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We never learn

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Doctors restrain illegally 167 times

That is the headline from the newspaper “Politiken” in Denmark. The dark cloud of our past seems to never pass away. For many year Denmark used ECT as our primare tool in treatment mental illness. Still to this day the use of ECT is more widespread than in most countries.

Lobotomy was also used widespread. About 4500 underwent this kind of “treatment” between 1939 and 1983 where it was finally outlawed. 1983!!! I was shocked to learn how few years ago we stopped this barbaric torture. Some claim that the fact that we have stopped the surgery, we are still medicating people to achieve the same result

Treatment mental illness has always been difficult. We tend to accept that a broken bone is fine. We can see the cast. It is a little more difficult with the human mind. You cannot see what is wrong. We often wonder if a person is drunk, lazy or on drugs, when we see a person struggle with himself.

We don’t like to talk about it. Then we have all the cases where unruly teenagers vandalize our cities or even kill people. Cases where the right medication would have prevented it but where the family, the school and even pals are slow to talk about this issue and afraid to label the youth.

We have police shooting mentally ill people because they have to react when they are attacked.

It all comes down to the basic question:

Are we allowed to react against the wish of a person for his or her own good dispite the fact that this person does not recognize his or her illness?

In Denmark we have to take this matter before court before treatment can start. The court have to decide whether the person in question are in no position to decide if treatment is needed.

There should be no exception!!

Then I noticed that the Danish Television Station TV2 are about to broadcast the first Danish edition of the american TV-show Intervention. A long-time alcoholic is confronted by his family. It is either rehab or being cut off.

I think that they show lack of respect for this man. What is it Dr. Phil is saying? “You can not deal with a problem you dont acknowledge”. That is simple and while Dr. Phil doesn’t always follow his own advice as we saw it with poor Amanda Bien, it is correct.

Now when we are talking rehab what can Denmark offer when you are in need and acknowledge your own problems?

Answer: You can be placed with a couple of Christian extremists!

While our government doesn’t acknowledge the fact is that our treatment industry has been taken over by some religious people who would be ready to strap a bomb belt around their waste if they have lived in the middle east, the fact is that we have given up and are ready to pay such people a lot of money to treat problems in our society we really don’t like to hear about.

What can I say about our readyness to just pay for solving or hiding problems rather than addressing them in the open?

We never learn!

This need to stop, but …

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I terrible tragedy happened a couple of nights ago. We had a soccer match and whenever such a match takes place, some has to loose.

Well, when loosing you drink a lot of beers. At some point you call a cab or take the train home.

You don’t drive after drinking!

We have tried to learn people about the dangers of drinking and driving. We introduce alcohol to our youth when they are about 14 or 15 in relationship with their confirmation to our Christian belief. When the teens become 16 they can buy all the alcohol the like in shops.

Only when they are 18 they can drive a car and by then they should have been able to learn how dangerous alcohol can be.

In almost every case it works. We are living in a time where the number of DUI-related accidents are low, but some doesn’t learn and then people are killed.

Denmark has tough laws against DUI. No slap of the wrist. We are talking a full months pay and no driving until driving courses and alcohol awareness classes has been taken. There is no Paris Hilton problem. People know that they have to take the classes in order to drive again. Some don’t take the classes because they acknowledge that they have a problem that they are not prepared to deal with, so they choose not to drive forever and that is something we have respect. If you make 120.000 per year the fine is 10.000, so we are talking a lot of money.

And please notice that we are talking punishment in cases where no personal injury has occured. If you kill a person you get a year in prison. Also here Denmark is rather tough compared what was normal just 5 or 10 years ago, where it was some months only. People will learn. In the case from Copenhagen, he could get up to two years because the rumors speak of a little speeding and perhaps even drugs. Denmark has been influenced by the United States where 1 out of 100 citizens are in jail. Our politicians have only one answer to every problem in our country. Longer sentences! Where we can find room for 50,000 people when we at the present time house about 3-4,000 in our prisons I really don’t know.

Also this time our politicians will increase the sentences for speeding because they feel these few accidents as a problem but it will cause more harm than good. Before the owner of the car became involved in this accident, people praised him on various message boards for his driving skills. He had posted videos online where he was driving fast as many, many others. In fact in most firms the workers praise each other when they get a speeding ticket, because it shows that the employee is loyal and are prepared to set the good of the firms and other employees over the law. We have a speeding culture and in fact a part of our drivers education is conducted on special race tracks.

When we compare our numbers to other countries in the eastern and south of Europe, we are doing way better. Denmark is changing. We are beginning to look like California where a huge number of immigrants cross the border and work in lowpaid jobs causing unployment among the native population. Unlike the situation in California, people from Poland can cross the borders legally due to our EU membership and take a job for only 1/3 of the normal salery a Dane would have to ask due to our living expenses and housing prices. The foreign workers live in Caravans year round and under really horrible living conditions because they send most of the money they earn home to their family.

We had a 7 year rule which protected us from most of this import of labor, but this rule is no longer in effect.

So we Danes have to protect us self by worker faster and more efficient than the people from Eastern Europe. A part of this include traveling on our road with high speed.

So if our politicians will stop speeding, they are shipping people to unemployment in huge numbers.

I fear for our people. While I condemn the actions done by this specific driver, the price should be paid by him and not all the other Danes working hard and using the roads every day.

Reckless speeding kills baby, Politiken
Alcohol culture in Denmark

I will vote for this guy

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Mogens Camre did what no other Danish politicians were able to. He managed to make us all aware that we have to vote for the European Parliament in short time.

How he did was done by raising the obivious question whether new nations in the European Union should be represented like the old member states.

Of course they should not!

Not because he is right about how “smart” they are, but because privileges have to be earned in my world. We all know that they entered the union for the take. They really cannot contribute to anything because the countries are worn down by 50 years of communist rule.

Countries like Bulgaria do a lot by creating places where tourists can use their money. I recognize that. In a country like Bulgaria binge drink trips are the future. They have nothing else to see. It is destroyed.

But even with all that effort I believe that they should have been accepted on trial basis. We now know based on our experiences with human aid to the third world that if you give them too much help, they become lazy.

In Denmark we have a 7 year rule. A 7 years ban on people from the new memberstates jumping just to receive social benefits. A 7 years ban which most Danes would like to be extended to 70 years.

Like most Danes I didn’t know that we were about to vote. We believe that we have as little influence on the present project to unite Europe that the previous project in the 1930’s and 1940’s controlled from Berlin. So most voters normally stay home. Often people don’t discover that they could have voted before the election is over.

So that is why I am happy that Mogens Camre made his statement regardless of the fact that I would question them. At least he did what no other was able to. Now we know that we can vote.

A icon for times long gone

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Wikipedia decided to remove the article on Marzena Kamizela, which is a often used Supermodel properly on request of Swedish people, who dislike immigrants from Eastern Europe.

The Article sounded like this:

Marzena Kamizela (born January 4, 1974) is a Polish-born Swedish model. She is best known for her work on Versace and for Martini.

Early Life
Born in Poland, she grew up in Göteborg in Sweden and her career started when she won a beauty competition at the age of 16.

In the news
On May 12, 2006, she was arrested for causing a commotion on a plane, after an air rage incident during a British Airways flight because by her perscribed treatment against flying anxiety went wrong [1]. The plane landed at Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada, where she eight days later pled guilty to all charges and was ordered to pay a Canadian $10,000 fine as well as the Canadian $18,491.73 charge that British Airways incurred for the emergency landing in Labrador. She was also sentenced to eight days in jail by the judge, which was the time she had already served.

She was ordered to remain in custody until the fines were paid. She paid $10,000 and $9,000 to British Airways in order to be released after a change in her probation order secured by her lawyer. She will have to pay the rest later. She also stated that she pleaded guilty because it would have taken her a month to be cleared of the charges, referring to the REM guitarist Peter Buck case, which set a standard for air rage cases [2].

External Links

  • Official Website
  • “Swedish model busted for assaulting crew members”
  • “Model pleads guilty in air rage incident”
  • “Soccer star Danny Mills helped cabin crew restrain a beautiful model who went berserk on a transatlantic flight”
  • Her own explanations (In Swedish)
  • About her verdict (In Swedish)
  • References

    1. Expert on flying anxiety (In Swedish)
    2. Air rage model leaves Labrador jail,, May 22 2006

    I find it sad that the article is gone. She is victim of an abusive airline policy which choose to go after those who have little money to defend themselves. Had she been taken to a civilized place, the court would have ruled in her favor as it did with Peter Buck.

    Somehow her case is an example of that the times where ordinary people could travel around the world safely are gone. Now the airline companies wants to transport cattle and put them down it they dare to utter a word during the flight.

    The present policy by the airline companies is an insult to our culture. They choose to serve alcohol – often free – on long flights because they know that some are afraid of flying and some follow the advice from their family doctor to drink alcohol to overcome this fear.

    And then when the treatment goes wrong they react by setting the plane down on the nearest town with Hill Billies. Perhaps the next time they will choose a town in Iran for unruly same-sex passengers so we can watch a hanging on the news.

    There was no safety issue which could make them land in Canada. She was in handcuffs at that time. So they could have chosen to fly all the way to the final destination instead of setting the plane down in an rural area with a odd set of values.

    The case is close to be an act of xenophobia against our way of living. I dont know if Sweden has a page of case with xenophobia victims like we have in Denmark, but if they had she should be on it. As for Wikipedia, here is a link to the page about the talk about the deletion.

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