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May – the month where our welfare society came to an end

In International justice on May 30, 2011 at 18:14

The situation in Denmark right now

It was with sadness that I have to accept that our central government over in Copenhagen announced that the economical burden put upon us by the European Union had the consequence that Denmark as a welfare nation belongs to the past. Lazy people and corrupt governments in Greece, Spain and Portugal have drained our economy. Billions of Danish tax money are sent down there so they can continue to be lazy and not pay taxes.

What do we get in return?

A massive invasion of robbers!

Our custom service use to check Danes when they returned home from vacation to see whether they have smuggled. Now the custom service is checking tourists when they leave Denmark just to see what they have stolen. A few of them are of course not criminals but they are few and in fact rare.

Right now I don’t when I can retire. I believed that I had only 18 years left. I have achieved all I wanted from my professional life and was in the middle of preparing my retirement slowing down in my work. I was saving money for my retirement because one of former prime ministers stated that everyone was responsible for their standard during retirement. Now I learn that they will kind of confiscate my money if I save too much!!

I don’t know what to do!!

Somehow I had hoped for more bad news in a war or somewhere with earthquake, war or starvation, so I could see that someone at least would have it worse that we Danes have it right now.

I am not only disappointed. I am angry!

Foregin affairs

Jonathan Pinet was on the speed-dial by the New York Police department. At least it is that we must believe unless we should start believing in conspiracy theories in the case against Strauss-Kahn. The minute the handcuffs closed in the plane, the news was in public in France.

Could the New York police department be conducting domestic politics in France supporting a president who will fight the war against one of his sponsors in Libya for them? I don’t know, but I find it kind of worrying that the arresting police officers are in direct communication with the supporters of the sitting president. Why inform people in France before their own District Attorney?

Something is very wrong with this arrest. I am not claiming that the woman is lying. Some have molested her and a-look-alike is easy found. Fact is that he was not in the process of escaping. He was supposed to meet the German Prime Minister only hours later.

Because this meeting was canceled the dollars might increase its value because now we have to loan more money to the lazy people in Greece and they might avoid paying taxes again. I am tired of seeing my tax-money going down there. I am especially angry at Greece. Portugal is of course in the same situation but they did fight a costly war for democracy in Africa and it made them broke. We didn’t support them so we have only ourselves to blame. Spain also have problems but it is due to increased competition from Bulgaria which have overtaken them as the holiday destination in Europe in an effort to rebuild their country after the wall came down. I believe that Spain could return if they did more marketing towards teenagers from other countries who want binge drinking holidays with easy access to genders of the opposite sex as Bulgaria does.

Italy seems to have problems but they are corrupt. It is in their genes. If you don’t believe me, ask Amanda Knox who has been framed for a murder.

I believe that there are some Americans who are happy now where the dollar will increase its value towards the Euro due to this arrest.

April – spring came at last

In culture on May 1, 2011 at 12:10

Winter has been long and cold this year, but the last two weeks have been a blessing. We finally saw some sun. Apart from this there is only little to tell about april.

Amalie and Peter a well-known couple in the Danish media industry announced their divorce beside the fact that they may never have been married in the first place. They were married in Mexico where the paperwork is not that exact, so it seems that the marriage was not valid in Denmark. It is always sad when two people cannot uphold their promises to God. But sometime even with effort Peter did with disciplining his wife according to various media sources.

But sometime people develop themselves over time and they did marry when they were young, so it might be safe to say that they would grew apart at some time and after a long marriage of almost 45 days they called it quit.

I hope that they will be able to move on in their life. Amalie has close support by her mother who have been there for her throughout her entire life. Frankly I find it difficult to think about how Amalie would move on in life once her mother no longer is there for her. Well, at some point we all have to figure this out. I hope Amalie does that in due time.

Another story is the harsh treatment a brother of one of our warheros met in New Zealand. He was jailed for a month because he tried to defend a tourist from the Neatherlands. Now New Zealand is far away but as sure as I am standing here I will never visit New Zealand under any circumstance. The biased police and court system secure no justice for tourists.

Very seldom did I observe such unjustice. I hope that people stay away from that country.

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