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Will the government be able to slaughter the boarding schools golden goose?

In culture on April 1, 2018 at 07:29

A lot of teenagers are using the 10th form at a boarding school. Boarding schools called “Efterskole” has been used as a kind of timeout by many teenagers who had not decided which path in life they want to take.

But the Danish Industry does not like it. It delays their path toward a productive adult life.

Now the Danish government wants to move the 10th form to schools where the teenager can learn craftmanship. Too many attend the high schools targeted towards universities and university colleges when it is known that a lot of them would not be attend to finish them because universities have been shown to function only for children of families who have academic degrees in the previous generations.

Children from working class families function better working with craftmanship all research shows. The social heritage does matter. People will always be affected by it and it does not work trying to alter this. People are not born equal in Denmark and while you can set up a system with student grants, student grants are not all. 40 years of work in the field trying to make the social heritage matter less, has not worked.

Immigrants and children from working class families needs to learn to settle with things in life they can achieve.

So the public schools housing the 10’th form will move to schools with craftmanship but what about the boarding schools? Should they be allowed to operate as counter productive against the goal of the Danish Industry?

Something needs to be done because otherwise people will say that you can buy a timeout for your child if you have the money and you have to take the path life have put in place for you if you do not have the money.

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The Exodus of the poor people from Danish cities

In business culture on January 27, 2018 at 07:41

In Denmark, like many countries we have neighborhoods in the cities where poor people and dreamers gathers. In these neighborhoods classified as ghettos, the crime rate is higher although the police publish statistics allegedly proving otherwise. The media investigated the statistics and found that they were based on a motive of political correctness.

It was basically fake news. There is a higher crime rate if you look at the rate of people convicted based on where they have their home address – not where they commit their crimes as the police like to tell us.

Denmark, like other countries want to fix this issue. Now there seems to be a solution. It is: Tear them down!

The population needs to be relocated spread out over the wasteland outside the larger cities which we in Denmark call “The Rotten Banana”.

The Rotten Banana in Denmark

Here the youth gangs will be dissolved caused by gang members living too far from each other. The state of Denmark can save money on education because there are only schools offering basic education and the suicide at SEED boarding school in Washington as well as the criminal investigation of the ABC school in Vollsmose shows that the children needs to much push and encouragement to succeed. In fact it could either kill or hurt them to push them beyond what the society expect from children stemming from poor families or families suffering from either criminal background or immigration background, which is basically the same if you look on the amount of challenges the children have to overcome.

There are not many jobs out there but it would be fixed also. The state of Denmark has over the last decade though yearly reviews and performance measuring of employees determined that they could demote 8,000 public service men. In Denmark public service men who do a good job will be promoted by being moved to a job closer to the parliament and if they do a poor job, they will be sent to the corner of Denmark located as far from the parliament as possible.

These employees of course has the option to quit their job instead. Right now the economy is boosting. The good vibes from “Making the United States great again” has also sent good vibes to Denmark. There are more jobs now. The result is that once the public departments have been moved to the waste lands, there will be jobs to get for those who live out there.

What about the areas in the cities which become vacant once the ghettos have been torn down? They will built apartments and houses for rich people. Some of the buildings you can live in without having your tax address in Denmark. So now where the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, you can buy an apartment in Denmark if you want a place to stay for only some nights inside the European Union.

I am proud to say that we now have a plan fixing crime inside the cities in Denmark.


Does it matter to fight? – you cannot make it anyway

In culture on November 15, 2017 at 18:31

In Denmark you have to look at your parents when you decide the line of work you will aim for when you become adult.

Social heritage matters. It not only matters – it is everything. The title of king of Denmark is not the only title which is given based on who the parents are.

I have been thinking about whether young people are lied to. Is the reason for the gang war that they not from their early childhood has been told that their destiny in life is to work as a care taker for the old and ill or if they do it really good, to work in a supermarket.

In many areas children who start in school at an age between 5 and 7 cannot be the state version of Danish. That the Danish dialect they speak on Television. Then they are behind in school from day one. When school is over after 9 year then they do not have the grades to enter high school or the money for cell phone and laptop which is mandatory if you want to enter.

If the children grow up believing that they can get whatever job they want as long as they just study hard, then they get frustrated when they discover the truth. Then the gangs will receive them with open arms. New recruits are always welcome.

But there is also a geografical difference.

November 11th this year the state made an investigation public that showed that there is a huge difference in the quality of schooling the students get in different parts of Denmark. In the city of Vordingborg the students graduate a full grade lower compared to the city of Kolding. Vordingborg is a forgotten city people no longer pass through when they drive to Germany after the high way was led over a new bridge. Kolding is in the middle of the triangle in Jutland where all the trucks go to so goods are distribuated to the entire Denmark.

So where the money flows and people come, schooling is better.

Can something be done?

Yes. Let us be realistic with children. Lets tell them how to watch out for customs, people and ideas from the outside. Let us focus on the things near us and the easy jobs to take. Let us travel less with the children and turn the back to the world so we once again can be together in our small communities all over Denmark where we know our neighbors at least 3 generations back. Stop violence. Start silence and shunning towards people we do not know.

—- Important information —-
If you are thinking about visiting Denmark as a tourist or workrelated, please read this warning from the US Embassy in Denmark. It can save your life:

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gang Activity in Copenhagen (United States of America, Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Denmark)

The day we Danes realized that our society was torn apart

In culture on June 27, 2016 at 05:27

For several decades the percentage of young Danes who enter what equals high school in Denmark – The gymnasium has risen. It has worried the present government because higher education in Denmark is very much something which demands wealthy parents or at least parents who have received academically training themselves.

The present government has introduced stop-tests. They want fewer to graduate high school. The firms all over Denmark cries out for cheap labor. Now where we are part of the Europen Union they demanded a change or they would either move jobs to the eastern part of Europe or send busses down there transporting cheap labor to Denmark where they could live in tents serving in the firms. They would be much easier to control than Danish workers because if they speak up they would be fired which would mean that they will have to walk back home to their home country.

So the government made the change. Now children from poor families in Denmark will find it very difficult to enter high school. You have to have 02 which equals C to do that. It is hard to get when you find that in a lot of public schools more than 70 percent of teachers change job every summer. A student in fifth grade can easily have as many as 8 math teachers. Do you then become good in that subject? Of course not. The rich people in Denmark use private schools instead.

studentervognSo the youth has become frustrated. An old Danish tradition has been that the graduating students hire a van where they drive around to the families of the graduating students drinking beer and wine all day. They become very drunk and everybody has a great day.

But not this year. Because the vans have become targets of attack for the underprivileged. Rotten eggs, paint and acid has been thrown at the students. Some were blinded temporary.

That is also Denmark as result of our membership of the European Union. A divided country between those who have the chances in life and those who don’t stand a chance at all. The gang wars are increasing. Several people were shot in the streets last month. Membership of the gangs are the chance for many young people to break out of poverty now where the police guard our borders for people trying to leave Denmark to fight for ISIS.

In the past we have tried everything to keep the youth in high school. Our famous friday bars where the young students can drink a glass of beer or wine after school made many remain in school and prevented a high dropout rate. It reduced the cliques, it brought students together, most important students felt like students instead of an isolated misfit in school.

I fear for Denmark. If it becomes popular to be a failure and just be angry at the world, Denmark would not stand a chance in a globalized world. I think that we should take a timeout. We want Danix – an exit of Denmark from the European Union. A time to find ourselves. We need to give everyone a chance at a shot of success. Forget grades. Let everyone study at high school and let them fail on individual level so they can get angry at themselves instead of angry at the society.

Worst case scenario when you are angry or disappointed with yourself is suicide. Worst case scenario when you are angry at the society are attack on innocent people.

Forced adoption replacing foster families in Denmark

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2014 at 18:57

Denmark is perhaps the country in the world which has done most to break the social heritage. For more than 40 years the various governments have tried to give everyone equal opportunities in life. It has resulted in very little progress.

20 percent of the students leaving the general school “Folkeskole” (9 years of education. The students typically graduate at age 16) gets no further education. No high school, not business school, not anything. They line up as uneducated labor working in shops and in factories if they are not victim of mental illnesses or poverty so they cannot afford transportation to a school. The problem is big outside the major cities.

Some graduate high school with low grades which makes their exam paper worthless. Now our government has introduced new rules which make it more difficult to enter high school. A certain grade level is required.

What? In other countries they are working to get as many through high school and in Denmark they want fewer to get a good decent education? But then – it is Denmark, it is the politicians; it doesn’t need to be logic.

Then there are those who end up in foster families, group homes, residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools. Does it work?

No, our government has checked all the research made in Denmark and abroad. If a research concludes that an abused child would benefit from being placed outside it biological family this research for certain has been sponsored by people in the so-called troubled teen industry.

In Denmark the conclusion is: You cannot prove that a placement outside home works. Not on the long run. Some young adults may even get PTSD as result of their stay, so the social services in Denmark are working to treat teenagers in out-patients programs.

But still: What to do with the children who have already been sent to live in a foster family or treatment facility?

The new strategy is to allow the foster families to adopt the troubled teenager.

First and most important: Adoption families don’t get paid unlike the often expensive foster families.

Secondly breaking the social heritage works poorly if the troubled teenagers return home once they are legally adults.
The children in foster care need to lose their biological family. And that is what a new law in Denmark allows the social services and foster families to do.

What are then the criteria for being allowed to keep a child?

It is not to be answered because it is the individual social worker who recommends the removal of a child based on her belief and her ability to persuade the local counsel.

If the biological family wants to launch an appeal it would take 3-4 years before there is an appeal. It is a lose – lose situation for the biological family. They have either the money or the emotional surplus to be cut off from their child for that period. They might give up right away.

So the hope is that Denmark – in some years – might have battled and defeated the social heritage but at a too high price to pay for those who are poor or on welfare.

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