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The day Denmark had no more secrets to guard

In International justice on November 28, 2013 at 19:42

A couple of years ago the firm CSC which had purchased the right to store vital information for the nation of Denmark decided that they wanted to save some money by cutting salaries among the specialists they had hired to run their business.

So they fired a lot of expensive experts which they had purchased together with the firm from our government. Instead they imported poorly trained people from India to run the business.

The result was that our data was not secure. Any ordinary hacker could strike against us. A man from Sweden did that and vital data was open for everyone in the world to read for nearly 5 months before CSC got an email from abroad telling them that the security was breached.

Now the man from Sweden has been extradited to Denmark. They call him a “super-hacker”.

I find that wrong because our data was put in danger by poorly trained employees. CSC took the access cards from specialists and gave it to temporary employees who had not even been investigated and cleared for such work by the police.

He is not a super-hacker. He is still a criminal if he did commit the crime (He has not been convicted yet and in Denmark you are innocent unless you are proven guilty unless you are poor and those you charge you are the social services. I guess that there would be plenty of defense lawyers who are willing to step in and defend him so they can market their firm).

Less us tell the truth to the world. We left the door open and by chance he took the opportunity. Convict him if he is guilty but please do not make him some kind of genius. We allowed the crime to happen. The government should quit and take responsibility for putting our identities at risk.


Remember Paris Jackson?

In culture on November 28, 2013 at 16:53

Some suggested that she should be sent to Diamond Ranch Academy near Hurricane in Utah. She is from California and normally parents would choose a treatment program near home, but several members of her family who is waiting to milk the golden Goose believe that depression is all about being lazy.

She didn’t go to Diamond Ranch Academy. She went to …. (I am not going to tell but you can search for the answer on Fornits)

That seems to be her luck. Of course she might be forced to slep with a counselor. The place she went to had a case involving a house parent who was too fond of the girls.

But she is not dead. Just some weeks ago the second teenager who we know of lost his life during his time at Diamond Ranch Academy. The first time a boy died was when the treatment center was placed far from anyone. Because it took forever before they believed that his pain was for real and the distance to the hospital was too far, he died.

They have built a new campus closer to the city of Hurricane. But it doesn’t work very well when they ignore signs of suicide. Once they do they should give up the teenager to a proper hospital. A fancy football field cannot save lives.

If Paris Jackson had gone to Diamond Ranch Academy with a history of suicide attempts the stay would not have good for her. She saved her life. They boy was not so lucky.

It is very sad. I will pray for his family. They reached out for help and all the help they got was help to clean their wallet out.


Can you move on after having been dumped

In family on November 26, 2013 at 18:45

I found an article about a man who was dumped by his adoptive parents and returned to the group home he came from.

Now the man was 76 year old in 2011. How is his life? Well, he had become so disappointed in other people that he now lives in a forest with a diet consisting of animals which have been run over by cars.

He doesn’t trust anyone and bothers none. The owner of the forest has allowed him to live there for the rest of his life.

I think of the poor Sofia Roberts who was sent from Virginia in the United States to Siberia. Will she lose faith in other people? Will she over time become bitter and chose to isolate herself from humanity? I hope not but I cannot find words which would comfort her in her present situation.

Bor i mose og lever af nedkørte dyr (TV2 – unfortunately only in Danish language)

Adoption process

In culture, family on November 25, 2013 at 18:38

Why does it take a lot of years to be approved as adoptive parents in Denmark?

Well, we as a nation want to make sure that parents are taught what kind of difficulties they could face. Parents who want to adopt are tested and interviewed a number of times.

When I searched of news related to the Sofia Roberts case and the problem bringing together children and adopted children I found that while they also interview and test adoptive parents in the United States it is rather easy to dump the child off with new adoptive parents who are not tested to the same extend as the original adoptive parents.

A teenage girl ended up in a family where the social service had removed children and where she was to sleep in the same bed as her new “parents”. I find it rather bizarre and I do think that such a family should be the center of a massive investigation. I have children of my own and they do sleep in their own bed and have done so since age one. OK. We have been on holiday and have slept right next to each other in a tent but then we didn’t share sleeping bags.

I don’t understand such a system. Can anyone be helpful explaining to me how it is allowed.

Adoptive parents swap unwanted kids on the Internet (My Daily News)

Please boycott anything possible from China

In Uncategorized on November 22, 2013 at 16:30

Personally I own several items made out of leather. Gloves etc. which I wear during the cold months. The leather comes from cows and it is a bi-product from the meat-production here in Denmark. Some eat steaks and the rest of the cow is also used so nothing is wasted when we have to kill the animal.

When I watched a few seconds of this PETA video I was so shocked that I promised myself that I never would buy anything from mainland China or any other place where they breathe animals in this way. If they just killed the rabbits the first time they needed the skin and ate it, I would not protest. As humans we are meat eaters and animals have to die to feed us. Some animals kill us and eat us when the situation allows it. It is nature. But I believe that there is no need at all to unnecessary pain during this process. I had rabbits as pet for my children. I have even eaten them when the economy was rough and it was a matter of who would go to bed hungry.

I cannot find words describing the acts which take place in this video. It is so evil, so gruesome that I am speechless. The only thing I can urge people is to stop buying products from China. Money is all what this is about and it is the only language they understand.

So please boycott products from China and it will be difficult because a lot of goods are produced out there, but it is just something we have to.

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