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When a firm disowns its own image – part II

In business culture on June 30, 2013 at 18:16

George Zimmer established a nationwide line of clothing stores. For several decades he had appeared on national television stating: “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.”

He was the spokesman of the small low-income people who wanted to dress nicely.

He was the spokesman for people who suffers from pain and finds no relief in endless treatment with no progress. He supported California’s failed Proposition 19 in 2010.

But he failed to realize that the very same business he had founded had grown into a huge company now ruled by grey business suit types with no vision for the future; Accountants who looks at numbers and not at people. Accountants who determine tomorrow’s investments based on numbers in the book – the past only.

As so many who have established successful business he fell off the wagon due to his own success. That seems to be the lesson of life. Once you succeed you will be killed off due to bureaucracy.


When a firm disowns its own image – Part I

In Uncategorized on June 23, 2013 at 17:19

If you at one point had an Oracle Database installed in your firm in Denmark the name Mogens Nørgaard should be well-known. For more than an decade his name has been equal access to the best database specialists.

And not only that: The firm he co-founded was from day one known as containing the best mind in first Oracle Databases and later SQL-databases in general. It was a firm where the specialists were expected to be able to managing their own time in a disciplined manner.

As time went they took a number of initiatives to attract the specialists. When the crisis hit Denmark hard just as the rest of the world they arranged party’s for the people laid off where employers and employees could met with each other. Often it led to a new job for the unemployed.

They had their own brewery. All this and they still were regarded as one of the most professional organizations in Denmark.

Then another company CSC tried to disable employment inside the information technology business as something you can from. In an old post I have told you how CSC won and the salaries for the employees became so low that people needed a second job if they wanted to be work inside the business today. It was also the conflict which led to import of persons with little training from India being ready to work with the most secure and sensitive data in Denmark which led to the most critical security scandal in any country ever used by hackers to expose the private data of every Dane to the entire world. I will write something about this in a blog entry later.

In this conflict Mogens Nørgaard sited with CSC. It was this move that more than anything else led his firm to lose it innocence. Regardless of how god his people were treated in his firm his actions led to the destruction of thousands of families who have been dependent of the income of their mother or father who worked for CSC. In the end the trade unions managed to get him to pull his employees from doing work which had been done by the ousted employees but the conflict was lost for Denmark.

It became clear that a company which had grown to more than 300 employees might need a person less exposed to the media. And every statement he made in the public fell back on Miracle as the firm is called.

So the rest of the management decided to distance the firm from him. The fired him last.

What is the future for Miracle? Well the prices have been increased. For a lot of smaller firms which used to use them find it impossible to pay for the services they offer. Without an icon like Nørgaard in the led it is only a question about time before Miracle will be just another firm among many firms where you don’t know what they are standing for.

What is the future for Mogens Nørgaard? He will properly start a new firm. Hopefully he will now know that he should not let the firm get too big in size and he should remain quiet when the trade unions are involved.

Denmark as a country is in the process of a transition from a welfare country to a development country where the week, ill people are left to die. There will only be room for winners and those who for generations have been stable workers going to work every day without asking for much hoping that they will be taken care of if injury or illness should hit them will be sacrificed.

We as Danes have been failed by our politicians. The trade unions are in fighting each other where they are ready to backstab each other because their management consists of overpaid, lazy people who don’t regard ordinary member for something.

In this process we don’t need a Mogens Nørgaard. I wish him Gods speed doing what he likes but he should concentrate on work related issues instead of issues concerning our society and culture.

For us who used to buy services from Miracle the sacking of Mogens Nørgaard only proved what we had suspected for some time. You cannot led one supplier grow too big. In my firm our strategy will be to find small suppliers with less than 10 employees who service us on a specific area and not on several areas. It doesn’t matter if we then receive work of less quality. In the end our management will measure us on the cost only.

We did it to ourselves

In politics on June 7, 2013 at 20:07

Years ago our government established the identity register. Every Dane has unique number given to the person by birth. That number is the key access to information about a specific Dane.

Most of the numbers in the Identity register is now in the hans of criminals. Why?

Because we allowed the criminals easy access to our data!

Our sold the management of the register to a private firm. They wanted people with low income to work there so cut the saleries of their employees, so many left. They even imported a number of employees from India without conducting the needed security clearence.

The result? The security ended ip being non-existing. We can only blame ourselves because we did stop the new management from having a poor security.


Yet another step in dismantling the welfare society was achieved

In politics on June 5, 2013 at 17:37

May 23 2013 the Supreme Court in Denmark ruled that aid to pensioners can be cut if the economy at the social services is poor. In the past the social services had to grant aid to those who couldn’t cook or clean on their own due to declining health, but the individual assessment does according to the Supreme Court ruling not apply when the money isn’t there.

So the pensioners have to rely on relatives or learn how to starve themselves slowly to death without too much suffering.

It was yet a step in dismantling our welfare society.

It all started when the early retirement was cut 10 years ago. For more than half of my work life I have worked hard so I could retire at age 60. In my family we don’t become that old. My father died being old and full of days aged 63. Two of his brothers died at age 59 and 60. My cousin died at age 45. All due to various heart problems. It is properly some genetic issue but I am no doctor so if it can be cured is hard to tell. I have to say that it doesn’t concern me that I have less than 20 years left before I die if I follow the tradition in my family. But it concerns me that I properly will be unable to enjoy just year on retirement. I have paid for unemployment benefits and the right to early retirement for more than 20 years and then they just raise the retirement age. I am angry and cannot understand why we as Danes should suffer so much harder than any population in any country. It was as they removed the foundation stone when they removed the early retirement. Once it was done anything else seemed to pass.

Alone this year they have cut the number of years you can be on unemployment benefits. They have robbed the future for my children because student grants are also reduced. My son speaks of finding a job as a private security guard on various ships so he can kill some pirates and enjoy that they would suffer more in the process of dying than he has been because he no longer can be allowed dreams or a decent living standard while he studies. I have to agree with him in his choice of work. We have bought some Softguns so we can practice in our garden. Later he might find a gang which can take him and give him training with stronger weapon before seeking the job as security guard.

Over in Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio might have put degrading uniforms on prisoners but in Denmark unemployment is a crime because the unemployed people are now sent on the streets in very visible outfits where they are ordered to remove dog poop and other kind of garbage. It is called job training. Those who commit crimes in Denmark are put in a heated prison with plenty of quality food and the right to wear their own clothes while unemployed people are ordered to do community services so the rest of the population can make jokes about them just because the economy is poor and real jobs are not there at all.

This is Denmark as of 2013. A country which be entitled to third world aid in a decade or two – a country where voluntary work will mandatory to keep older and sick people alive.

I am sad as I cannot remember having been for a long time.

When in Rome do as the Romans do

In culture on June 2, 2013 at 18:52

Recently there was a concern in Copenhagen with Beyonce. It didn’t attend because I live in Jutland and traveling is too expensive in Denmark. Beside that I am not that fond of her music.

During the concert a guy slapped her in her behind. The security from the building took him of the area close to the singer, but her personal security wanted the fan out of the building. That is what I find offending. The man had purchased a ticket. He had a right to see the concert. Maybe he should not be allowed near her but he should have been allowed to watch the rest of the show from a distance.

See, slapping a woman in such a way is a vital part of our culture. It is an acknowledgment of good work exercising. She made the choice to visit Denmark. She should have known what she got in to. There are plenty of other countries she could have arranged her concert in. Countries where slapping peoples behind are not an old tradition and an integrated part of our culture.

I hope that this message somehow gets to Beyonce. She has offended our people and nothing will be right before she has made a public apology for the actions of her personal security personnel.

As an old saying is: When in Rome do as the Romans do

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