The Exodus of the poor people from Danish cities

In business culture on January 27, 2018 at 07:41

In Denmark, like many countries we have neighborhoods in the cities where poor people and dreamers gathers. In these neighborhoods classified as ghettos, the crime rate is higher although the police publish statistics allegedly proving otherwise. The media investigated the statistics and found that they were based on a motive of political correctness.

It was basically fake news. There is a higher crime rate if you look at the rate of people convicted based on where they have their home address – not where they commit their crimes as the police like to tell us.

Denmark, like other countries want to fix this issue. Now there seems to be a solution. It is: Tear them down!

The population needs to be relocated spread out over the wasteland outside the larger cities which we in Denmark call “The Rotten Banana”.

The Rotten Banana in Denmark

Here the youth gangs will be dissolved caused by gang members living too far from each other. The state of Denmark can save money on education because there are only schools offering basic education and the suicide at SEED boarding school in Washington as well as the criminal investigation of the ABC school in Vollsmose shows that the children needs to much push and encouragement to succeed. In fact it could either kill or hurt them to push them beyond what the society expect from children stemming from poor families or families suffering from either criminal background or immigration background, which is basically the same if you look on the amount of challenges the children have to overcome.

There are not many jobs out there but it would be fixed also. The state of Denmark has over the last decade though yearly reviews and performance measuring of employees determined that they could demote 8,000 public service men. In Denmark public service men who do a good job will be promoted by being moved to a job closer to the parliament and if they do a poor job, they will be sent to the corner of Denmark located as far from the parliament as possible.

These employees of course has the option to quit their job instead. Right now the economy is boosting. The good vibes from “Making the United States great again” has also sent good vibes to Denmark. There are more jobs now. The result is that once the public departments have been moved to the waste lands, there will be jobs to get for those who live out there.

What about the areas in the cities which become vacant once the ghettos have been torn down? They will built apartments and houses for rich people. Some of the buildings you can live in without having your tax address in Denmark. So now where the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, you can buy an apartment in Denmark if you want a place to stay for only some nights inside the European Union.

I am proud to say that we now have a plan fixing crime inside the cities in Denmark.


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