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Swan killed by Danish students in Italy

In culture on October 20, 2017 at 19:55

3 boys from a boarding school in Denmark called “Ladegaard Efterskole” allegely killed a swan in Italy because it became aggressive and attacked them. They stoned it to death. I have to say that it horrible.

But it is also an example of culture clash. In Denmark crime against aminals is not taken seriously. Sadly. In fact rescue organizations can no longer rescue cats from Vollmose in Odense because they cannot get police protection. For reasons unknown to me the youth in that area seems to have something against kittens and they are very cruel against them. Numerous kittens have lost their lives and now the animal welfare organizations cannot rescue them because the police has lost control as they have with a number of areas in the larger cities due to the widespread gang wars in Denmark.

In Italy the laws are more serious and the boys risked a real punishment but the school managed to get them out of Italy in a hurry and then the school expelled them in order to distance themselves from the students. Not far ago the organization of boarding school told our politicians that they were ready to take greater social responsability by granting students from areas with social disturbances access to the schools. Once the students are in, they take these hill-billy like students with poor knowledge about how to act socially and morally abroad allowing this tragedy to happen only to distance themselves from the student as soon as they act as they do at home.

The schools have no morale. I will that hotels and hostels aboard should realize that and deny doing business with Danish schools.

Young “Danes” (They have Danish passports at least) act in such a way. In Prague they riots and looted the city some years back before other Danes started the “Remain home” campaign aimed against the hotels and nightclubs in the Prague who made adverticed at Danish school promising sex, parties and alcohol unlimited. Heavy fines were handed out against the agencies the criminal masterminds down in Prague had hired to put the trips together.

As a hotelowner abroad you are allowed to say “NO” when Danish schools call. Please do.

This time a swan died. Could it be one of your citizens the next time?



Denmark – a country failing the next generation

In culture on October 17, 2017 at 19:40

For some time the Danish government has asked the education sector to increase efficiency cutting 2 percent of their costs every year.

As result fewer Danes can afford education because lowering the number of students because all schools and universities has to make cuts means that the grades go up and more young Danes do not make the cut.

Then they have to aim to become social and health care assistant (SOSO assistant or SOSU hjælper) which in Denmark are considered the trashcan education you can get if you have failed other aspects in life. In the old days people doing this line of job could work in from the streets and do it without education but then they introduced the education so they could lower cost because part of the education is done as trainees to a lower pay saving the public sector a lot of money.

For reasons unknown is a requirement to allow foreign students from other countries inside Europe access to cheap student loans but it is illegal to force them to pay the loan back very unlike young Danish students who no longer loan money because the repayment period has been shortened so much so they are unable to pay it back in time putting them into risk of piling up huge lawyers bills and court attendances.

More than 16,500,000 Euros cannot be reclaimed from foreign students forcing the government to make general cuts in the entire student grant/loan education.

The second problem is housing. Denmark has taken in huge amounts of immigrants. Now students have to be housed in remote deserted retirement homes where they have little chance of using public transport to school.

In one example we got recently, the authorities in Egedal near Copenhagen has demanded that a straight-A student who even are especially selected to participate in the nationwide Academy for Talented youth (only 5 students per school are granted that) should move from a location near the town of Holbaek to a former retirement home called Porsebakken. It requires the use of 2 buses and 1 train trip or more than 2 hours of transport each way go to school not to mention that student job and the academy will be impossible.

One talent wasted I am sure but this case is far from alone. All over the country students experience this. Especially if they have been ward of the state if illness or death has hit their parents. Mostly you see them as homeless people within 5 years of reaching adulthood alternatively they end up in prison.

Denmark is losing the next generation. They will be less educated compared to their parents. Will Denmark be able to attrach investors when this happen? It is an area of great concern.


Germany joins Denmark in the fight to preserve borders

In culture on September 25, 2017 at 20:25

Denmark is close to a collapse because most of our police force is stationed along the borders. If immigration wasn’t enough countries like Poland, Romania and Hungary doesn’t seem to care what kind of reputation some of their citizens give their countries when they put tents up at children public playgrounds or parks where they live of begging using their surroundings as a public toilet.

Yes, right there were our children play.

I guess ordinary Germans live like ordinary Danes. We Danes know that our politicians have no interest in how ordinary people without longer education from Universities live. Also in Denmark many of our citizens are homeless. Also in Denmark people move in and see if the supermarkets throw food out they can collect and eat.

Danes are moving to the far right looking for politicians who actually seem to promise a future and solution. Now Germans seem to do the same.

I respect the wishes of the people. Hopefully German politicians from all the parties do the same.

Why do schools have stupid rules about hair-color and hair-cuts?

In culture on September 16, 2017 at 07:23

I have noticed a number of articles from different parts of the world where students have been banned from education due to hair-color or hair-cuts.

I can understand that you might ban clothing which prevents identification with certain youth gangs. However with all these color codes which exist among youth it is difficult for both parents and children to find neutral colors.

I once noticed an article from a country in Africa where schoolgirls are required to shave their heads while they attend school. The reason was that girls with hair were distracted by their hairdo. In my mind it speaks of a culture with little surplus when something as little as combing your hair during the day should mess your education up.

Now here in the western world you can get banned from school if you shave your head for charity or color your hair. Should our culture not be more superior? Should we not be prepared to embrace diversity?

I do not care if people have light or dark hair. I do not care if they color it red or blue or purple. It is their decision and not mine to judge as a co-worker or even employer.

In some of the cases, the girls are so young that they did not buy the colors themselves. It was a family decision to color their hair. Such a decision the school shold respect just as we are expected to respect that some people wear a turban or have their hair covered because they practice a certain culture at home.

Putting children in prison like rooms or even denying them them schooling is cruel and injust. Please stop it and accept that you like in year 2017.


Thank you very much

In culture on August 4, 2017 at 07:50

I am grateful.

Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat – in Denmark known as His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark has announced that he would not be buried at the side of his wife – The Queen of Denmark – when he dies because he never felt accepted in Denmark.

I have to say: “Thank you very much”

It is a powerful message to send to the world and a very important one.

The message is:


It is that simple. This man gave up his name. Most Danes would have no problem pronouncing “Henri” but our politicians insisted that he should be named “Henrik”.

It is Ellis Island around year 1900 once more time. People from all parts of the world were subjected to Americanization of their names. A survey conducted just 10 years ago did show that employers selected among applicants based on how Danish the names of the candidates was.

But his name was not all he had to give up. Also speaking Danish can prove a challenge and people who have lived here for +40 years still gets their small mistakes in pronouncing out. Danes can stop an important conversation just to correct this.

You have to give a lot of things up in order to live a normal life in Denmark. In fact you will do your children a favor if you skip teaching them your native language. You have to forget your entire life before you entered Denmark if you want to live a proper life.

But still by sacrificing all this, you are not accepted.

Even Danes who move across the country find that they are not accepted as locals, so a foreigner has a difficult time ahead of them.

King Henri as many believe his real title should have been as thank for showing us how to enjoy food and good wine just as you will do if you visit Paris and just try to mingle a little has done a good proper job representing Denmark and Danish firms around the world. We should be grateful for that and allow the man to be buried where he wants without even lifting an eyebrow. It is his choice and his choice only. He has served us well and should be granted his last wish when the time comes.

Read more here: Denmark’s prince consort refuses to be buried with queen (France24)

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