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This is also Denmark

In culture on March 30, 2019 at 06:35

In Denmark we have a large part of out country where no development takes place. It is parts of Denmark where you construct highways to you can pass it faster.

The areas are among Danes called “The Rotten Banana”.

Here is a link to a website showing the typical housing standard in the rotten banana.

Pinterest collection “The Rotten Banana”

The Rotten Banana is also the place where officials are deported to if they screw up their job working for the public sector. Recently the Danish government banished 4,000 employees to the Rotten Banana. 70 to 90 percent of the employees quit their job instead of accepting the punishment.

One of the national televison channels made a documentary about the people living in the Rotten Banana.

You can find some clips on Youtube.

This is also Denmark. Remember this if you have plans to visit us, live here or work here.

A new reason why you should not come to Denmark as a tourist

In culture on February 9, 2019 at 08:23

Once again a customer experienced poor service from a cab driver. As some who have followed the situation in Denmark know, the Danish parliament has protected this line of business banning firms like Uber because they did not like “An American concept”. It is just like in the 1980’s where NATO could not be fully sure about Denmark having their back when they made small notes about everybody and everyone putting safety of the entire organization in danger. Many Danish politicians do not like the United States. Not only do they not like Donald Trump but also the American culture and their forms of business, so Uber was banned and now tourist have to use cabs with the unpleasant drivers.

That has a high cost. So tourists coming to Denmark is advised NOT ever to use a cab to get around.

Months ago a soccer player had to defend himself and his girlfriend. That resulted in a prison sentence but at least his girlfriend was not raped as the cab driver told he would do. The cab driver was sacked by the central his employer was connected to – not by his employer who found this type of behavior acceptable.

In this new case a Dane tries to pay for a trip with ordinary cash – a DKK 1,000 bill which is a note approved by our government. The price of the trip is DKK 100, so all the cab driver has to do is to give DKK 900 back. A very simple transaction but the cab driver properly hoped for a credit card to clone or mobile pay, which is a security risk to possess because people has been forced to transfer large amount of money to street robbers in Oelstykke just outside Copenhagen.

The new incident has been reported to the police but it does not change the fact, that choosing this line of transport in Denmark is dangerous. Almost as dangerous as in Prague where cab drivers have been known to shoot their customers if they disagree about the price of transport.

After the Danish government stepped in and banned Uber, there have been difficulties even to get a cab. Many of the hotels in Copenhagen has complained that the number of cabs are too few and their employees have to drive guests from and to the airport instead.

Alternatives to using cabs

Public transport is very expensive in Denmark. In order to reduce the number of poor commuters from entering the capital of Denmark, they have set the price so high that poor Danes do not come to Copenhagen for recreational use. A single ticket for 8 zone cost 6.50 euros so imagine having a low salary job and pay 13 euros per day to serve in your job!

Tourists have the same problem. Public transport as alternative to cabs are too expensive. That leaves walking but even there tourists have to look out. There are certain areas in Copenhagen you have to avoid. The ongoing gang-war are still on. The warning from the American Embassy in Copenhagen still stands! It has not been better since the central government in Denmark banned the local autonomous regime on Noerrebro known as LTF from existing. Other gangs are trying to take over and people have been shot and killed as result.

There are plenty of fine countries to visit out there. Just avoid Paris during the weekends until the French president steps down because he failed to listen to his people and of course other cities where tons of immigrants try to take avantage of tourists. Ok That might be difficult but that is what Europe in the year 2019 is all about.


Former student about Agape boarding school — When far from home

In culture on February 6, 2019 at 05:27

A classic summary of a stay at a religious boarding school. Why are such schools not shut down? Who is covering for them?

The Agape boarding school markets itself as a Christian boarding school. It is located in Missouri because it can be run there without any state inspection because Missouri has no laws regulating faith based schools. There are often newspaper articles about teenagers who run away from the school. They use the ACE curriculum which means […]

via Former student about Agape boarding school — When far from home

Kindergarten of death now housing so-called refugees

In culture on November 12, 2018 at 17:04

Kindergarten of death in the townshiip of Egedal

Near a township on Sealand in Denmark they now house refugees in a former kindergarten where a child died back around 2004. The sewer system is about 50 years old and run down in the area. That allowed pests like rats to leave the system and play in the sandboxes which the children also used. Sometime children taste odd things and it is likely that the death was caused by that. The employees in the kindergarten was of course in contact with their trade union as it is custom in Denmark and demanded overtime if they had to place nets or other cover over the sandboxes after work. The local medical authorities were kept in the dark by the management of the kindergarten so the exact cause of death was never fully public.

Later some kids played with matches and part of the kindergarten burned down. It was abandoned for some years and is now turned into temporary housing for the so-called refugees coming to Europe. Rather strange that they choose Denmark where you pay 50 percent of your taxes and can be charged 164,000 DKK if the social services determine that the parents social heritage has part of the children getting depressed because one of the parents had depression in the past, but that is another story.

The refugees live in the buildings formerly known as the kindergarten of death by the locals. They do not what kind of danger they are placed in. Otherwise they would properly choose to go back because as a person who have lived my entire life in Denmark and watched tons of television from around the world, I can really not imagine that any other people in any other country of the entire world are worse off that us Danes.

Trump was right when he warned the people of United States looking to Denmark for solutions.

Migrants come to Denmark too and it has become a problem (Danes studying abroad)

I have too much respect for Sweden so I will never move there

In culture on September 8, 2018 at 06:18

I am a Dane. I prefer to live in Denmark where the beers are cheap and people drink together in order to simply start speaking to each other outside work.

Some Danes have moved to Sweden. It is their choice but I will never join them.

It is not like Malmoe is not a fine town despite the fact that so many people are killed over there that if you took the number of people living there and counted the murders you could compare it to Detroit.

I would never mind visiting Sweden but I believe that if you take up residence in another country, you should try to live like them. I would not teach my children Danish if I lived there because by choosing to live there I have also chosen that my children should be Swedish citizens.

It is exactly the same we as Danes expect from people who come to Denmark with their family. If they want to live in Denmark, be like Danes. Drink beers with us, let your children date and drink like the ordinary young Danes do in high schools.

Trish Regan is only partly right when she talks about why Danes are spending long times in schools. It is also the alcohol. In fact 6000 young Danes drank a lot of beer when the new school year started and everyone but one did well. He made the choice to fight and was arrested. Try to put 6000 people together in any country and see if they can do it better. It is not possible.

We as Danes has put our country together as we like. We pay a lot of taxes. Health care is not free as Trish Regan says. If you child suffers depression and needs residential treatment, the authorities will investigate past generations and if they also have been sick, they will bill you. As a parent you have an obligation to protect Denmarks position as one of the happiest countries in the world and you will be punished with fines if you do not do your duty.

Sweden are allowed to put their country together in another way. I respect them if they choose to invite everyone in and pay for their stay. I will still not join the traffic towards free meals and a life in laziness. I have good things going on for me here in Denmark.

Now they have an election in Sweden and some over there says that you will do better getting a job if you speak Swedish. I agree based on my experiences here in Denmark. Of course some can say that most of the people on the botton on the shops floor in Copenhagen are people from Sweden who came here working for minimum wages. Too some extend it is true but believe me. If they want to do better and make a career, they will go for other languages.

I am too old for a new language, so I will stay here in Denmark.

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