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February 2012 – We are being conned

In politics on February 27, 2012 at 17:03

The retirement age in Denmark is going one way – up.

Unlike the lazy population in the southern part of Europe the Danish population always had a high retirement age. Today it is 65. In a few years it is 67 year and within a generation they expect it to hit 70 years of age.

70 years!

In France the population established a nationwide riot because the retirement age should be increased from 60 to 62. I can only say one thing. Pussies!!!

Where is your pride as French citizens? You cannot even elect a president without the help of German. The German Chancellor had to travel all the way to France in order to teach you how to vote. It is quite simple. You just have to decide what corrupt bastard you want to run your country. I know that the Americans made it quite difficult when they obstructed a real man with genuine male values like Berlusconi from running for the office.

The Danish television doesn’t cover elections in the European kindergarten that much so I have to say that I am quite unfamiliar with the names in the political European scene. Instead our media are concerning themselves with more important stuff like the Republican Party nomination for president. I have to say that I have high hopes for Rick Santorum. I like the idea that you can be so unsatisfied with the education provided in your local school that you can be able to home-school your children. None of his children have been in public or private schools since 2006. His family has homeschooled the children so they can be taught the right values in life.

I happen to agree with him because we as Danes have done our best to shelter us from the outside world since 2001. But even with all the precautions which have been enabled with the aid of the Danish People Party, our children are challenged on their belief every time they meet up in school. At some school they have lowered the expectations for Christmas because they want to avoid insulting heathens who don’t believe in the birth of Jesus Christ. If we could home-school our children we could ensure that our children learned how to be real Danes. But home-schooling in Denmark is almost impossible because the social services don’t like that they cannot spy on families, so families who have been trying to home-school their children within the limits of the law, have only faced hardship by the social services.

Regarding the influence of the social services I happen to agree with the people stating that we are socialist country. We have a few awful cases where children have been molested by their family. It is just awful to hear that parents have abused their own children. When it does happen, the parents should go to prison and they should throw the key away. It does happen and the punishment is rightfully severe.

But if children in the foster system are abused or neglected there is no criticism. A therapist had sex with a 15 year old girl on an island in the northern part of Denmark and he got 60 days.

60 days!!!

It is wrong on so many terms, but when it is professionals who abuse, restrain and neglect children, the adults are almost never punished and when they do, they face sentences measured in days – not months or years.

Children in the Danish foster system are facing the risk of abuse 6-7 times worse compared with children who are living with their family. In Denmark adults can become foster parents with only 2 days education and the funny part is that 75 percent of the foster parents don’t even have those two days of education behind them before they start taking children in.

The system pays 30,000-50,000 DKK to have people who only process the quality to be Facebook friends with servicemen in the social services to look after vulnerable children. Can it wonder that the path of a foster child aging out of the system leads directly to the prison without the foster child to be able to collect the 4,000 DKK?

We do as Danish taxpaying citizens have a lot of expense with a are basically money being thrown out of the window and it brings me back to where I started this blog-entry.

We do finance EU. I hope that our politicians will come to the conclusion that it has to end. For Denmark the future outside the European Union would be better than remaining a member state. I hope our parliament will come to the same conclusion.

I will start to pray.

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