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May 2012 – suffering added for ordinary Danes

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Now our government will reform our tax system, so ill people will get less in social services over the years to come. They want to go after the house owners who have lost a lot of value in their houses. They even want to go after the people who have saved decades for their retirement so they can learn the next generations to live like there are no tomorrow.

What kind of cruelty will be their next idea?

How does it matter that soldiers are not shooting at us ordinary citizens like they do in other countries when they remove our will to live?

Traffic fines have been increased lowering the production rate and mobility in the entire country.

There is no reason for this evilness from the central government over in Copenhagen and frankly we are cheated. We cannot see that populations abroad are suffering enough so I have joined a movement which is aiming at removing aid to other countries as long as we as a country have to go through so much.


Greedy adoption agencies

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I recently learned of the Torry Hansen adoption case.

She approached the World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) because she wanted a child. Basically she approached a business for profit to get her a nice baby.

However they fooled her and failed to educate her of common problems which are to be expected when adopting a child. There are certain mental health problems adoptees often will suffer.

But the adoption agency didn’t care. She got a Russian boy and they got their money.

Now the mother returned the child when she discovered that she was fooled. Yes, she gave up early. Maybe she wasn’t fit to be a mother. A responsible adoption agency would have put her to tests and properly they would have advised her to take some counseling and education before allowing her to get a child.

Now this poor boy is back in Russia and the mother has been sued by the very same adoption agency which failed her.

I don’t blame the Russian authorities for putting a stop to adoptions despite the fact they are properly getting money out of this traffic too. I feel that the entire adoption traffic worldwide should be investigated. Too many parents give up because they are not told the truth about their task as parents to an adopted child. There is an entire ranch in the United States for adopted children where parents have realized that they haven’t the tools to fix the problem.

In Denmark we have the Amy case. A poor girl was adopted from some country in Africa to Denmark together with her little sister. It was properly some kind of sibling packet where parents have to take an older sibling if they want to adopt a little kid. It didn’t go very well with Denmark with her adoptive family, so the parents asked for help from our social services and Amy found a foster family where she became happy. There the story should have ended because in a civilized world we must put the children first. Unfortunately there were therapists who believed that the best outcome would be to relocate Amy from the foster family to a group home well-known in the public for having employees who drink alcohol during work-hours as a final step before returning her to her adoptive family.

I feel that adoptions to Denmark should be stopped too while this entire mess with poor Amy is sorted out.

Adoption is a heavy task and it is difficult work. I praise the people who take this task on to them. I feel that you as a parents place yourself in a position where you simply cannot give up regardless of how bad it will be. That’s why I am not ready to adopt a child.

Divorce dispute crossing state lines

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In Denmark we recently had a case where a mother with Austrian origins who had lived with her child in Denmark opted to relocate back home after having lived with her child in Denmark.

Her former boyfriend with whom she shared custody despite the child living at her place all his life protested this after she had left for Austria. Down there the courts then granted her sole custody. However in Denmark the father went to the Danish courts after hearing of the Austrian case and he got sole custody in Denmark.

Neither Denmark nor Austria would accept the rulings of the other nation regardless of the fact that both Denmark and Austria are both members of the European Union. Back in 1992 Denmark did force the entire union to grant Denmark special permission to remain outside the Euro, having their own defense policy and not least non-partipation on Legal Corporation. Everyone now knows how the Euro is mentioned all the time in the same sentence as bankruptcy. Denmark also did want to get their hands dirty involving young Danes in the cleanup of dirty colony businesses in Africa. They would rather kill some terrorists in the Middle East as they are considered the greatest threat against the Danish culture by the population.

But the Danish non- participation the legal corporation meant that the child was in a legal loophole being forced to live in Austria. Then some months ago the Danish father hired some thugs to kidnap the child from Austria. He returned to Denmark and was not arrested by the police. Father and son are now united and the boy is living in Denmark, but they cannot leave Denmark because there is an international arrest order against the father. Somehow this case it not a real victory for the boy.

The European Union can be a legal mess as the story above shows. However in the United States it isn’t better.

In the state on Louisiana a teenage girl with the name Victoria is happy living and attending a normal high school despite the fact that her parents did recently divorce.

But her happiness are short-lived because in only a few weeks she is going to be transported 1,000 miles away to a desert in Utah where she is going to attend a fundamentalist Mormon boarding school named “Diamond Ranch Academy” where a boy lost his life as late as in 2009.

There is now a petition trying to save her from losing her teenage life and properly some year academically as credits are not easily transferred back home due to higher academically standards in Louisiana.

There are none who can see any sense in Victoria going to Utah unless you are the father trying to pull some kind of revenge against the mother. It is odd that any Judge would play along.

Now there is an online petition where people are urged to protest her abandonment to Utah. I would sign if I lived in the United States.

It is a crazy world we live in where parents put their interests in front of their children. I can only say “Tasteless”.

For more information about the cases:

April 2012 – Economy is still the issue

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People are still without jobs and the government continues to harass those without jobs. In my mailbox I get hundred of applications for jobs not even available in my firm because the unemployed people have to prove that they are seeking jobs.

Young people in my firm have to work to they are almost 70 before they can retire. Why all that suffering? Because people in the southern part of Europe are generally lazy! We are fooled. People from the eastern part of Europe enter Denmark only so they can steal and rob people. The Danish government has written to several countries in the Eastern part of Europe asking them to take their citizens back sooner because our prisons are filled with them. We cannot afford to feed them.

For the young people in my firm the future is harsh. Increased police actions on the road prevent them to be as productive as we have the opportunity to be when we were young. They cannot work abroad because the speeding tickets will follow them back to Denmark. In the old days we just sold the car when we returned to Denmark so we didn’t have to pay tickets we got abroad. It is unfair and damaging for the economy.

Now we have introduced a strict smoking ban. It will close a number of boarding schools because those who have allowed the students to smoke now have to allow the families who have signed up for the school year 2012 – 13 to redraw from their schools so they can avoided being sued for breach of contract. I don’t understand why the government has made this ban because everyone who had relatives at the boarding school knows that it is during the smoking breaks the students learn about each other. Fortunately this problem is not mine because I have always forbidden my children to go to boarding schools. I got my children because I love them. It is my responsibility to raise them and don’t ship them off when they become annoying teenagers.

Maybe May will be a better month. I don’t know but my hopes are not high.

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