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Warning: Denmark no longer welcomes tourists on bicycles

In business culture on July 25, 2014 at 17:11

A Danish firm has started a business in corporation with landowners and businesses. They remove bikes parked on pavements and transport them to a central facility far from town where the bike owners have to pay DKK 198.50 (Euro 25.14) in order to get their bikes back.

According to Danish law there are no rules how to alert bike owners that a certain area is a restricted parking zone. There are no demands for text in foreign language either.

As result tourists could end up being caught in a trap without knowing where to go when their bike is removed.

Biking to Denmark is no longer a form for vacation which is to be recommended.

It is better to avoid Denmark.

Forced adoption replacing foster families in Denmark

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2014 at 18:57

Denmark is perhaps the country in the world which has done most to break the social heritage. For more than 40 years the various governments have tried to give everyone equal opportunities in life. It has resulted in very little progress.

20 percent of the students leaving the general school “Folkeskole” (9 years of education. The students typically graduate at age 16) gets no further education. No high school, not business school, not anything. They line up as uneducated labor working in shops and in factories if they are not victim of mental illnesses or poverty so they cannot afford transportation to a school. The problem is big outside the major cities.

Some graduate high school with low grades which makes their exam paper worthless. Now our government has introduced new rules which make it more difficult to enter high school. A certain grade level is required.

What? In other countries they are working to get as many through high school and in Denmark they want fewer to get a good decent education? But then – it is Denmark, it is the politicians; it doesn’t need to be logic.

Then there are those who end up in foster families, group homes, residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools. Does it work?

No, our government has checked all the research made in Denmark and abroad. If a research concludes that an abused child would benefit from being placed outside it biological family this research for certain has been sponsored by people in the so-called troubled teen industry.

In Denmark the conclusion is: You cannot prove that a placement outside home works. Not on the long run. Some young adults may even get PTSD as result of their stay, so the social services in Denmark are working to treat teenagers in out-patients programs.

But still: What to do with the children who have already been sent to live in a foster family or treatment facility?

The new strategy is to allow the foster families to adopt the troubled teenager.

First and most important: Adoption families don’t get paid unlike the often expensive foster families.

Secondly breaking the social heritage works poorly if the troubled teenagers return home once they are legally adults.
The children in foster care need to lose their biological family. And that is what a new law in Denmark allows the social services and foster families to do.

What are then the criteria for being allowed to keep a child?

It is not to be answered because it is the individual social worker who recommends the removal of a child based on her belief and her ability to persuade the local counsel.

If the biological family wants to launch an appeal it would take 3-4 years before there is an appeal. It is a lose – lose situation for the biological family. They have either the money or the emotional surplus to be cut off from their child for that period. They might give up right away.

So the hope is that Denmark – in some years – might have battled and defeated the social heritage but at a too high price to pay for those who are poor or on welfare.

Finally. The authorities are taking on cheaters

In business culture on July 22, 2014 at 16:42

A Danish butcher Jens Petersen which has a shop on Kultorvet in Denmark has been fined DKK 190,000 for having employed a foreign employee for more than 15 hours. I am so happy that employers who hire foreign employees instead of Danes for jobs in Denmark are fined when they don’t follow the rules.

Fact is that we have a lot of Danes who could do this work because the unemployment rate is big right now. But then there is the question of payment and foreigners are more likely to settle with a bowl of rice to get work experience.

Beside the cheater Jens Petersen a number of Danish firms have been caught using illegal employment or forcing foreign students to work more than 15 hours per week as they are allowed on their student VISA. They are:

  • Palace Hotel, central square, Copenhagen (Fine DKK 150,000)
  • Copenhagen Marriott hotel (Fine DKK 220,000)
  • Hotel Crowne Plaza, Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen Towers
  • Meyer Kantiner A/S (Fine DKK 220,000)
  • Restaurant Kiin Kiin (Fine DKK 130,000)
  • Restaurant Bror (Fine DKK 10,000)
  • Tivoli, Copenhagen (Fine DKK 60,000)
  • Burger King, Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen (Fine DKK 50,000)
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, Amagerbrogade, Copenhagen (Fine DKK 50,000)
  • L’Education Nationale (Fine DKK 140,000)
  • Sticks’n’Sushi (Fine DKK 60,000)
  • Post Danmark (Fine DKK 80,000)
  • Coop Danmark (Fine DKK 210,000)
  • Plejecenter Egebo (Fine DKK 50,000)
  • Halifax Burger (Fine DKK 20,000)
  • Politician Flemming Jay (Fine DKK 120,000)
  • Ballerup Kommune (Fine DKK 50,000)
  • Dansk Supermarked (Fine DKK 450,000)
  • ISS (Fine DKK 210,000)
  • Forenede Service A/S (Fine DKK 190,000)

Some of the restrurants are in the Michelin Guide. How can the guide defend this from an ethical viewpoint?

And this list is for the Copenhagen area only and covers the period of 2013.

But in the case with Jens Petersen there is another problem. Danish cuisine is important for Denmark. Tourists travel here to taste our food. If they learn how to cook our food abroad why travel to one of the most expensive and over-taxed countries in the world? They would not come here and we would lose income.
That is why criminals like Jens Petersen needs to be stopped. For the sake of Denmark! For the sake of innocent children and their right to earn a living when they become adults.


He never should have been there

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2014 at 21:34

A young Dane now pays the cost of going on a dangerous adventure. For reasons unknown he decided to work abroad far from the protection of our trade unions, the Friday bars with co-workers. Of course a person who wants to teach children must find it impossible to start a career in Denmark now where the teachers were forced to work long hours for the same salary as they had in the old days. It is understandable that many young persons choose other careers in burger restaurants or shops where they can start working without a long costly education.

But to choose to study or work abroad is stupid if you don’t take some legal precautions. In the United States the first sentence you use when you are greeted by the authorities is “I wan’t a lawyer”. It doesn’t matter what kind of information the police want. You have to insist that you want to help them but not before you have a lawyer.

The young Dane was hit by poor luck. A woman on the job was fired and she named him an abuser as revenge. It didn’t matter that his entire day was recorded on tape or the school had a strict policy which forbade him ever to be alone with a child. The police took him in and told him that they had a rather damaging video of him touching children in private areas on their body and instead of insisting a lawyer they talked him into trying to justify the non-existing video. A clear-cut confession!

I remember one of my father’s school friends who sailed for some years before settling in Brazil working as a law-enforcement. When he visited my father he always told me as a child that good Police-work is not about evidence. It is about luck and the largest and fastest gun.

The young Dane was sent to Rikers. It would only be a question of time before the other inmates find out why he is there and now where his name is up worldwide then they will believe he is guilty and then he will be begging for a deal so he can be labeled as a sex-offender to kicked out of the States to Denmark proving the wrongful accusations and the woman who put the charges up would be able to land a good job at another school.

Woman who reported intern for sexually abusing Midtown preschoolers was fired, parents group head says allegations are ‘fishy’ (My Daily News)

“He has lost it”

In culture on July 4, 2014 at 19:06

I was visiting my brother when the phone rang. It was his son – my nephew. He was at the Roskilde Festival which is some kind of music event in the eastern part of Denmark called the Devil’s Island by us from the real Denmark.

My nephew was talking about Earl Sweatshirt – his big idol.

I remember some years ago when I visited my brother that I heard the songs Earl Sweatshirt made. While I found the lyrics too modern I could understand why it appealed to the youth.

For reasons unknown to me the mother of Earl Sweatshirt wanted to derail his career so he was abducted to a wilderness program and later sent to Samoa where he was mistreated until he was released.

Since he reentered the world as a free man, he seems to have lost the drive which made him something special. My nephew was so disappointed that he almost was ready to return home before the event is over. However it is rather expensive to go this event – several thousand DKK – so my brother promised him to wire extra money so he could get drunk and perhaps enjoy some of the other music.

It makes me wonder. Why rob your child of his career? What kind of motivation could justify this? As a father it does not make sense. If it had been my son I would have let my son outlive his potential.

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