. This man gave up his name. Most Danes would have no problem pronouncing “Henri” but our politicians insisted that he should be named “Henrik”.

It is Ellis Island around year 1900 once more time. People from all parts of the world were subjected to Americanization of their names. A survey conducted just 10 years ago did show that employers selected among applicants based on how Danish the names of the candidates was.

But his name was not all he had to give up. Also speaking Danish can prove a challenge and people who have lived here for +40 years still gets their small mistakes in pronouncing out. Danes can stop an important conversation just to correct this.

You have to give a lot of things up in order to live a normal life in Denmark. In fact you will do your children a favor if you skip teaching them your native language. You have to forget your entire life before you entered Denmark if you want to live a proper life.

But still by sacrificing all this, you are not accepted.

Even Danes who move across the country find that they are not accepted as locals, so a foreigner has a difficult time ahead of them.

King Henri as many believe his real title should have been as thank for showing us how to enjoy food and good wine just as you will do if you visit Paris and just try to mingle a little has done a good proper job representing Denmark and Danish firms around the world. We should be grateful for that and allow the man to be buried where he wants without even lifting an eyebrow. It is his choice and his choice only. He has served us well and should be granted his last wish when the time comes.

Read more here: Denmark’s prince consort refuses to be buried with queen (France24)

You can only give up so much of your culture

In culture on December 26, 2014 at 17:37

A Danish Exchange Student won a case against an agency when he was sent home from Utah after having watched porn on his computer.

The Agency (Speak Education) had to pay the exchange student DKK 74,420 because they sent the student to the teen lockdown of the United States instead of the more liberal and progressive Colorado.

Remember this student had agreed to volunteer so much of his culture already:

  • Young Danes can drink alcohol legally as long as the alcohol percentage is below the safe limit of 16.5
  • Instead of spending time in a foreign school where he cannot earn credits which he can use in the more superior Danish education system, he made the choice to spent time abroad knowing that the Danish department of Education would not recognize credits earned in the United States
  • He had made the choice to live isolated in return to study foreign culture. There are no friday bars at foreign high schools where the students can socialize over a beer or a glass of wine which makes it almost impossible to get friends and a network.
  • He had chosen not to maintain close relationship with his boy- or girl-friend depending of his choice of gender
  • He had chosen to live apart from his family and be with them during holidays and birthdays.

There is almost nothing left to give up. So why bother how he spends his private time on his computer?

Because he came to the one state in the United States where youth is a crime. Utah is known for its wilderness programs which kills teenagers. It is known for its lockdown boarding school where teenagers are punished for everyday activitites normal in the rest of the civilized world.

Utah is no place for a young Dane.

So please be careful as parents if you consider to ship your child abroad as exchange students.

Stævner udvekslings-bureau: 17-årig smidt hjem fra USA for at se porno (TV2 – in danish language)

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