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Thank you very much

In culture on August 4, 2017 at 07:50

I am grateful.

Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat – in Denmark known as His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark has announced that he would not be buried at the side of his wife – The Queen of Denmark – when he dies because he never felt accepted in Denmark.

I have to say: “Thank you very much”

It is a powerful message to send to the world and a very important one.

The message is:


It is that simple. This man gave up his name. Most Danes would have no problem pronouncing “Henri” but our politicians insisted that he should be named “Henrik”.

It is Ellis Island around year 1900 once more time. People from all parts of the world were subjected to Americanization of their names. A survey conducted just 10 years ago did show that employers selected among applicants based on how Danish the names of the candidates was.

But his name was not all he had to give up. Also speaking Danish can prove a challenge and people who have lived here for +40 years still gets their small mistakes in pronouncing out. Danes can stop an important conversation just to correct this.

You have to give a lot of things up in order to live a normal life in Denmark. In fact you will do your children a favor if you skip teaching them your native language. You have to forget your entire life before you entered Denmark if you want to live a proper life.

But still by sacrificing all this, you are not accepted.

Even Danes who move across the country find that they are not accepted as locals, so a foreigner has a difficult time ahead of them.

King Henri as many believe his real title should have been as thank for showing us how to enjoy food and good wine just as you will do if you visit Paris and just try to mingle a little has done a good proper job representing Denmark and Danish firms around the world. We should be grateful for that and allow the man to be buried where he wants without even lifting an eyebrow. It is his choice and his choice only. He has served us well and should be granted his last wish when the time comes.

Read more here: Denmark’s prince consort refuses to be buried with queen (France24)


You can only give up so much of your culture

In culture on December 26, 2014 at 17:37

A Danish Exchange Student won a case against an agency when he was sent home from Utah after having watched porn on his computer.

The Agency (Speak Education) had to pay the exchange student DKK 74,420 because they sent the student to the teen lockdown of the United States instead of the more liberal and progressive Colorado.

Remember this student had agreed to volunteer so much of his culture already:

  • Young Danes can drink alcohol legally as long as the alcohol percentage is below the safe limit of 16.5
  • Instead of spending time in a foreign school where he cannot earn credits which he can use in the more superior Danish education system, he made the choice to spent time abroad knowing that the Danish department of Education would not recognize credits earned in the United States
  • He had made the choice to live isolated in return to study foreign culture. There are no friday bars at foreign high schools where the students can socialize over a beer or a glass of wine which makes it almost impossible to get friends and a network.
  • He had chosen not to maintain close relationship with his boy- or girl-friend depending of his choice of gender
  • He had chosen to live apart from his family and be with them during holidays and birthdays.

There is almost nothing left to give up. So why bother how he spends his private time on his computer?

Because he came to the one state in the United States where youth is a crime. Utah is known for its wilderness programs which kills teenagers. It is known for its lockdown boarding school where teenagers are punished for everyday activitites normal in the rest of the civilized world.

Utah is no place for a young Dane.

So please be careful as parents if you consider to ship your child abroad as exchange students.

Stævner udvekslings-bureau: 17-årig smidt hjem fra USA for at se porno (TV2 – in danish language)

Prague holidays continue to haunt Danish Teens

In culture on December 10, 2014 at 20:19

Danish teenagers who traveled to Prague faced a lot of problems. Sneaky business men in Prague had painted a false picture of the Czech culture.

The students were promised a binge drinking holiday. All they got was a wasted week and properly Posttraumatic Stress as result of the brutal approach by the local police. The teenagers went down there without proper legal aid and as result of this lack of protection a number of students have been sentenced to pay compensation for local car-owners and businesses by secret local courts.

We have to call for a stop for any travelling to the Czech Republic when it comes to allow Danish minors to travel abroad to a culture which have proved to be hostile. The Danish students were never welcome. The local businessmen just wanted the money the students had in exchange for nothing.

The Czech Republic is not as developed as we are in Denmark. Our challenges regarding at-risk youth who abstain from alcohol consumption and marginalize themselves until they are ready to travel down to the Middle East and support ISIS cannot be understood by foreign authorities. They do understand that alcohol consumption among our teenagers is the core element to keep harmony, establish communication and empathy for each other. The feeling of belonging to the student body and receive social acceptance means a lot for youth not having passed through the rite of passage towards adulthood.

The latest reports speak of 150 Danes who are fighting against our forces on the side of ISIS. To stop that traffic we need to see to that our teenagers bond over our values. That cannot be achieved by sending teenagers down to Prague. That goal can only be reached if we keep our children in Denmark and shield them from the brutal actions the police in Prague took early this year.

Nothing can be achieved by exposing our students to a hostile youth culture like the one they have in the Czech Republic. We just have to stop them from going to the Czech Republic or other countries where teenagers from age 14 cannot party like their peers.

We owe our children to aim high. We owe them to stop all tourism to countries like the Czech Republic. Nothing less can be if we want to preserve our culture and bring a brighter future to our children.

Petition to get the children in Prague

In culture on February 13, 2014 at 08:18

I checked up on a comment to a previous entry I made about the 10,000 students who were about to celebrate their holiday in Prague. For some years Prague has marketed itself as a place with cheap alcohol, night clubs and parties for minors. Now the authorities in Prague suddenly decided to hit the streets hard arresting everyone who have been drinking.

The feedbacks in Danish newspapers are that the students feel trapped. Every Dane uses alcohol when they start talking to strangers. At my work place over the time we had many foreign employees who normally work in our offices abroad to visit us when they need to receive training in new products. Many of them I never learned the names of. Others I became close to. Those who accepted a drink after work Fridays we learned to know. Those who didn’t were nameless coworkers we often have difficulties to tell apart.

While I feel that the best solution would be to collect the vulnerable youths I also feel that it is not a task for the Danish taxpayers. Normally I like many Danes see offers from abroad with some skepticism. “Can it be that good?” I feel that the youth and especially their parents have let their guards down. I understand that the youths don’t know the world. They have not lived the lives we have. They have no life experience. They have not been cheated and abandoned by their own government when they cut early retirement which we all have been looking forward to since we were 35 years of age.

They did not experience the cold war and how we lost it when we now 20 years after can see cheap labor entering our country ready to work without any kind of safety precaution and for almost no money. They have not experiencing who it is to have lost a job because a person with intelligence like trained monkey would be ready work with acids without mask or gloves in a foreign country.

No the youths don’t know that. It is here the parents should have put their foot down. They should have told them that countries and cultures abroad are not for anyone below 25 years of age.

I feel that the parents should talk together and start their cars. I have used Google Maps and they can travel from Horsens where I live to Prague in just short of 9 hours. If two drivers take shift they can get 3-4 teenagers home per car under 24 hours and still have time for a sausage for breakfast somewhere in Germany.

Do it! Collect your children! Cut your losses for now but sue the travel agencies so we can create some headlines so the youth will remain in Denmark for the years to come. It would be a blessing for both Denmark and the Czech Republic.

Evacuate the children from Prague (

Reply to a blog about exchange students

In culture on December 12, 2013 at 18:43

I saw this blog about exchange students written by a host mother from another country. I wrote the following comment on the blog:

We as Danes believe that the discipline measures are too much for young Danes to spend a year abroad because how would it benefit them when they return?

First and foremost the credits achieved in the United States and a lot other countries by exchange students are not acknowledged in the Danish Education system. The level Danish students are taught on is simply too high so the students would have wasted a year academically when they return home and have to start high school year behind the classmates who stayed behind. The Department of education in Denmark focuses on teaching Danish students as whole people involving educating them in social live and not just study pages for tests.

That is why they have Friday bars in Danish high schools where the students can enjoy a beer after school. It teaches the students to socialize and it provides a kind of security precaution needed when you cannot hide behind an ocean from the groups of terrorists behind the 9/11 tragedy. Suicide bombers don’t drink alcohol due to the heathen nature of their beliefs. Having students drinking on campus makes the possible threats stick out when they don’t join rest of the student body in the social activities.

So I have to ask: Would an exchange student experience not teach the students to isolate themselves? Of course, they will face difficulties to re-integrate themselves in our society. It would be a kind of reverse culture shock.

Don’t take me wrong. Stealing is wrong. Any student who steals from hardworking employees who pay more than 50 percent in income-taxes (as we do in Denmark) deserves to be sent back to the country of the student’s origin. Also there is the drugs issue. Drugs are in some cultures what alcohol is in Denmark. In stressful times people seems to need something to forget the world and when the obvious choice is not there due to legislation drugs are chosen because they are just as forbidden but easier to hide. That is how we see the drug problem in the United States. It is a self-inflicted problem caused by restrictions on alcohol. It is why the parliament in Denmark ordered a research into what percentage which would be safe for minors and the law in Denmark which is a purchase law stated 14.5 percent as the safe limit. Anyone aged 16 can buy alcohol with a percentage below 14.5

We do understand that we cannot ask other countries to accept our customs for Danish exchange students even considering the facts that the safe limit is scientifically proven. We cannot ask other countries to allow sex between teenagers when they are aged 15 as well. And Danish exchange students have been sent home for breaking both rules. We cannot ask exchange organizations to do background checks on host families either. This year an exchange student was bribed and threatened not to report about corporal punishment against small children even if it would result in her being convicted of obstructing the justice. There have been cases where the host parents have forced exchange students to sleep with them. But we understand that exchange student organization also have to earn money and home homes will be approved when the local supervisor have personal contacts and money involved. We cannot ask host countries to do anything about the issues mentioned above. It is not Denmark. It is another country with another juridical jurisdiction.

So what we have started is websites to inform and warn Danish teenagers from becoming exchange students. We will collect all the testimonies and new coverage where the exchange student experience has been bad. Only then can the number of exchange students being sent home be reduced.

The blog I commented on
The Rules are the Rules …. or, We Mean What We Say and We Say What We Mean (The Exchange Mom Blog)

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