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Denmark velcoming Sharia?

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2009 at 14:16

This morning a new line of suggestions were made in our parliament with the goal that the population will live three more year on avarage.

Alone the name prevention commision speaks for itself. Preventing quality life is their goal.

Unfortunately it would demand that the citizen should stop enjoying life. Second of all it is the first step toward introduction of Sharia laws in Denmark.

First the price tobacco should be almost doubled. Just a months ago they raised the purchase age from 16 to 18 making it hard for students at boarding schools to buy tobacco.

A lot of our continuation schools have chosen to give up educating normal students by banning tobacco as result and do now offer semi-prisons for youth where they will have to live a very restricted life compared to their peers outside.

The schools have found that they can serve parents of non-danish origins by offering them a tool to keep their children away from the both very demanding but also very liberale Danish youth culture. The parents can place their children at these boarding schools (Continuation Schools or “Efterskole”) where they will not enjoy alcohol and tobacco as normal Danish children can as part of their cultural heritage.

I just have to ask. Why confine your children in a restricted environment? Do you want your children to live in Denmark at all.

Some cities experience huge problems with loneliness  and suicides for students being released from these schools. They have special aftercare programs for their return to society.

While these new laws would not only make Denmark a large prison for youth, they will also risk increasing violence. When gangs on non-ethnic Danish youth started to attack bikergangs and innocent bystanders without reason about a year ago, we saw what lack of communication and interaction between youth can result in.

Most young Danes spend their free time enjoying themselves drinking a few beers while they talk about their situation. We are not talking about binge drinking but just a lot of kids talking with eachother. By doing that they break down barrieres. They begin to understand how the world is looking on the other side. The result is peace.

I guess the motivation for the new proposials are that our youth should begin to act as troubled as youth in other countries. People should be able to come here and force us to live like they do. This future sound like Denmark will be using Sharia laws in some decades.

I also fear that our workspace will suffer and that we would start to loose jobs. The Danish firms works in the front line worldwide. Our workers are motivated because they act as a team. When the human ressource department in our firms wants to improve team efforts they arrange parties with alcohol. If a employee dont drink, he or she is not functioning well in the environment we can offer. We know that and that’s why we offer a high rate when it comes to unemployement benefits, so people dont have to go to bed hungry.

As said before, I don’t know what their motivations for these suggestions are. I do however know how we all could live longer:

Reintroduce the old system for early retirement. Give people something to live for and to look forward to.

Life will become hard if these suggestions ends up in law. We will all suffer worse than the most severe hunger disaster in Africa. It will resolve in bitterness and hate.

So give up. Let us live as we have done always.


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