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When parenting is outsourced to the society

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I just took a look on a message board I was kicked out from.

It seems that a 17 year old was drinking and she was picked up by the cops. For unspeakable reasons alcohol consumption by teenagers seem to be a crime there. Don’t they have real problems with thefts, violence and murders? I find it rather foolish to make laws preventing people from certain age group to consume things.

Here in Denmark there is no lower age limit for alcohol or tobacco consumption. There are laws preventing people from buying tobacco or alcohol with a higher percentage than the safe 16.5. Teenagers aged above 16 years of age can buy all the alcohol they can drink as long as the alcohol percentage remains below the safe limit.

16.5 will enable them to drink most beers and wine, but whiskey etc. is for adults only.

In fact most of our high schools here in Denmark have a Friday bar where the students gather after school hours to socialize and built networks they will need once they enter the business life. Denmark consists of many small communities where people know each other from their school years. They hire people from close circles based on social heritage. In many businesses people have worked together in two or more jobs when they are close to retirement. Networking starts in high school and it remains important for the rest of people’s lives.

Well, I read the message board and find it rather foolish to involve police and other authorities on their own children even if it is illegal. I begin to understand why they cannot get their economy up and running. Alcohol consumption is a parenting issue and it starts with showing the decent sober behavior you want your children to present to the world. You cannot drink alcohol every single day and believe that your children won’t follow you down the same path.

Your children are not at work. As I stated above the children will start to drink in high schools. You can pay to delay that process by sending your children to boarding school. They have some strict ones where the children can find a teacher they can be close with as long as you remember to tell them that they can risk a criminal record if they blackmail the teacher they sleep with. It happened the other day on an Efterskole (Danish name for continuation schools) in Jutland. You can also choose a religious day-school but I find it rather unpleasant that 10 year old children should learn how to conduct a good blow-job as it happened at a Catholic school in Fredericia. Some of the locals were offended when they learned of the curriculum but frankly it is hardly a secret that docent of lawsuit has been started in different countries involving Catholic schools and ministries. I have to say that the parents in Fredercia should consider themselves warned before they enrolled their children in this school.

According to my mind it doesn’t help trying to keep your children away from the general society. Forget residential treatment centers and boarding schools! The alcohol will wait for them when they graduate and they will start their career without the important network they need to find jobs.

I hope that the population will come to their senses and lower the drinking age. They must realize that it is expensive and basically waste of time to make laws about the rite of passage to adulthood.

Now I have to collect the children. They have been out partying and I want to have them home before we enter the new year.

Underage drinking Conduct Disorders message board

Hey, we are still here

In culture, politics on December 26, 2012 at 21:14

Unlike what most people hoped for, the world didn’t end.

I have to say. I really wanted it to end.

2012 has been a year in hell.

The lazy people down in the southern part of Europe have robbed us of a lot of money. Measured in Euros per citizens no other country in the European Union pay so much to the bottomless hole down in Brussels.

The result is that the population in countries like Greece, Italy and Spain can continue their laziness while we Danes are hit by demands of increased retirement age, cuts in benefits.

13.000 people are facing homelessness, hunger and loss of even their children to the foster system once their unemployment benefits run out by January 1. These 13.000 people have to fight for less than 50 jobs in Denmark offered to them.

Families will be broken up. Houses will be abandoned. Remote parts of Denmark will be abandoned as a wilderness. Already today town councils all over Denmark are busy locating abandoned properties requiring permits to tear them down.

It is a welfare society on the urge of destruction. Like the Mayas thousands of years before the most advanced culture on the earth will siege to exist.

It is very irritating working plus 20 year for early retirement only to see it vanish because we shall for others laziness. I have reached the magical mark at age 35 where you have reached the potential given to you by birth. I consider myself a success because due to the social status given to me by birth I as almost every other Dane have a limited area where I can excel. I made the best of my situation and had planned a 20 year retirement plan so I could retire by the age of 60. I would have been worn down due to the workload I have taken upon me. Now I have to think how I can survive maybe 5-7 years more with a damaged health. It is the main reason that I am so angry.

I will use my anger to put people out of their jobs. Others will have to pay because I cannot retire when my body gives up. That is my wish for2013 and I intend to keep it.

Terrible tragedy in Newtown

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I just heard the terrible news about the school shooting in Newtown. While it has taken place more than 5,000 kilometers from my home I almost cried when I learned how many young lives that have been cut short.

I hope that they will allow teachers to wear arms so the pupils can be defended. I live in a country where I fear for my safety while we have the strictest weapon legislation in the world. Not even a small hobby knife can I transport in my car to be prepared for smaller defects. I would risk a huge fine or even 7 days in jail if I am stopped by the police.

Just the other day a 12 year old boy was shot less than 50 kilometers from my home. There are gangs consisting of teenage members who don’t attend the Friday bars in our high schools like all the other teenagers in Denmark. For some unknown reason they have started to shoot a bikers and then innocent people are caught in the crossfire and due to the strict weapon legislation we cannot defend ourselves.

It is not fun to live in Denmark unarmed. I fear for my teenage children every time they are in town drinking in a toxic environment where angry marginalized youth are starting a shootout often only yards from where they drink.

I hope that the school system in Newtown will increase safety. Tougher legislation is victim disarmament. The loss these families have suffered is beyond imagination.

I have no word left which could limit their suffering so I just have to pray.

You cannot hide religious abuse forever

In culture on December 12, 2012 at 12:12

In Denmark we have a number of Catholic day schools. They are normally used by families who wants a stricter school environment that the public school system offers. Some years ago one newspaper published a story about how Muslims parents preferred the Catholic school despite the teaching of another religion just because they wanted their children raised in a strict environment.

But an enclosed and strict environment increases the possibility of abuse. If you look abroad there is a group for former students called Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Cult Survivors (and their Supporters). They know what I am talking about.

The Danish newspapers have published stories about 10 year old children being taught about how to do a good blowjob. There have been statements about use of violence. There have been former pupils who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have to live their lives on welfare because they are too impacted from their stay at the school so they are unable to hold a job.

It is just so awful and the worst part is that there seems to be lack of supervision of these religious schools. When I wrote with a friend from the States he said “It is just like Missiouri. Down there you can whip the students without anyone being concerned about it if you claim that you run a religious school.” When I look back at some of the posts on this blog I have to agree with him.

I have a really bad taste in my mouth now. Was I unfair when I attacked the Householders? I believe not. What they offer the pupils at Saint Canute (Sankt Knud in Danish) is not something I want associated with running a school in Denmark.

I have learned that the Department of Education in Denmark is about to be involved in this case. It is not enough. The school has to close down. Nothing less is enough. They cannot adjust the management and then move on. This mess have to be cleaned up.

The process can only be too slow.

I can warn the so-called supporters for the school who have been bullying some of the victims on Facebook and other places on the net. I am coming for you! You cannot hide religious abuse forever!

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