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Please do not visit Denmark right now – we have a problem we need to resolve

In business culture on October 25, 2013 at 22:43

I saw this press-release the other night from a NGO in Denmark:

If you are planning to visit Denmark right now, please consider otherwise.

The risk that we as a nation cannot protect ordinary human rights is too huge.

Not long ago a man parked his car when he came back from work. He had a permit to park in the area. Then during the night the power in the area went down. As result the repairmen needed just his spot for their vehicles and took contact to the authorities who made the decision to create a no-parking zone covering the area where his car was parked during the night.
The next morning when he came down to his car he noticed a ticket. The authorities claim that it is his duty as a car owner to inspect his car every second hour 24/7 so he can make sure that the terms of car-parking are not changed while his car is placed there.
So he had no choice but to pay the ticket.

The creation of zones where certain acts suddenly are illegal without noticing the citizens have shown to be quite common in Denmark. While we as Danish citizens must endure this torment there are no reason that you as tourist walk into what is very clearly a trap.

That is why we urge you to remain out of Denmark if you consider visiting us. We will work to alter the laws which have created this situation of unjust. Unfortunately it would take some time and we want to spare you from walking into a trap.

Thank you very much for reading this
The team behind “The dystopian Denmark”

I support this message 100 percent. We as car users in Denmark live a tough life hiding from speed traps and parking traps. It is not a country where you will invite innocent tourist to.

The dystopian Denmark (blog)

Update on an old post

In culture on October 21, 2013 at 21:12

Long time ago I created this blog shortly after I was evicted from a foreign message board due to cultural differences.

I entered the board back then because I was worried about my children. My children really wanted to remain at home playing video games while the teachers and counselors at the local department of social security wanted my children to go out in the city and party. I believe that alcohol and children should start when they are confirmed in the Christian belief aged about 14 or 15. And they should be trained to drink at home before they would enter the party life in the city.

Back then they had no documentaries like the “Kings of Svendborg” so teenagers had to seek role models in the family where they know can learn how to behave by watching television.

But I found no comfort and advice when I entered

Instead I found our Danish culture judged as an evil society. I tried to be understanding and open-minded about a culture I now know is all about war on youth, but they would not listen to reason and I was kicked out because I shared the name of another poster on another message board. But Takjam Rotsne is my name and I am a proud of it.

One of the families on the board had a young teenage girl who lost her kid sister at a very young age living in Dayton in Ohio. Her parents were divorced and it was the stepmother who was member of the board. The stepmother provoked the poor girl to a fight and got the girl sent to the local juvenile detention. The girl was diagnosed but the parents decided that they were not satisfied with the Diagnose discovered and sent her to another therapist.

Later she ended up in a treatment center. She passed through the various stages in record time. Apparently there was nothing wrong with her the treatment center could do anything about. It was very clear that the work of the therapist was not handed over to the treatment center just because the parents didn’t like the result. The result was that they really had no chance to improve her condition because they were looking for something which wasn’t there.

Back home life became normal until she befriended a boyfriend some might think who was not good for her. He led her into a life with petty crime. She was charged with lying to the police and skipping a few bills. When he was wanted she made the choice to follow him down to Florida. When he was arrested and extradited back to Ohio she took the bus and turned herself in. She was put in jail in august this year and now more than 2 months later the step-mother posted that she had made a plea deal where she pleads guilty to all the charges but one which was so wrong that it would look like a sentence from a third world country if they convicted her of that. She will receive her sentence sometime next month from either Judge Stephen Wolaver or Judge Michael Buckwalter.

But was there a lawyer involved or did she just plead guilty because she would be sent to the same facility as her boyfriend? It is very possible. The good taxpaying citizens of Greene County in Ohio are now risking paying for housing a girl who has been misdiagnosed. The prosecution should know this if they had taken the case seriously. They will make fools out of the judge who will be assigned to the case. This girl will go nowhere without her boyfriend and they have him locked up for 2 years. She is not a flight risk despite the fact that she was featured on Miami Valley most wanted. I have to say that if she was the most wanted then it is a very peaceful area – Even more peaceful that here in Jutland, Denmark where we only about 5.000 people in prison nationwide.

She needs to be evaluated and then put in outpatient treatment while she is given the chance to get a job, go to school and visit her boyfriend in jail. Of course the day will come where he would be released and she they just need to be sure that she is stabile so she does not end up being one of the many Americans who gets in and out of prison every year costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars without improving the safety of the general population.

Young people suffering from mental illnesses are judged as bad as if they were the next Charles Manson but most of them act out because they were denied the right treatment from the very start.

This girl lost a sibling. Lately she lost a mother. Someone molested her as a child. Can you blame her that her mind created a kind of emotional barrier she can hide behind when life get rough and she is pushed beyond her limit? Today she might not even remember who molested her because she had been skipped from one therapist to another during her entire childhood. They might have created false memories in her mind making her believe that other people might have tried to molest her when they just tried to help her. While she most likely never would be cured she could be stabilized but would the Greene County court give her the oppunity?

I doubt it.

It is cases like hers which have led me to be part of a human rights organization because while my children have it so much better today, many children are not being treated fairly. I have joined the blog “1000 places where you don’t want to be as a teenager”. I have created a memorial blog for children who died during so-called treatment I have created a critical boarding school blog against Danish boarding schools. And still I am far from finished. What they started at the message board, they have no idea about.

I will follow this board until it closes down and I have a network in 5 countries aiding me.


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