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The loopholes the rich have but endangers us common people

In justice on April 27, 2018 at 06:14

In Vermont, they now release a young man who planned a school shooting. It was some kind of legal stuff, which prevented them from convicting him from his planned actions, which he had detailed in a journal, you still can find online if you search hard for it.

The problem with this case is that it took so long to take him into custody. Him parents did at an early point discover his plans but instead of going to the police, who could have helped them putting him into a state hospital where real medical expertise would have been to his disposal combined with the fact that such places are fenced off and they also have straitjackets etc. so he would have been kept there, they made the choice of a private residential treatment center when he was so close to reach the age of 18, where he was able to sign himself out.

To make matter worse, the specific treatment center was founded with help of former employees of Turn-about Ranch now known for the murder case.

Where teenagers arriving at Turn-about Ranch are forced to sit in a stone circle exposed to the heat in Utah, the students arriving at Ironwood Maine are forced to sit in a stone circle trying to keep the fire going to keep them warm in the coldness of Maine until they have made the confessions, the parents expect them to provide under the stress and pressure, they have hired the employee to provide to their children. I have no second thought using the term “torture” about this treatment. Had we treated one of the insurgents we caught back when I was in the service, we would have faced a court-martial when this treatment became known to our superiors.

But the counselors at Ironwood Maine never addressed his plans about the school shootings. How qualified were they? We know that it in fact was another former victim of Ironwood Maine who made the choice of going to the authorities. It was not the employees at Ironwood Maine. I am not saying that they knew. I do not believe that they are qualified in other aspects than bullying the teenagers they have in their custody.

Why are Maine not investigating them? We have to remember that a former employee of Ironwood Maine were arrested charged with four counts of gross sexual assault. This should have led to tighter supervision with such a residential treatment center.

In the school shooting case the teenager charged with the school shooting attempt signed himself out once he turned 18 becoming legal adult of age. The combination of him not having been treated for his real problem added with the post traumatic stress from the treatment at Ironwood Maine made him a real threat to the Fair Haven Union High School. Had a former victim of Ironwood Maine not alerted the authorities, it could have ended it with a tragedy.

What remains in this case beside giving the wannabe school shooter real treatment is to look into all those private treatment centers. Remember the Affluenza case? The luxury rehab the parents were allowed to buy for their son, did not seem to help, so now he is serving time instead. If this wannabe school shooter had poor parents, the high school students would have felt more secure. Local authorities speak of an environment of fear. Many students remain home instead of going to school while they are treatment for anxiety issues related to the threat against their school. Of course all these young people living in fear will boost both the medical industry and a lot of private treatment centers but it should not be so.

So close the loopholes allowing parents to choose out-of-state treatment places, so each state can monitor local treatment centers closely and give the local school district space to develop their own treatment systems for students who need it.

And finally address the source of how school shooters start out. Hit hard on bullying attempts. No school system in the world should allow students to be marginalized. In Denmark we have friday bars at the school where students can drive beer or wine after school, so they at least have this motive to attend school. In the Friday bars students open up and start talk, giving others an insight and understanding of their lives.

I am parent myself. No parent should ever fear or experience a school shooting at the school their children attend. It must stop now.


The murderers who are never prosecuted but earn a lot of money

In justice on April 22, 2018 at 06:31

Clay Brewer killed a man. There is no doubt about that. After having been forced into a stress position for hours at Turn-about ranch where new arrivals to the program are forced inside a stone circle to sit until they have confessed to so-called sins like being picky about food, drinking, partying etc. he snapped and killed an employee.

Bhad Bhabie who made a career out of her placement at Turn-about Ranch spoke about the murder in an interview and stated that the killed employee was one of the foot people in the program who actually cared about the teenagers who was forced into this private detention camp.

How were some of the other kids in there?

Anyone from prostitutes to — I was one of the worst kids there. There was some kids who didn’t deserve to be there, but they were. It was so sad. If I made enough money to buy that place, I would buy it twice. Just to save some of the kids in there. There was some crazy ass shit in there.

Some kid killed someone in there. That’s how bad it is. Kid killed one of the night staff. And they don’t tell you nothing! There are two places there: where you start off and where you end. The kids who were starting off, they sent them upstairs and told us, “Oh they just have to stay here.” We were like, “What the fuck?” A day later we find out this guy dies. And he was actually one of the staff that gave a fuck.

(Bhad Bhabie to Billboard)

At some point the courts in Utah will hand down a sentence to Clay Brewer, but there are people responsible out there who made a load of money sending him to Turn-about Ranch.

Turn-about Ranch are not equipped to deal with hard-born criminals even when they treat the teenagers at the ranch like such. If you look at their website and read between the lines, they are looking for parents who are easy to fool into believing that their teenagers need treatment where they actually are just normal teenagers who are caught doing what most teenagers do and get away with or neglected teenagers who are unlucky enough in life to have parents who are more busy dealing with their own problems in life like divorce or various dependencies of alcohol or prescription medication so they have no time for their children.

My claim is that professionals met with Clay Brewer before he came to Turn-about Ranch. Professionals who should have picked up the signals which would have told them that this boy had something inside him which could make him dangerous if he was put into a stressful situation.

Most likely his parents consulted a local therapist who had some interviews. The problem with some local therapists are they really do not want to deal with their patients but rather focus on the referral fee they get from places like Turn-about Ranch if they are sent a patient.

Did the police or prosecutor request the therapist to come in for an interview? Did they ask how the parents found Turn-about Ranch? It is real important to prevent future murders. For a long time focus has been to prevent children from dying inside residential programs. We are talking about more than 150 deaths in wilderness programs or residential treatment centers. There are testimonial blogs out there showing that. But what about the half naive people who are hired in by the non-caring program owners. Do they deserve to be killed or beaten just because they cannot see the big picture? At a wilderness program like Redcliff Ascent a group of teenagers beat up the counselors and ran off some years ago.

It is really important that teenagers who can become violent are screened before they enter the program and are sent to other places or simply left on their own until the police who are equipped to deal with violence take care of them.

I have no doubt about that the parents of Clay Brewer think that they got a poor advice about having their son sent to Turn-about Ranch. It was not what they had in mind. Something need to change because it is not the first time children or employees are hurt and it certainly will not be the last time, relatives of employees will lose a father, mother, brother or child.

Beside the therapist or educational consultant back home who now sits and sip to a glass of wine laughing and counting the money earned for referring Clay Brewer to Turn-about Ranch what about the transporters?

If you read the article by Nadya Labi called Want your kid to disappear? you will learn there is an entire industry out there who are tasked by the parents to remove the child from the home and drive them to places like Turn-about Ranch. We are talking of an industry where background checks are not a requirement but still they get the order to remove a teenager in the middle of the night and be around them alone on the roads for many hours. How many things of inappropriate nature can happen during such a ride?

Were they interviewed by the police or the prosecutor? What did happen? Not long ago the police found out that a now-closed so-called therapeutic boarding school called CEDU allowed a serial killer to have free access to their campus and as result several teenagers are missing to this day. Of course back then there were no background checks of employees. At Silverado Academy in Utah – also closed today, the police found employees with false papers.

So the employees are checked today but because the youth transport firms operated across state lines, they place their headquarter in a state where legislation is not in place.

A deal is being made in the murder case as far as the newspapers write, but there are empty seats beside Clay Brewer which should have been occupied with the people who are also partly responsible for Clay Brewers presence at Turn-about Ranch.

James Woolsey should not have met such a dangerous teenager like Clay Brewer.

So whatever the reason is for the murder:

  • The stress position and structure of the program
  • The local therapist who were more interested in the referral fee
  • the youth transporters who might have been inappropriate
  • or maybe even the intake administration at Turn-about Ranch who accepted him without looking at the papers.

One thing is clear. He did not come home to his family.

Does his death not mandate a full investigation?


Looking back at old TV-concepts which changed the media

In culture on April 7, 2018 at 06:40

My son came to me and told me that they had found a poster in downtown Horsens about something called “Big Brother”. Then I had to explain to him when Jildo won the first danish version of Big Brother back in 2001. Yes, years has past but the nickname Jildo the winner had will never be forgotten. It was in fact a combination of her real name and a tool for women who finds more fun in this tool than a partner which is OK for me.

Also the first season was marked when 3 participants walked out. A talented singer who since became a washed-up wannebe singer you very seldom hear anywhere but his partipation allowed him to stay in the dreamworld of being a singer because everyone still wants to see the man who walked out. There was also wannebe therapist who today is mostly known to have been a girlfriend to a member of one of the bikergangs who shoots at each other making the streets of Denmark a dangerous place to be.

Back then it was a big game changer in reality Television. Today it will not be broadcasted as the viewers have moved on.

Now they are thinking of making a Danish version of “Ex on the Beach”. I do not know if it will be a success. We do not have a Turn-about Ranch in Denmark anymore where the teenagers can be tortured to become extreme like Jemma Lucy. Solhaven was closed down by the authorities and I doubt that some of the former victims are able to be on television.

I do find that the world of reality television is boring. Real documentaries showing how ordinary people really live like “På Røven i Nakskov” and Buckwild are far more interesting. While I intend to live the rest of my life here around Horsens, it is not bad to observe how people live in other places. I will never visit Lolland or West Virginia but these documentaries have given me an insight in other cultures. That is far more interesting compared to observe an artificial setup.

Dr. Phil fooled

In culture on January 10, 2018 at 18:16

While we are waiting for an update to “Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal”, Danielle Bregoli is starting to cash in thanks to her stage performance as a troubled teenager.

Years back the mother of Danielle Bregoli had cancer and got a massive debt due to medical bills. She got cured – cared for by her alleged troubled teenager in the process.

Then suddenly she was on Dr. Phil and the nice doctor got tricked into offering her a place at Turn-about Ranch, which is one of the rehab and boarding schools which use Dr. Phil in their marketing plan. It fools a lot of viewers into believing that these places are professional, but in reality they help none. They are not better. They are not selected for the show because they represent anything professional. They pay for appearing on the show.

A stay at Turn-about ranch is not nice but thanks to various testimonial blogs, everybody can now read how it is to be there and train themselves to “confess” something the so-called counselors want to hear.

Here are some testimonies

If you want to move out of the stone circle, then have a story ready for the counselors if you do not have the strength to kill one of them off as one teenager succeeded in doing. I recommend reading these testimonies and prepare a story if you see leflets around your house and your parents have the money because I am against violence.

Being dragged from your bed by professional goons making money when they are not in a gang-war is shocking and many needs lifelong therapy to overcome this ordeal. Not knowning when to be released likewise. But if you are at odds with your parents, train yourself in advance how to “play the game”. It is a game. It is not treatment.

Danielle Bregoli has this actress talent. I do not care about her music because modern music is not something I understand. I prefer music for “Phantom of the Opera” if you ask me. Her ability to perform secured her a safe ride through Turn-about Ranch. A little resisting just to make it look like they changed you. Then throw in some false confessions like drinking alcohol which for some obscure reason is illegal placing United States among societies like Iran. Put some tears into it so it looks real. Then you are out of the stone circle.

Then keep your head down. Attend the services in the local church even if you do not share their beliefs. They might be heathens compared to the preaching in your local church but it looks nice in their eyes. Play the game for your parents too. When you are back home give it 14 days before you turn back into your old ways, so they can see that it was waste of good money.

Of course Danielle Bregoli did not have to wait. She was never a troubled teenager and now she has paid off her mothers mortgage. She and her mother is laughing while the rest of the world is starting to realise that the Dr. Phil show is a reality show only. It has never been about the participants welfare. It was and continue to be a show which is marketing various books, devices and treatment programs.

Here is the lastest news about Danielle Bregoli:

IT’S A RAP Cash Me Outside girl Danielle Bregoli, 14, pays off mum’s MORTGAGE for Christmas after racking up a fortune from rap and social media career (The Sun)

Will Danielle Bregoli replace Jemma Lucy as Turn-about Ranch most successful client?

In culture on February 11, 2017 at 14:42

Danielle Bregoli became famous when she was a guest of the Dr. Phil show.

After her stay she soon became famous on the Internet based on her catchphrase made on the show. Due to Turn-about Ranch marketing strategy being a sponsor of the Dr. Phil show the girl was sent there.

Obvious a smart girl she played the tune the so-call counselors liked to her and graduated from the ranch. The entire concept of Turn-about ranch is a flaw. Any person held in isolation will change but once the isolation is over and the person returns to the very same condition which existed before the isolation, the changes will revert to some extend maybe even 100 back to what they were before.

Many people who have been placed in simular situation might need years to complete this process often suffering from nightmares and other mental burdens due to their time there.

However some people actually capitalize from their stay.

Many years before Danielle Bregoli was sent to the ranch, a young english teenager known back then as Jemma Henley was sent there as part of the TV-entertainment show “Brat Camp”. She became the record holder for a stay at the ranch being there for almost 120 days (How they avoided violating the Visa rules, remains a mystery).

Once back at her parents place, Jemma simply held her grounds until her parents relented and allowed her to live on her own. Jemma quickly moved into a career as show dancer. Years later she started being in various TV-shows and now she is basically the strong minded young lady every English 20-something would like to be with her participation in the TV-show “Ex on the beach”.

She is by far the most successful former client Turn-about Ranch had seen.

Until Danielle Bregoli.

While viewers ate the so-called diagnose Dr. Phil cooked up as entertainment, let us look at the background of this young girl.

The family dynamic was strange from the beginning. A partly absent father and a mother soon hit by serious illness turned the mother-daughter dynamic upside-down. The mother became the patient and the daughter became the adult who had to take too much responsability too soon. It can go very wrong when such tragedy strikes a little family but it doesn’t have to.

In Denmark we have a large chain known as “Jysk” run by Lars Larsen. His mother struggled during his childhood raising her children on her own and in the end it broke her. Lars Larsen and his siblings had to fend the world on their own because everybody knew that group homes were places where abuse and corporal punishment went hand in hand. He made it. Danielle could make it.

She already have her own clothing line and a very visited Youtube channel.

She is moving in right direction. Dr. Phil and Turn-about ranchs only part in this story is that they boosted something they didn’t understand. I will not say that Dr. Phil was scammed by the broadcast February 10 shows that he has no idea of the kind of enterprise, he helped her starting.

Danielle Bregoli is only getting started. If she keeps her mindset into her business and market products using her language while staying of trouble in her private life, she could go further than Jemma Lucy.

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